Simple Way To Prevent Coronavirus


My only intention is to pass on information that could help you. In this case it is a simple procedure that kills this virus that continues to infect thousands of people in a large number of countries.

Zhong Nanshan (a Chinese pulmonologist who discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003) suggested simple ways to prevent Wuhan pneumonia:
It is recommended to rinse your throat by gargling with salt water before going to a hospital or other public places (and do the same after returning home). The method is as follows:
a) a bite of salt water diluted in a glass;
b) lift your head back; letting the salt water bathe the area of ​​your throat
c) open your mouth slightly and gargle with salt water
d) spit out the salt water after a few seconds
e) repeat the process 3 to 5 times

Because viruses or bacteria lurk in the pharynx through the nasal passage, diluted salt water can kill them on the spot, thus achieving the purpose of preventing infection. During the SARS, I promoted and supervised this method among my students. As a result, none of our students in our class had a cold, cough and fever.

This method is simple, effective, easy to do. But it requires it to be constant.

Zhong Nanshan
January 29, 2020