Serpent’s Love – Episode 12 – Final Episode


Just when Elorm was closing up on him, Yaw tripped and fell heavily on the ground with his head hitting against a rock. This made him bleed profusely. Elorm tried helping him up but the more he did, the more pains Yaw went through.
He attempted to call the ambulance, but to his surprise, Yaw stopped him. The wound on his head was so deep that you could actually put about 1/4th of your index finger in it.
“There is something I need to tell you Elorm” He said.
Elorm was just eager to help him out, whatever he wanted to say could wait.
“Look, you are losing too much blood, I need to get you to the hospital first.” Elorm insisted.
“I know, but what will the use be, I’m still going to die anyway.” Yaw said.
“Just listen to me, it’s too late for me but you can save your life. Just sleep with a lady before the day ends and that will be all.”
Elorm wasn’t ready for that, he has made his decision to not go back to his old ways. Before he could tell him about his decision, Yaw became motionless. He had already given up his life.
Everything then started coming back to him. This was just a minor thing and it had already led to his death. That was when he began panicking. Is he really going to die if he didnt do what Yaw said. He needed help, he then rushed Yaw to the hospital and indeed he was declared dead there.
Now Elorm was in a dilemma with no idea of what to do. He staying alive meant another innocent person needed to die or he would be the one to pay with his life. His conscience was not judging him right. He then quickly went into his car and drove off to his mother’s place. No one knew his motive.
It was about 4:00am and the only sleep Elorm had had was when he was with Nana Ama. The day had really been long and his time was running out. He got to his mother’s and quickly rushed into her room.
“Mom, save me. Please. Mother please save me” He cried out and knelt before her. His mother knew right from the very first day that her son had strayed away and was not making clean money. She just looked at him and cried.
“What have you gotten yourself into, my son” She asked.
“Mother, you were right, they will come for me soon. Please save me” He said.
“You don’t need that from me, you need God in your life now. He is the only one who can save you my son” She said. “Go and confess your sins to him and he will grant you mercy.”
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His phone began ringing just when his mother finished talking. He wanted to avoid it, but to his surprise the call came from Nana Ama. He quickly answered the call.
“Where are you Elorm? I need you to come right away” Nana Ama said in an angry tone.
“Is everything alright” Elorm asked but Nana Ama’s yell demanded his presence right away.
As if his mother knew everything, she just watched her son and told him to go and make things right. He then had no option than to run off and drive straight to Nana Ama’s house.
He was welcomed with a slap. “What did you do to my sister” Nana Ama shouted out. “What did you do to her” She asked.
Elorm couldn’t even lie about it because of the guilt and his feelings for Nana Ama. “Nana please forgive me, I didn’t know about this. Please” he said.
Nana Ama broke down as he couldn’t believe what Elorm was saying. It wasn’t even hard to get the truth out of him. But she didn’t need any explanation. Apparently, when Elorm left earlier on, she had called her pastor to tell him about the dream. She was to come with Elorm to the pastor’s. That was the main reason she even called him to come in the first place.
But she couldn’t hold herself when he arrived. “I don’t need any explanation from you Elorm. We are going to see my pastor now.” She said. Elorm didn’t expect that from her tho, but he thought perhaps seeing the pastor will eventually save him.
Without wasting any time, they rushed to the pastors’ residence, who was just residing a few blocks away. All this while, Nana Ama began hating Elorm. She didn’t say a word to him neither did she want to hear anything from Elorm as well. Irrespective of this, she knew this was not a battle to be won physically.
Upon arriving at the Pastor’s end, the man of God was already waiting for them. As soon as he saw Elorm, he began praying silently in his heart and said.
“Son, you are not walking alone, the spirit of a serpent and death has surrounded you. Confess your sins to God now before it’s too late. You have really sinned. Ask your mother for forgiveness, for it is because of your doing that the wound on her leg can’t be healed. And so many lives have been lost because of you, even your own sister and that of Nana Ama” The Pastor said .
He was really gifted and God had already opened his eyes to everything that had happened. Elorm broke down and knelt. Just when he was about to give up and ask for pardon, he had an attack, a seizure. He rolled on the floor and eventually a white foamy substance began coming out of his mouth.
“What is happening pastor” frightened Nana Ama asked.
“The devil is at work. His time is due, but today this soul will be saved, he is among the children of God” The pastor said.
They then began praying, the priest laid his hands on Elorm as he struggled on the ground. Just as when this was happening, Elorm’s mother felt healed instantly, even though the wound was still there.
She felt within her that the wound was healing. She then noticed a remarkable difference within her. She knew everything was going to be well and right there she began thanking God for what he had done.
Elorm was still rolling all over the place as his seizure became more severe.
“Elorm accept Christ as your personal savior before it’s too late” The pastor said.
He then shouted out. “God forgive me, forgive me and save me from the hands of the devil.” Even with this short prayer the seizure stopped instantly. He began crying and held Nana Ama’s leg.
“I did it Nana, I did it all because of money. Forgive me” He cried out. Nana Ama couldn’t help it, she began crying. The pastor then came in and pleaded on his behalf.
Without saying a word, Nana Ama left Elorm with the pastor and went away. It wasn’t easy for Nana Ama but Elorm truly regretted his actions.
He was afraid to go back to his house however he lived with the pastor for a few days. That was where he had his vocation and gave his life to the service of God. He eventually gave all his wealth to the church. His house became an orphanage home. 3 weeks down the line, Elorm’s mother was completely healed of the wound on her leg.
Nana Ama on the other hand could not just forgive Elorm but luckily for her, she moved to the states and settled there. Elorm still felt the guilt. He then began preaching the word of God on the streets and anyway he deemed necessary. But his life was just about to begin, it was far from over.
The End.