Shades Of Romance- Episode 17


On getting to my house, i nervously parked my car, cautiously alighted and took a swift look round the compound. I was terribly scared, because the whole area was quiet and lonely. A good place for an ambush.
However nothing surprising happened. Jenifer held me with a smile, together we walked into the building.

“you know this has to stop. I mean this fight with your friend. It’s totally unnecessary, and very stupid for matured adults to be fighting over a woman” she said as she fetched me a glass of water minutes later.

“you really don’t understand the male pride. Tony isn’t going to rest until he sees me go down which i won’t allow him to achieve” i replied, drank the water she offered me and smiled at her. She looked away. The guilt on her face very apparent. Of course she was hurting inside, perhaps regretting ever allowing me to have my way with her.

“baby c’mon, don’t feel bad. Come, come on my laps” i said sweetly.

“i have to meet Tony. I have to talk to him. You don’t expect me to sit and watch you guys fight over me. This got to stop” she said seriously. I breathed deeply, stood up and held her.

“fine, i’ll try one more time to reason things with him. I can forget about my burnt Tanker and make peace with him. Just let me handle this” i begged seriously. She looked at me, shook her head and walked to my bedroom. I collapsed on my chair, my mind running wild with worry.

Seriously i hated the war engulfing Tony and I, but there really was nothing i could do than fight back. Tony wasn’t ready to listen to me or behave like a gentleman. The fight between us was now inevitable, but just like i promised Jenifer, i was ready to forget about my burnt Tanker and make peace with him, if only he would accept.

“Jeez” i breathed, grabbed my phone and called Joe.

“hey Oga, i’m still searching for the boys. Don’t worry i’ll get back to you” he replied. I hung up and sighed.

By 9pm, Jenifer joined me on the bed, smiling seductively as she climbed on my body, relieving the tension in me with the action. I smiled and caressed her hair.

“promise me you will stop fighting with your friend” she begged, pulled down and took off my shorts. I breathed heavily, my hormones rising with excitement.

“i’ll try my best” i replied.

“you know we can never be happy if you guys continue fighting over me. Every relationship needs peace and we very much need it. Please try your best” she pleaded and lowered her mouth over my erect d–k, sending me to the moon with the sensational magic of her lips.

I sure needed all the s-x i could get because i never knew what the next day was bringing. It could be my last.

To be continued.