Sins Of My Parents Prologue


She is so sad and sorrowful. Her heart aches and gives way to the greatest kind of despair. So great is her inner pain that she picks a knife with the sweet thought of ending her life. Why?

Many years ago, Rachael, her mother who was once married to Joe, left Joe and Nathan her one day old baby because Joe was a drunk, a cheat and an irresponsible man.
Three years later, Rachael met Thaobo and got married to him. God blessed Rachael and Thaobo with three children; a girl and two boys.

Nora the girl grew up to become a physiotherapist. As fate would have it, the hospital Nora worked for deployed her to Joe’s house to be his personal nurse at Joe’s request.

Nora and Nathan fell deeply in love with each other and in their moment of uncontrolled emotions and passions, slept with each other and decided to get married to each other.

Finally, they found out about their parenthood, but there is a mystery behind Nora’s birth and all the challenges faced by both families because beyond the human eye, lies great evils spawned by ENEMIES.

Find out the great mystery behind the scene as you read this mind-blowing story by Tisa Phiri starting tomorrow 9am, only on PobsOnline Stories, stay glued