RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 236



Henry just got into the first passenger’s carriage and was about proceeding further when his phone began to ring. He stopped at the door and took out the phone. It was Sheila calling.

His eyes were fixed on the faces of the passengers staring at him as he answered the call. “Hey.”

“Hey, Henry. Maxwell needs to speak with you.”

“Please connect him,” Henry replied.

It took less than five seconds to get Maxwell to be connected.

“Hey boss, we’re at the location right now.”

“Okay, do you have an update?”

“No, it’s crazy here. There were more than 20 buildings that look the same here. It’s gonna be difficult for us to find the right one.”

Henry sighed. He was never expecting it to be easy, but it didn’t seem like they had much time left.

“You have to find it, Max. Find it quickly.”

“We might need more hands, boss. Maybe we need to get the rest of the team to South Husan?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect…” Henry paused as he saw two men enter from the other end of the carriage.

“Will you contact them for me?”

“Get it done, Max. Only Jenny should wait for my instructions. I’ve got something to deal with here,” Henry said quickly and ended the call without waiting to hear his response.

Henry took in a deep breath as he watched the men approaching on the aisle slowly. He charged towards them without waiting for them to get to him.

Noise erupted from the passengers as the men began to exchange punches.


Leftil, Husan

Maxwell had a look at the tablet device on his laps again but he opened the door and stepped out. Samantha who was on the driver’s side of the car also stepped out.

Maxwell was looking around the area again, like he hadn’t done it before. Before they made the trip, they had thought they had the place figured out as the map only showed a few storey buildings.

They got there to meet much more than they expected. Then they realized the map they had been using was an outdated one.

Maxwell never expected to find outdated satellite maps on the government’s database. But he realized that it could have been replaced by the Red Wolves hackers.

“What do we do?” Samantha asked beside him.

“Don’t know,” Maxwell replied. “There’s no time or facility to start searching for the updated maps. We need the rest of the teams here so that we can observe all the key buildings.”

“It’s gonna take at least three hours for them to get here,” Samantha pointed out. “We counted over 30 buildings and there are still more. I’m afraid we don’t have enough time to get the job done today even when they arrive. We need a faster way.”

Maxwell paused for a while to think. Then an idea suddenly came to his mind. He got back into the car immediately and brought out his phone. Samantha joined him in the car.

“You wanna call someone?”

“Maybe the FOX can help,” Maxwell opined.

“But Henry seems too busy to reach the FOX chairman now.”

“Our source might be able to help.”


Henry had just knocked the fourth man unconscious since he stepped out of the engine. He was in the fifteenth carriage and wasn’t so sure how many more men he would meet on the way before getting to carriage 36 where he was told Kahn was.

He wanted to search the man’s body for his guns and weapons like he’d done with the others but then he noticed that the movement of the train was slower now and that it was going to stop in a matter of seconds. He hurried quickly without taking anymore weapons, hoping he wouldn’t meet anyone else on the way.


Kahn and his two men were ready by the time the train finally came to a halt.

“Can we leave now, sir?” one of the men asked.

“Yes,” Kahn answered while still staring at his device. “We can get there in twenty minutes if we walk fast and ten if we run.”

“I don’t think we would have to run,” the other man joined. “This is enough to keep Carl Winston away from coming after us,” he added, looking at the explosive device they installed in the carriage.

There was a timer on the device which had been counting down from 20 minutes. It was around 15 minutes at that time.

“Let’s go,” Kahn muttered and then led the way to the exit of the carriage.


It took Henry three minutes to get to the thirty seventh carriage. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that it was the right place as he could see from the difference in the design.

It was empty. He noticed immediately through the door that they had gotten out. But just as he was about to leave, his eyes landed on the blinking device.

Fear gripped his heart as he realized that it was an explosive device. There was only eleven minutes and fifty two seconds left for it to explode. His first thought was to run back to the train operator’s carriage and announce through his megaphone for all passengers to get out of the train.

But then he realized that a bomb scare as such could cause chaos in the train and lead to even more deaths. Besides, it will be difficult to get all the people on the train to leave and get to safe place.

He turned to look at the device again. It wasn’t the regular explosive that could be stopped by simply cutting a wire. Nevertheless, it looked familiar.

He squinted and tried to remember where he had seen it. The pictures came running to his mind. Before Hannah was killed, she had described some of the popular explosives to the team and how to defuse them. This was one of those explosives she described.

He moved nearer to have a closer look. It was indeed something he could defuse in two minutes but his fear was having one of the Red Wolves men attack him while he was on it. He could be killed and that would be a disaster at this stage of their mission.

