Sins Of My Parents Episode 13


Nora was taken to her flat by Joe’s driver. she got a wrapper from her bag put it on and started dusting. It was a one bedroom self contained flat with a small kitchen attached to the sitting room.

she removed her shoes and pulled a pair of soft slippers from the shoe rack.

Humming to the gospel collection playing on her small home theater, she started working.

She had finished cleaning the bedroom leaving the tiles sparkling clean, just when she moved to start cleaning the sitting room her phone rang, ” dad!” she whispered before answering..

Hello dad! what’s up!” She answered with a jovial voice.

” yes sweety i missed you, how is it going that side? ” He asked.

“am doing okay dad, My patient has started taking steps, in fact he’s now beginning to use clutches .”

“oh sweety that’s good news am proud of you.” Thabo exclaimed

Nora chatted for some more minutes as she sat on the only couch in the room. she heard a soft knock and she walked to the door still listening to her dad explain something about his business.

Opening the door, Nathan walked in with a packet, she smiled at him. He stepped in and she closed the door murmuring in agreement to what her father was saying.

Nathan stood behind her and wrapped his hands around her, he placed his face in her neck making her wince.

” stop!” she whispered, he shook his head smiling and biting her ear.

“Dad,” Nora called out,” let me get back to you” she told him still trying to escape his tickles.

” Okay Nora take care and regards from your mother.” Her father hang up.

She gently slapped his head, ” you are naughty Nathan. I was talking to dad.”

” I couldn’t wait ” he responded turning her to face him.” I missed you.”

” Really ?” Nora asked smiling, “but it’s only been 2 hours since I last saw you.”

” that’s a long time babe.” Nathan answered. “I was practically flying when coming here.”

“mmmn, so tell me what did you tell your father?” She asked holding him.

He let a laugh ” don’t worry Joe knows am working tonight.”

Nora opened her eyes wide open.

” hmmmmmhm since when do you lie like that?” She teased playing with a label on his t-shirt. Instead he bend little and reached for her lips.

” since I fall in love with Nora.” she smiled between the kiss.

Withdrawing , she dropped her hands from the chest she had placed them.

I have to finish cleaning this room.

“oh no” Nathan complained, “I was enjoying myself” he sat on the couch lifting his legs.

“give me the remote then I watch BBC news. I won’t partake in your working” he laughed looking at her.

Shaking her head Nora got a broom and long mop and continued cleaning the floor. He watched her as they talked.

“tell me, how is your family? Any news from my in-laws?” he asked her with a chuckle.

“They are fine, my mom is officially a business woman am happy for her she was bored at home. now she will be spending time at the boutique.”

” great!” Nathan answered.

She finished cleaning all the rooms and dusted the Windows. Nathan set up the lunch he came with on the plates and saved it on the table.

” you are a life saviour” she told him as she joined him on the couch.

After eating Nathan lifted the plates and went to wash them. “I will help you with these he told her.”

“mmm look at you ” she laughed “just because there are only two plates uh?”

” Definitely ” Nathan responded laughing

Nora walked to the bedroom, “let me take a quick shower then, am all sweaty.

” of course” Nathan agreed ” just hurry”

He placed the plates in the small cabinet and went to lay down on Nora’s bed.

He got her phone and watched some pictures of her family. he smiled when he slid to a photo where Nora was seated smiling with her mother. he looked at the photo long enough. something in him connected to the woman in the pic. he looked at another photo where there was Nora, both her parents and young brother, he felt a sting of sadness, wishing he had his own family like that.

He was lost in his own thoughts and didn’t realise Nora had come out and was dressed in a soft short going slightly above her knees and a small t-shirt.

” wow!” he shouted, ” you look amazing babe.”

“mmmn thank you” she said joining him on the bed.

” I feel a bit tired” she told him looking at her phone in his hands, “that’s my family” she told him pointing at the photo. “we took that photo at a family dinner last year, it was my mom’s birthday”

“Wow! i admire this” he said honestly.

“you know, sometimes I wish i had a family like yours, my life doesn’t feel right you know. Like i have been living a lie or some artificial life.”

Nora felt pity for him, recalling what Joe told her about his first wife. he would be surely devastated if he were to know the truth, She thought. however she kept her promise to Joe and said nothing.

“Come here” she said putting the phone on the table, “don’t worry other people have no parents nor the kind of life you have. so just be grateful for that and I may not know much about you and your father but i know for sure that he loves you. he is proud of who you are as a person and as a son”

Nathan held her face, “thanks babe, it means lots coming from you. so now,” he cleared his throat ” you smell great” he whispered drawing her to himself.

Nora smiled and reached for his lips, he mourned with pleasure as the intensity of the kiss grew, in minutes they both were lost in the passions and connection of their bodies. unlike all the kisses they had before, they both knew they had gone deeper than usual that day but none of them was withdrawing..

Without hesitation Nathan pulled Nora’s top from her head and pulled out the bra as he moved on top of her. he pulled his own t-shirt off without letting go of her mouth. The feel of her pointed and hard nipples drove him wild and he held her closer to his chest mourning with pleasure as his pistol hardened.

Nora pushed him back a little, “Wait Nathan” she whispered catching her breath, “I have never done this before” she told him her eyes fixed at his.

“Really?” Nathan asked her and she nodded in agreement. “You want me to stop then?” He asked her still on top of her.

“I just wanted you to know” she responded. ” I love you and it’s hard to resist what am feeling now.”

Nathan smiled ” thank you and I love you Nora. I want to do this but I need you to be sure. remember your first time has to be special..with a special someone” he whispered..

She sighed, “you are that special someone Nathan” she told him running her hands on his hairy chest. He smiled and sat up pulling her short down.

she too helped him out of his pants and they lay down skin to skin exploring each other as the passion increased immensely between them. “I love you ” he whispered in her ears during the act, enjoying her tightness and warmth of her inside his hands exploring all her curves.

Panting, they both lay on their backs minutes later.

“wow! am speechless” Nathan confessed. “you are amazing my babe” he said while looking at her face.

she smiled, “you are the best too” she responded, “though i have no idea about any other man and I wouldn’t wish to.” she added rubbing his chick.

he smiled cheerfully, “you are priceless Nora and I will never let you go. no matter what. This is the beginning of my happy life I can feel it” he added sincerely.

To be continued…