For those who are in doubts that there are no wonderful wives there, here is your answer, find the ones with these traits. For wives who wantbto become amazing wives too, wholly stick to these rules are you will become that incredible amazing wife you want to be.
1. She doesn’t nag her husband, she raises concernn. They manage situations even before things get out of hand rather than nagging about it.
2. She doesn’t order her husband around, she requests of him and inspires him. She respects him as the head and honour him and doesn’t order him around.
3. She complains less, and prays more. An amazing woman always put everything in prayers and doesn’t talk about it to anyone.
4. She doesn’t argue with him, she healthily and intellectually debates him. Rather than arguing, she engages the husband in a matured and brilliant way.
5. She doesn’t keep a record of wrongs done, she remembers the many good things he does.
6. She is not lazy, she works hard with her husband, together they build their empire. Share ideas and thoughts that will elevate them than things that will cause them badly.
7. She is not quick to suspect her husband, she is quick to believe in him. Even when the whole world is against her husband, she believes and trust him to have turn right.
8. She doesn’t listen to rumors of other people, she finds out the truth from her husband. Truth they say stands and so seeks that first even before she reacts.
9. She doesn’t attack her husband, she maturely confronts him. She manages and handles her husband with wisdom.
10. She is not irrational, she thinks things through varied issues that brings joy rather than sorrows.
11. She is in touch with her emotions, but she doesn’t let her emotions take the best of her. She has a high Emotional Intelligence. 
12. She expects the best from her husband because she gives him her best.
13. She doesn’t bring stress, she brings peace. She seeks for peace rather than discomfort. 
14. She doesn’t use sex as a weapon, she makes love to him for intimacy. She knows how to use sex to gratify herself and husband the ultimate way than using sex as a punishment. 
15. She is not his greatest enemy, she is his best friend, his greatest ally and only partner.
© Rev. Maxwell Makimi Wunangi