Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 43


Jude’s side of the story continues

‘’in case you need my help in anything, all you have to do is simply ask’’ Tracy breathed with a smile as she pulled away from me. I swallowed hard as I returned her gaze. I couldn’t help but wonder how I could turn things back to old times.

‘’can you go with me to the hospital to check on Emmanuella?, I will appreciate your company’’ I asked. She smiled and shrugged.

‘’I was on my way to get something before we ran into each other, so give me few minutes, I will be set to go with you’’ she replied softly.


few minutes later

As we headed to the hospital in my car, my mind somehow brought up Pamela’s image. I couldn’t help but wonder how she was faring with the pregnancy. I felt like calling her later in the day when I was done with Kelvin’s assignment but another part of me kicked against it.. Of course I did a very good job of shutting her out of my life after returning back to the country. I avoided chatting or speaking with her on phone, I closed every contact with her with the hope that such attitude would make her give up on me.

I was still busy with my thoughts when Tracy’s phone rang, gaining my attention. I listened softly as she answered the call which made me more bitter or should I say jealous.. The manner and tone she used in answering the call, clearly showed that she was speaking with her new guy, something she had never done in my presence.

‘’it’s him huh?’’ I asked calmly after she was done with the call.

‘’yes and he is so much in love with me. All he wants is a little more encouragement and he will quickly rush and pay my bride price. But I’m not in a hurry’’ she breathed with a smile while I threw her a quick look. Of course she answered innocently but her answer really hurt me badly. I would have preferred she lied a little about it.

‘’so tell me more about him?’’ I asked softly.

‘’what do you want to know?. He’s is a civil servant just like my parents. He is around thirty or so. He is very caring and not a cheat. He has all it takes to make a woman happy’’ she answered with a smile while I bit my lips, unable to say anything else. Of course I realized that moment that the more I asked questions the more I was hurting myself. It appeared she cared less about what her answers were doing to me but of course I was the one asking in the first place.

‘’so what’s up with you and Beauty?’’ She surprisingly asked after few minutes of silence. I threw her another quick look, wondering the reason she asked the question.

‘’there is nothing going on between us, it’s just that she sometimes keeps me company and helps me with her food’’ I answered carefully.

‘’hmmm that’s’ how it starts’’ she breathed softly. We said nothing more until we got to the hospital minutes later.


After asking around at the hospital, we discovered that Emmanuella was still at the intensive care unit. She was still very much alive but then no one could actually say if she was going to make it or not. We equally saw her family members lurking around; however we tried our best not to get noticed and left afterwards.
Of course watching over Emmanuella really looked a bit impossible to me. It was all in God’s hand.

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Cynthia’s side of the story continues

As I walked out of the police building, I went over all Kelvin needed me to do for him. He badly needed food and money. He equally had begged me to get some of his clothes from his house and keep in my care. He also asked me to see his parents, something I agreed doing the next day. But that was not all; the most important thing he needed was for me to help prove his innocence and get Jessica arrested, something that seemed very impossible without Emmanuella’s support. Making sure that Emmanuella’s life wasn’t in any more danger then became another big priority.

Instead of heading back to my house, I headed to Joe’s gym to seek for his help. Dealing with Jessica wasn’t something any sane person would do alone and even though I hated admitting it, I knew very much that she was a tough lady to handle.


Joe was really very surprised to see me at his gym by that hour and yes the last time we saw was the day he tried settling issues between Kelvin and I. He was a good friend but just like Kelvin, he equally wasn’t a clean guy.

In no time I told him the reason for my visit and Kelvin’s current condition. He couldn’t believe his ears.

‘’I hate to tell you this but Kelvin really dug his own grave. No wonder he has been avoiding me lately. I haven’t seen nor heard from him in a while but that won’t stop me from watching out for him. I hate doing anything with the police, so I won’t be able to visit him at the police station but I can help in other things. We can go get his clothes together. I know Jessica will be there and you can’t go alone’’ he offered while I shrugged in resignation.


an hour later, Kelvin’s house

Joe softly knocked at the front door while I nervously waited for Jessica to show up. Of course I was very nervous. The few times I confronted Jessica in the past never ended in my favor and I was clueless on how things would go that very evening.

The front door soon opened, revealing Jessica who froze for some seconds on seeing Joe and i. it was just as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘’what are you guys here for huh?. Even you Joe?, I thought you have been wise to stay away from your friend’s issue all these while?. Why are you here now? Or did she force you to come here against your wish?. All I need to do is simply make a distress call and you will find yourself back in prison or you think I don’t know?’’ she threatened Joe who instantly drew back with a look of surprise. She smiled with satisfaction and faced me.

‘’the last time you faced me you ended up in a refuse dump. Are you here for a rematch?. I hope you know this place is my property and I can do anything I like to you?’’ she threatened me coldly. I forced out a smile even though deep down I was a little shaken.

I had to be brave and face her, after all she was nothing but a lady just like me.

To be continued.