Sins Of My Parents Episode 22 Final


“Yes its me, ” Jessy answered Rachael.

“its been over, 28 years Jessy ” Rachael responded standing to greet her.

Joe watched the two women exchange greetings. he was shocked they seemed to know each other very well.

Nathan and Nora just stared at them too as they sat next to each other. they didn`t really know why they were called to stay in the living room that afternoon but since Joe insisted that the whole family needed to be present, they joined him and Rachael.

“whats going on here? ” Joe asked them.

” well am not sure why she is here Joe,” Rachael explained.. “but Jessy is a long time friend. we went to high school together and we were neighbors. we practically grew up together. Its just you don`t remember but she even attended our wedding.”

“Oh no,!” Joe said confused. “shes the person i told you about last night and believe me i had no idea you two knew each other or ever met before”

Rachael`s mouth opened in surprise.

” Jessy, you are the one who was going out with my husband? how could you Jessy?” she screamed, ” you knew very well who he was and you decided to break my marriage deliberately. You are a traitor. i regarded you as a sister and you stabbed me in the back? ” Rachael lamented looking at the now seated Jessy. She had come with unidentified man, and up to that moment no one asked who the man was.

“Am so sorry my friend i betrayed you and believe me i have paid a high price for my sins. That`s why am here. I want to beg you to forgive me Rachael. i was jealousy of you since we were teenagers. you always had what i wanted, the best parents, best results and on top of it all, the man i loved when we where in college fall for you.”

“oh no Jessy you are crazy, what jealousy? i loved you and we shared almost everything. i even helped you in the subjects you weren`t doing fine back in school. How come you were jealousy? and that man you are talking about you knew very well i never loved nor liked him.. he was just a jerk obsessed with me. why didn’t you say anything back then?” Rachael asked her.

“i was just a fool i agree” Jessy sighed.

” anyway i told your husband i had to see you because i have something important to tell you..”

“Spit it out already, ” Jessy Joe scolded her “am tired of all this nonsense.”

“Yes.” Nathan spoke for the first time..

” we now know you are partly to blame for what happened to our family, can you talk already. we have had a crazy week already..”

“It all started at your wedding ceremony, ” Jessy begun, i admired your husband and vowed to make you suffer. so i tried to seduce your husband when i used someone from inside his company to hire me. my intention was not to work but benefit from Joe`s wealth and destroy your marriage. so when my efforts failed, a friend of mine suggested i go and see a witch doctor, he gave me some charm to put in my bathing water and call out Joe`s name every time i used the water. The charm worked and Joe slowly fall for me.

I was not satisfied with just him being with me and give me all the money i wanted.. since the Witch Doctor told me that i could never marry him, i decided to make his life a living hell. i did more charms to make him hate you and treat you badly and start drinking. In that way i would easily control him.

To cut the story short ,” Jessy sighed, ” i succeeded and he was all mine except i couldn`t marry him. i even wanted to kill you during labor but for some reason i failed and you gave birth. so when i heard from the nurse i had placed to brief me about you when you went for labor, that you were okey and had delivered a baby boy. I made sure i strayed Joe and spoke to the charm i was given to control your lives that you should not live in your house anymore. i was however disappointed that you left your son back, cause it meant Joe would pay more attention to his son than to me.”

At this point Rachael was crying, tears wetting her blouse. “OH my God Jessy, you are evil, now i understand what that priest told me. so all this while we suffered thinking we all made terrible mistakes, not knowing you had placed your hand of evil on us. My God will punish you Jessy” she cried aloud..” you have no idea what i went through and how my son grew up without me his mother all because you were jealousy? you are unbelievable..”

“What the hell!” Joe screamed too he had only gotten part of the story, but the full version shocked him. He tried standing up to lash on her and hit the hell out of her pale face but Nathan quickly held him down “shes not worthy it dad, ” he whispered, “just let it go, the damage has already been done..”

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“Am sorry please my life depends on your forgiveness she pleaded. This man here is the man of God who has been helping me get delivered. The thing, is from the time i decided to dump Joe and marry the man i finally loved. he too left me on the day of our wedding and married some other woman. Since then i started moving from one man to another using the same charms. The problem is, i made a mistake and used it on a man of God from some Pentecostal church and now the charms have turned against me. I don`t really know what is wrong with me but i loose blood each day that passes without any trace of illness. i have terrible night mares hunting me. I see a lot of bad visions even during the day am loosing my mind.

So my family decided to take me to this man here, he’s a pastor and he’s the one who told me i have to revisit my past and ask you all for forgiveness, am dying any time soon and please i beg you find it in your hearts especially you Rachael to forgive me and please let me die in peace. i know i only have a few days to live please.” Jessy begged kneeling and crying.

later on the pastor talked to them all and helped them through reading the bible chapters on salvation and forgiveness. They decided to forgive her and Jessy left.

A week later….Rachael was called from Lusaka, as she had gone back to her husband a day after they met with Jessy. They informed her Jessy had died, “what a world.” she sighed as they lay in her bed with Thabo.

Thabo smiled, “its all over now honey and Your son and Nora are going to be happy.”


Joe was completely healed and went back to his company. He was no longer drinking and never even thought of marrying again.

Nathan and Nora were happy together. Nora was pregnant and they planned to get married a month later. Nathan and Nora were now staying with Joe, he never allow them to leave his house.

Nathan walked in the bedroom and saw Nora looking at her belly. ” I cant feel anything ” she complained looking at her self.

Nathan let a laugh.. “babe its only 8 weeks you dont expect the baby to be kicking yet.” he said as he stood in front of her and kissed her tenderly.

“I love you so much my almost sister” he teased.. “and i pray we live a happy and charmless life.”

Nora looked at him laughing, “Amen !” she responded kissing him back.

………THE END………

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