Shades Of Romance- Episode 26


Minutes later, we stopped at a small market where we bought some food stuffs before heading to my house with Jenifer.
Joe left for his house minutes after we got home, leaving Jenifer and i all alone for a much awaited private moment.

“just relax my love, i will fix up something we can eat in no time” i smiled, desperately trying to please her.

“hmmm fix something ke?. You must be kidding right?” she laughed and headed to the kitchen while i dutifully followed her.
“you seriously did me bad by running away. It made no sense you know” i complained as we ate hours later. She kept quiet, saying nothing.

“but it’s okay, i now have you back and that’s all that matters” i continued with a smile.

“you are not being fair with me. Seriously you are forcing me to be with you without understanding my fears” she complained.

“enough dear. I’m tired of hearing the same old complain. I will be your husband and i don’t care what people think. This is 21st century, everyman for himself and i don’t care what my kinsmen think about you. I will be seeing your people In two weeks time” i announced seriously.

“for what?” she asked.

“for marriage talks of course. Why waste time when i already have the means and wealth to plan my wedding” i answered, but instead of being excited she stood up and ran to my bedroom as if my words were poison.

I quickly went after her, my heart throbbing furiously.
“Jenifer” i called. She sat on my bed and hid her face with her palms.

“Jenny baby” i called sweetly, sitting beside her.

“i hope in ten years time you will still remember how you forced me to marry you. Hope you will still have this kind of strong love and passion towards me. Hope you will still be eager to fight and defend me” she slowly raised up her face and asked. Her eyes searched mine, eyes filled with fear and hope. Eyes filled with passion and want. Such a wondrous soul she was.
Yes she was so scared, scared of the future, scared of being with me for the rest of her life, scared of being with the man she loved.

“You need answers my love, here is your answer” i said solemnly, fetched a pocket knife from my reading table and cut a part of my palm, drawing out blood. She gasped and stared at me curiously.

“i swear with my blood that we will foreover be one. I make this blood convenant as a pledge” i said slowly, licked the spilling blood and kissed her with mouth filled with my blood.

“we are one my love. Nothing will change it unless death” i swore as we kissed.

To be continued