After a few seconds of thinking, he walked to both entrances of the carriage and locked them from behind. Then he proceeded to the exterior door and peeped outside. He looked down and noticed the footsteps of the men on the wet ground. He closed the door and walked back to the explosive.

Before he began to work on it, he looked at the two interior doors again. Even though he had locked them, he knew that wasn’t enough security. It would only take a shot at the lock to get the door opened.

He took out all the pistols in his pocket and placed them on the chairs to get himself ready in case any of the men showed up. Then he began to work on the explosive.

After two minutes, he was able to disconnect the device successfully without any disturbance. He returned the pistols into his pockets quickly and took out his device to check the map files.

If Kahn and his men left immediately the train stopped, that meant they were seven minutes ahead of him. If they were walking, he had the chance to catch up with if he ran. But if they were also running, then there was no chance of catching up with them before they get to the chopper waiting for them.

He took a second to look around the carriage and noticed some bags. He located the one with grenades and took one before he hurried out of the train. He took to his heels with hopes to catch up with them.


**The FOX Corporation**

Bexford, Bethanna

Evelyn and two other agents walked into the situation room and stopped to salute the Chairman.

“Welcome, Evelyn,” the chairman turned his swivel to them. “Did you try to make interrogations on your way here?”

“Yes, we did, but those guys aren’t willing to say anything. I suspect that they’ve been promised something and their plans are still ongoing.”

“Whatever they’ve been promised, we will find out. But our priority now is to stop the expected attack on the President,” Mark replied. “Do you have any clues on the abducted Evans Blake?”

“None at all,” Evelyn replied. “They got him out before we got in. They must have taken him on the run.”

Mark heaved a sigh and turned to face the wall. “There’s something I’ve yet to understand,” he folded his arms and turned to Evelyn again after a few seconds. “Your team mentioned that they the Red Wolves need the fingerprints of these men. And now that we have Dexter Joe, does it mean we’ve stopped their plans already?”

“It means we’re making progress sir. Without Dexter Joe, their keys wouldn’t be complete. So, we can as well say that their plans would not proceed unless they have an alternative. And that’s why we must still work to frustrate whatever their alternative plans are. That should be our focus now.”

Mark wasn’t still satisfied with the answer. He returned to his seat and sat with squinted eyes.


After walking through the bush paths for almost twenty minutes, Kahn and his men arrived at the field where the chopper was.

“Hey,” one of his men called out loud to alert the man waiting for them in it.

“Hello,” the man waved back from where he had gone to pee by the bush side. He then proceeded towards the chopper as the other three approached.

Kahn took out his phone to check the time. He heaved a sigh of relief. At last, they had been able to escape meeting Carl Winston, so he thought.

“Welcome sir,” the pilot greeted him as the three settled into the chopper. “We’ll start the trip right away.”

The pilot turned on the engine. Soon the chopper blades began to roll, preparing to lift.

Suddenly, sounds of gunshot filled the air as bullets hit the chopper.

“Damn!” Kahn cursed as he and his men quickly took cover in the craft and took out their guns. He peeped from his hiding position and saw what he had feared the most. It was Carl.

How the heck did Carl not see the explosive device they installed to keep him back? It didn’t look possible to him. Or was it that he defused it so quickly?

Henry gave him no room to think too much as he continued firing at the chopper.

“Move it fast, you mother****er!” Kahn shouted angrily.

His men also began to fire shots towards Henry.

Henry stepped back into the bush as they began to reply his shots. He peeped from where he was and saw that the chopper was already levitating. It had gone about a metre up. If he did not stop their movement, it might be impossible if they get on air.

He quickly took out the grenade and opened the cap before stepping out again. He threw to the ground towards the chopper and ran for cover. It went past the chopper and stopped a few metres from it but was still close enough for good impact.

The grenade went off and a part of the chopper went up in flames, bringing an end to their movement up as it crashed back to the ground.

Henry got out after the explosion and began to move closer to them with both guns in his hand. The pilot was the most affected of the explosion. His whole body was caught up in flames.

One of the men who went with Kahn also had part of his body burning. Kahn and the third one had no flames on them but were terribly hurt from the explosion.

They all stepped out of the burning chopper as quick as possible. The men with fire on their bodies were unable to make good decisions as they exposed themselves for Henry to have clear shots at them. Henry took them down with bullets down instantly, impatient to let the fire do the job for him.

He became more careful as he approached the fire. Then he noticed two others trying to escape into the bushes from behind. He began to fire at them, aiming their legs as he hastened his steps.

