Serpent's Love Episode 2


Out of careless driving on the part of the cab driver, they got involved in a terrible car accident that lead to her death, right on the spot.  
Yaya was gone for good. There was no turning back the hands of time. Her life was completely over and there is nothing no one can actually do about it. She spent her last moment with a guy she barely knew, ended up being treated like trash and that was it.
Elorm was the eldest in his family followed by Dzifa his younger sister. His family was not a wealthy one as you may think, his father died when he was young and ever since his mother have been taking care of them through basic trading. Right after High school, Elorm left his family in search of greener pasture. How he ended up getting rich in a short while without any lucrative job was what drove his mother’s love away from him. 
Coincidentally, Just after a month, Elorm left home, his mother, accidentally fell heavily on the ground, wounding her foot. Ever since then, his mother have been left paralysed  and the wound on her foot have never been healed no matter the hospital they went to treat it. No herbs could even ease the pain left alone cure it. 
Elorm opted to take care of her needs but the more he tries the more his mother drives him away. Even though her son is now rich and can easily take care of her, her only means of survival was her petty trading that her daughter thus Elorm’s sister Dzifa, helped her in. 
Regardless of the refusal to see his mother, he still mastered courage to go to the hospital where his mother was admitted. He was able to make contact with Dzifa and paid all the bills without her mother knowing. He then gave Dzifa enough money to cater for their mother, right afterwards he left the hospital premises. 
Phil and Yaw was waiting for Elorm for over 30 mintues at Phil’s apartment. Likewise Elorm, they were very rich as well. Elorm, however got there after an hour.
“Elorm, you really don’t respect time you know, we were supposed to meet over an hour ago”   Yaw quarried him. 
“I am really sorry guys. I had to renew my quota” He said. 
Just as he mentioned that, they all began laughing, however Elorm still seemed distant. 
“Elorm, Elorm, the way you renew lately, you may end up buying the Jubilee house.” Phil said. “Tell us about it, how was she” 
Taking a deep breath, he began talking.  “She was Yaya, very pretty though, met her at the mall and trust me the sex was really good.” 
Yaw was very much excited about what Elorm said “Anyway, hope you did it” He asked. 
“Of course, how can I forget” Elorm said. He then took out the white Handkerchief he used on Yaya when they were having sex.  Right there and then, Phil gave him a key to a room. Elorm on the other went into that room and there he dropped off the white handkerchief in a black pot. 
That was their source of money. The more they have sex with ladies, the more they get richer and richer, little did they know that these ladies dies right after their intercourse.
Yaya was just one of the numerous ladies Elorm had slept with. They blind young ladies with money and ones they have their ways with them, that was the very end of those ladies. 
Elorms’s mother, however had a very good reason not to trust her son. She was made the sacrificial lamb for Elorm’s riches. As long as she continued to remain paralyzed and the wound still on her, Elorm will continue living. The plight and pain of his mother was his source of life and the “cum” of ladies in his handkerchief was his source of money.
Elorm looked innocent and was really respected at Church because of his wealth. Even his own pastor used him as a model of charity and exemplary life to the youth at the congregation just because he was a major contributor any time there is a church harvest.
He was loved by all and anyone who asked him for financial support ended up incurring more and more debt after he lends them money.
They hail him for the new set of instrument he bought for the church and there and then he was named an “Elder” of the church. 
To be Continued. 
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