Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 1


Good morning bro, I nearly fell off the stairs. I thought you had left for work. Joojo in a panting voice spoke.

You won’t kill me in this house Joojo, what is it you want to see me for that nearly made you fall? His elder brother Selorm inquired.

Nothing much bro, I wanted to inform you I will be leaving for campus this afternoon. Joojo informed.

This afternoon? Joojo, have you so soon forgotten what we discussed? Didn’t I inform you tomorrow is dad and mum’s one year memorial service and we will be going to the graveyard with pastor and few other family members? Selorm questioned in disappointment.

I remember bro, but I have a quiz to write tomorrow. Joojo sluggishly answered.

Joojo, I sometimes get amazed at your lifestyle. You mostly give me reasons to believe you are happy our parents are no more, The only thing you happily talk about is the money and company they left for us. What is wrong with you Joojo! How did they offend you? Selorm unhappily spoke.

Not again bro! I am getting fed up with this allegations. The fact is, mum and dad are no more, and we can’t continuously cry over spoilt milk, The only thing that matters to me right now is you. I talk about the money and the company because, that is our means of survival.

Visiting their graves tomorrow to present flowers is waste of time and resources and I can’t be part of that. Joojo responded and began walking away.

Don’t walk out on me Joojo! Don’t disrespect me. Selorm angrily yelled.

I ain’t walking out on you bro, I am pressed and need to use the washroom. He responded and walked into his room.

God! What is wrong with my kid brother? Why didn’t you give me a sister, at least, she would have been there for me. Selorm soliloquised in sadness and picked up his car keys for work.

Later in the afternoon, he had a call from Joojo.

Bro, I am leaving for school, I will see you soon. He informed.

How soon Joojo? How soon will you be back home? Selorm asked.

Bro, why are you sounding as if I am your girlfriend? Joojo teased.

Cut the bullshit and answer my question! How many times should I warn you to refrain from these talks? Selorm shouted at the other side of the phone.

There you go again Selorm, not wanting to hear anything about women. How on earth are you going to make a family with this attitude? Joojo unhappily asked.

Selorm listen to me, one day, I will get married and leave this mansion dad left for us. Remember I won’t forever be there to entertain you. Joojo added.

Joo, I know we will have to make families, but at least, not now! Selorm responded.

When then? Selorm, tell me when! At the age of 30years, after your masters degree in marketing, if you still feel you are young, then I am sorry to say you might grow without having a family of your own. Joojo spoke.

And at the age of 27 years, if you think you are old enough to advise a big man like me, then I am sorry to inform you that, you are biting more than you can chew. Selorm playfully responded.

A big man who can’t propose to women in spite of the numerous at his disposal.

A big man, who is still a virgin!

A big man who has made his kid brother his fiancee.

A big man who is afraid of women. Joojo teased.

Get off my line you stubborn thing! Selorm yelled and hanged up.

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Joojo is such a teasing soul! Damn him! Selorm unhappily thought.


Jeeezz, why did I even tease Selorm? I have even forgotten he hasn’t given me money for school.

Anyway, I must pass by his office to get my pocket money. Joojo thought as he dressed up.

Afia, I am leaving for school, please do well to keep the house decent, and don’t bring your boyfriends here since the house is going to be almost empty. Joojo informed the cook.

I won’t sir. I will be the good girl you’ve always wanted me to be. She responded.

Spare me the pretence! Didn’t you bring your village boyfriend here last semester when I was away?

Do you think no one saw you? Joojo yelled.

Now listen to me, this house was built in decency, that is why none of us has ever brought a woman here until marriage. If not for long service, I would have sacked you when I heard the news. Joojo angrily added.

I’m sorry sir, I promise it won’t happen again. Afia apologized.

Whatever Afia! I am tired of your hypocritical attitude. Joojo stated and drove out of the house.


Immediately he entered the working premises, all the staff stood up on their feet as a form of greeting.

Hello everyone, I come here not often but always overwhelmed by the reception you give me when I do. I much appreciate you all, please have your seats. Joojo happily spoke and walked pass them into his brother’s office.

Bro, I forgot to take my pocket money, but before I do, may I ask who that slim curvy lady is? He asked.

To be continued…





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