Shades of Lust Episode 12


‘’hope you take alcoholic wine?’’ she asked as she opened the bottle of wine which was on a small table. I nodded with a smile.

You can’t imagine how excited I was sitting before such stunning temptation. Pamela on her own part really looked well ready and set for me. She acted as if she was simply playing out a well rehearsed role. The way she talked, and carried herself was just so amazing.

‘’so tell me more about your mum. Is she really a white lady?’’ she asked as she filled the two glass cups on the table with wine. I nodded with a deep breath, answering all her questions which mostly centered on my looks, my plans for the future and how I was coping with girls in school.

We really had a long normal talk before the alcohol we took slowly took charge of our morals. I truly didn’t know what gave me the courage to stand up, walk towards her and plant a quick kiss on her lips.

‘’you can’t imagine how long I have waited for this. I’m so sorry for the boldness’’ I stammered, still holding her face by the jaw. She closed her eyes and slowly reached for my hand.

‘’there is need to loosen up every once in a while. We only have one shot at life’’ she softly said, opening her eyes to look up at me. ‘’I like you very much but what I hate the most is getting involved in a disgraceful scandal. We can do anything we want tonight but you have to swear that you will keep our secret. You have to swear to me’’ she demanded, holding me tightly.

‘’I swear with my life. I will never utter a word to anyone. I swear.’’ I swore solemnly.

‘’ I will kill you if you ever tell anyone about us. At least until I decide otherwise’’ she said with a silent whisper, reaching forward to unbutton my shirt which gave me the zeal to pounce on her. In no time, I was all over her, kissing and caressing ever part of her body without any form of reservation and dear me, she was fire.

Her na.ked body was sexy and hot as ever. Her moans were so mature and strong. And when she slowly reached for my manhood, I almost fainted with excitement.

‘’One more thing. No condoms. I want it raw and hot’’ she demanded, freezing me with her words. But then all I could do was freeze for a while. I couldn’t say no to her. I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of having a good time with her. I just was thinking without my head. The youthful zeal and urge in me was way too strong. I did it with her without protection and yes I enjoyed every second until I was spent.


‘’I couldn’t believe we just did it” she breathed when we were done, planting a long kiss on my lips. ‘’and you are way too good and strong. I haven’t enjoyed sex ever since I got married’’ she added, scanning me with her eyes. I kept quiet, saying nothing. ‘’are you having any regrets?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’no not at all, just tired’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’I think you are actually regretting doing this with me. Yes I also feel guilty over it but that’s life. We just satisfied each other’’ she softly said with a smile.

‘’yes I feel bad right now but it won’t stop me from doing it all over again with you’’ I confessed, kissed her and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

She soon joined me there and we had another explosive action in the bathroom. Oh she was super hot and strong.

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As I got set to leave her room early the next day, she reached for her handbag and brought out a wrap of neat naira notes.

‘’Its twenty thousand naira, Please it’s just for your transport fare’’ she said with a smile while I shook my head, declining her money.

‘’no I should be the one offering you money because I really had a great time with you’’ I breathed, drew close and kissed her cheek. She quickly colored up with surprise.

‘’I don’t need your money Pamela. What I feel for you is very unique and different’’ I said softly to her.

‘’seriously I’m very surprised and impressed. I never planned for my heart to open up for you. What I wanted was just a onetime thing with you but I don’t know anymore. I never knew you were honestly attracted to me. I thought all you wanted was fun and money. Can we see next Saturday?. This time I will come over to Owerri’’ she muttered breathlessly, surprising me with her words.

I couldn’t help but notice that for the first time she trembled before me like a school girl. All the confidence and strong aura she earlier had suddenly disappeared. I just didn’t know what to make of her sudden change of attitude. All I did was decline the money she offered me because I honestly never needed it and suddenly she turned from a strong lady to a feeble young woman who just fell in love.

To be continued