The richest wedding …the shortest marriage

Mira and Ralph have been in a relationship for 3 years and have started making plans for marriage. Mira is a banker and Ralph is a teacher in a Senior High School in the greater Accra region. Ralph’s uncle has already gone for the bridal list and so everything needed has been stipulated,but the only problem is the style of wedding which for one reason or the other ,these two elite adults cannot come to a consensus.

Ralph wants a quiet wedding with only close family members and some few friends. He wants his suit purchased here in Ghana, and all accessories for his dressing as well. He wants one best man and no little groom, but Mira will have none of that.

Mira wants a huge wedding, her dream wedding she says. She wants three bride’s maids,a little bride, a bachelors night party on the Eve of their wedding,and she wants their wedding dresses and accessories bought from overseas, Paris to be precise. She thinks Ralph is being stingy.”its my wedding and it has to be special”she says.

The pressure from Mira’s family is high and when Ralph couldn’t bear the heat any longer, he gave in to Mira’s demands, naturally.”I don’t want to loose her because of a silly wedding misunderstanding”he says. He goes for a loan of 10,000 Ghana cedis and their wedding is the talk of the town for months. The loan matures and payment becomes a headache. The marriage becomes a nightmare and both couples blame each other. Ralph blames Mira for forcing a show of opulence and Mira blames Ralph for not putting his foot down as a man. In the end, Mira couldn’t bear the heat and so had to go for a divorce, just five months after the “wedding of the millennium ”

Weddings,just like funerals,are just ceremonies that mark important events,marriage and death respectively. In this dispensation ,the ceremony is considered more important than the marriage itself. What is the use of a flashy wedding if the marriage won’t last?. We prefer to focus on the ceremony in order to have people praise the ceremony and forget about the marriage itself. Marriage is a sacred event and should be treated as such. A flashy wedding doesn’t guarantee a good and happy marriage. The ceremony has no connection with the outcome of the marriage whatsoever. It is better to have a simple but nice wedding and invest the money into more important things like the future of the children who are yet to be born. Secure the future of the children and not the opinion of the masses about the ceremony.

Inspired by Citizen Kiki.