He spotted Kahn among the two as he moved closer. His fire was focused on the other man as he tried to navigate carefully around the explosion debris. With two more shots, he took down the other man and then charged towards Kahn.

“It’s a futile effort, man. Stop or I’ll take you down if you continue to move,” Henry threatened as he moved closer.

Kahn finally stopped and dropped painfully on his knee. A sharp component of the exploded plane had pierced his laps when it crashed. He managed to sit up and stared directly at Henry’s face.

Henry had a smirk on his face as he saw the piece stuck in Kahn’s lap. He took a few seconds to look around before he fixed his eyes on Kahn’s face again.

“Hey, nice to see you again.”

Kahn stared at him in silence, taking slow deep breaths in pain. He reached for his pocket to take out something but Henry pointed his gun quickly.

“Hey man, not so fast.”

“I wanna take out my phone,” Kahn explained.

Henry shook his head in disapproval.

“Where’s Evans Blake?”

An evil grin appeared on Kahn’s face.

“You thought I’d take him with me when I know you were coming after me?”

“Answer the damn question!”

“He’s in the train, you left him there. And our men should be transporting him currently to the destination.”

“You know I’m not a fool man,” Henry scoffed. “I did make sure Evans was not on the train before getting off to follow you. Your men said you didn’t bring him with you to the train.”

Kahn squinted and took in a deep breath. That was typical of Carl, he was someone who never leaves any stone unturned.

“He was with you when you moved into the blindspots, you just have left him there right?”

Kahn stayed quiet.

Henry chuckled. He was quite certain he wouldn’t get Kahn to say anything.

He cocked his gun and aimed at Kahn’s forehead.

“Since you’re not gonna say anything to me, there’s no need wasting time with you, is there?”

“Trust me, you don’t wanna ki*ll me, Carl. You’re going to put yourself in misery forever.”

Henry chuckled again. “Your aware bluffing I’d not going to work on me, aren’t you?”

“But I ain’t bluffing, you’re gonna hate yourself for real,” Kahn repeated boldly and then took his hand to his tie. He pulled it off and then unbuckled the first three buttons of the shirt to reveal a necklace underneath. He held the pendant out of the shirt.

Henry squinted at the pendant, instantly realizing that it is was no ordinary pendant.

“Once I stop breathing or if this goes off my neck, my men will give way for Rex to put a bullet into Sarah and Kellar’s heads.”

Henry furrowed his brows at him. “What the heck are you talking about?”

“You heard me right, Carl. Rex is going to going after Kellar and Sarah. Our men are protecting them. If you ki*ll me, they get the signal to stop the protection and Rex gets free access to them.”

Henry stared thinly at him for a moment and then shook his head. “I’ve got no time to waste on you, Kahn. Your mind games aren’t working,” he scoffed and moved his finger close to the trigger.

“I can show you proof that they’re alive!” Kahn shouted on top of his voice and got Henry to hold on.

“Better don’t mess with me,” Henry warned before he lowered his gun.

Kahn took his hand close to his pocket and Henry pointed his gun quickly.

“My phone, it’s just my phone I need to get,” Kahn explained.

“I’ll watch while you take it out.”

Kahn proceeded to bring out the phone and unlocked it. After a few seconds, he located a folder in his picture gallery and stretched to hand the phone to Henry.

He did not take his eyes of Kahn nor did he lower his gun to collect the phone.

“Check those pictures, they were recently taken.”

It took a while before Henry took his eyes off Kahn to the phone.

“Don’t try to be smart,” he warned before he clicked on the folder.

His heart skipped a beat with the first picture he opened. There were no doubts that the two people in the photo were Sarah and Kellar.

His hands began to tremble but he managed to control himself and swiped to the next photo. The next photo hit him even stronger.

He knelt down suddenly and grabbed Kahn by the collar after placing the phone on his chest.

“Whatever you’re trying to do to me is not going to work. I watched them burn in that house on that night.”

“They did not die, someone saved them and got them out. But they’re going to die now if you ki*ll me,” Kahn replied with confidence.

“You’re a damn liar,” Henry slammed and pushed his gun into Kahn’s mouth to sh00t.

His phone began to ring at that moment. He paused and took in a deep breath before taking out the phone. Foden was calling. Henry answered immediately.

“What the heck do you have to tell me about Rex?” Henry snapped.

“We need to see, Carl.”

“Tell me what you want to say now.”

Foden seemed to be considering whether or not to proceed as he was quite for a while.

“You might not believe this, Carl,” he finally began. “Your wife and son are alive and Rex is currently hunting for them. I’m afraid he’s so close to them already and may ki*ll them if we don’t stop him.”

To be continued