Simply Complicated Episode 8


Hey dear, how’s your day going? Someone seems to have forgotten a certain someone so the certain someone who was forgotten decided to bring himself into remembrance ?
Aisha read Bode’s ping and smiled.
-LOL. I’m sorry. I’ve just been a little busy lately. How are ya?
-Hehe. Interesting that you suddenly became “a little busy” after we kissed two days ago. Told you we’d both be in trouble ?
Aisha almost dropped her phone. Embarrassment crawled up her cheeks and stung. She had ignored Bode for two days straight and it was easy because Khalid was in town. They had dinner together on Tuesday after work like he had promised and on Wednesday, they had gone to see a movie. She wanted to explain things to Bode but she felt it would be best to avoid him for a bit so there were no pings, calls or texts from her. She wondered why he did not try to reach out to her and she had to admit to herself she was grateful when his ping came in.
-LOL. About that. We need to talk.
-Haha. Ya think? Nah, I’m cool with you burying it under the carpet. Ignore the chemistry we share, I’ll do same. ?
Whoa! Chemistry?! La ila! I’m in trouble. I’m really in trouble.
She dropped her phone on the table, covered her face with both palms and gently rubbed her fingers over her eyes.
Chemistry? What sorta chemistry? She was tipsy!
She let out a deep sigh and picked up the phone again. How was she to tell Bode about Khalid without making things awkward between them?
-Uh, Chemistry? How about we discuss the Further maths?
-Loooool. You’re something else. Further maths ke? No o. I love just the chemistry. Further maths is a pain.
Aisha was getting nervous.
-Uh, ok. It’s just… You know how you said we would both be in trouble yeah?
-Lool. Relax babe. I’m messing with you. Chemistry nothing. You were high that night. I told ya. ?
Aisha felt relief wash over her. Thank God. So he was teasing after all. All would be well
-Lol. Mumu boy. You’re just a monkey. I wasn’t high, I was only tipsy.
-Mhmmmmn. What’s the difference? Oh well. That’s by the way. I miss you o. When are we seeing?
Aisha swallowed. An instant knot formed in her tummy. Did she miss him? Not really. Khalid had taken up all her spare time. But thinking about it now, maybe she did. And they needed to talk.
-I miss you too. What are you doing after work today? I actually want us to talk. I’m travelling on Sunday.
-Really? Where to?
-Accra. I’m attending a summit there. I’ll tell you all about it this evening.
-Ok. Sounds interesting. Sure we could meet up after work. But I’m not taking you to any garden. Before you drink again and get us into further trouble. LOL.:P
Aisha winced. He would probably not let this rest for a long time.
-Ouch. Nice going. Let’s meet at Drumstix in Wuse 2 at 5:30
The place had no romantic ambience, it was quiet and they could talk.
-Ok. Sounds good. I’ll free you now. Take care.
-Thanks, you too.

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Khalid spent the whole of Thursday doing research. He had gotten a call the previous evening inviting him to speak at some meeting of undergraduate students of economics. The meeting was going to take place three weeks after his return from Accra but he decided to start preparing. His life was a busy one; something was always happening. Meetings, summits, speaking engagements… he was his own person and he loved the freedom his independence brought him.

At about 4:00pm he got up to stretch and exercise his legs. It had been a long day. He walked to his kitchen hoping for a snack but found nothing. And then he remembered Aisha.
Uh-oh. Not even a text all day.
He walked tiredly back to the dining table where his laptop was set up alongside a host of papers and journals.

His phone was buried somewhere underneath the pile and it took him a few minutes to find it. He was not surprised to find 15 missed calls, 3 text messages, 6 unread pings and 3 whatsapp messages. The phone had been silenced all day. He scratched his head and absent mindedly scrolled through the calls. A few from his mum, others from random people and the last two from a friend he was helping with a proposal. Khalid sighed. He had completely forgotten about the proposal and it was due today. He decided to get to it immediately.

He read the texts. One from MTN; he hissed and deleted without even reading, the other from his mum; asking about his welfare and the third from the guy with the proposal. He checked the pings next. He ignored the other 5 but opened Aisha’s to read.
-Baby, ya ka ke?
That came in at noon and another had followed an hour later
-Busy much? I was just checking you up. I miss you
He looked at the screen where he was not even half done with the paper he was to present and decided to take a few minutes and call her. He would not see her tonight. He could not. He needed to finish the proposal and do other things. So much to take care of before their trip. He massaged his temples and then scratched his head while he waited for her to pick up.
“Hi love”
“Hi darling, I’m so sorry, I’m just seeing your pings. I’ve been lost in my laptop all day. Too much to do-“
“It’s okay, I understand. Are you done now?”
“No love. Not even halfway. I won’t even be able to see you tonight. I really want to get done as much work as I can before we travel. I’m sorry”
“Okay love. Just do your thing, it’s fine. I’ve got a few things to take care of myself.”
“Thanks babe. I love you. I’ll call you much later tonight and you can tell me all about your day yeah?”
“Okay boo. I love you too.”
Aisha hung up and smiled. She really loved Khalid. Then a certain thought darkened the smile. Why didn’t she say she was seeing Bode?
Because he doesn’t know Bode and it’ll be too much of a long explanation to give in detail now. It has to be when we see.
She sighed and promised herself that she would sort things out with Bode and then tell Khalid about him later. And the kiss? Well, that might remain her own little secret forever.

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To be continued