Simply Complicated Episode 9


JULY 2007
Seye walked away from the hall with the dazzling disco lights and loud music. She could not bring herself to enjoy the party. And she had tried. She really had. But it was impossible. It was dark and a little chilly outside but she wasn’t scared. She just needed a bit of fresh air. There were several cars parked 200 metres away and so she walked; slowly but purposefully towards one of them.

She checked the time on her wristwatch and it read 8:30pm. They would have to leave soon. Her father had insisted they return home before 10:00pm.

She looked up and saw the stars. Only a few of them; and they did not shine brightly enough. She looked at the hall in the distance wishing silently that he would notice her absence and come seeking her outside; then like an answered prayer, the door opened and a young man walked out through it. He was far away, it was dark and she could not make out his face but she knew that silhouette all too well. It was him. The floodlights shone graciously on the field and it did not take him long to notice her and walk up to her.
“Why are you out here by yourself?”
Concern. That was all that was in his voice. Not even a gentle rebuke for being out alone in the cold dressed in a sleeveless pink dress.
“I couldn’t stand being in there, watching everyone have so much fun when my heart is being broken into a thousand pieces.”
She shivered slightly and he hugged her and held her close.
“Seye, don’t do this please, not tonight.”
She looked into his eyes and saw the plea for understanding but ignored it.
“I’m tired Kay. I’m tired of being strong. I really can’t do this anymore.”
She trembled a little and the tears came down like light raindrops, they rolled down her cheeks and they would not stop.

His eyes grew misty too but he would not let them display their weakness. Certainly not in front of his lady. He held her and let her cry for a little bit and when he felt the tears subside, he braved another look into her eyes.

“Remember how we started dating?”
Seye laughed. Of course! How could she forget?
“Yes, I do…”
“And everyone thought we were crazy. Even I thought I was crazy. A J.S 1 girl coming to ask me, an SS 1 guy out? That was hilarious.”
Seye lowered her gaze and dropped her chin but he raised it up.
“But we made it through to this point. We will be fine”
Seye laughed again but it wasn’t as rich this time.
“Kay, it’s different now. You’re going away to study in Malaysia in 2 months. You’ll be gone for 3 years. We don’t stand a chance.”
He looked at her and was awed by her candidness. Seye was just 14. In fact she had only turned 14 two weeks ago but she was smarter and way more matured than most girls he knew. His “official age” was 18, which made him only 4 years older, but in reality, he was 20 and only Seye knew that.

She had a purity and innocence about her that was utterly refreshing. His friends could not understand it but he did and he was not willing to trade in for anything else.

“But I’m willing to try…”
Seye shook her head.
“Don’t do that please. We should just break up already.”
He was sure he hadn’t heard right.
“What did you say?”
“Better sooner than later.”
“So you’re going to ruin my graduation party for me?”
“Please, it’s not like that…”
She was crazy but that craze would have to stay in its lane tonight. He wasn’t going to face the impending hurt tonight. No way.
“We have two months left. Let’s make the best of it yeah?”
She looked at him but he was determined not to back down. And then the baby in her returned.
“Okay, two months. Let’s make it count.”
They hugged tightly for a few minutes and then he escorted her back into the hall.

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Bode was angry. But that anger was only hurt converted. The meeting with Aisha had been a little awkward but he had gone out of his way to ease the tension and make things easy for her. She explained that she was engaged to this really amazing guy and went on and on to list all of Khalid’s Knightly qualities. He didn’t want to hear them. He did not need to hear them but he played the role of nice and understanding friend and let her yap all the way.

So she was sorry about the kiss, she was going to Accra with “his royal awesomeness”; he was sure she blushed when he said that. In other words, all was fine and dandy in Lovetown so he was being relegated to the background. Oh well. That would not be for long. It was time to carry out his ultimate plan. He would just wait for them to return from Accra. Besides, his office was looking to transfer him to Kaduna and there was a 50% chance it would come through. Time was running out

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To be continued