RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 166


Edited by Daniel Benjamin

In the interrogation room, Daysman and his lawyer were sitting on one side while the Agents were on the other side. The Agents had again asked Daysman to give them clues of who the Strategist was and where they could find him. They had also threatened to go ahead with arresting his wife and son if he refused to.

“You can’t arrest any of my family members,” Daysman replied. “I already told you that they had no hand in this and you also do not have enough proof to pull them in.”

“Not only do we have enough proof to arrest them,” Evelyn replied to him. “We also have enough to nail them in court.”

Daysman stared at the Agent’s face for a while, as if he was trying to reason with what she had said. He then chuckled and rested his back in the chair. “The highest you can do is bringing them in for questioning.”

Evelyn chuckled and then took out a big envelope from beside her. She dropped it on the table and pushed it closer to the lawyer.

“You thought you took all precautions but here are proofs that show your son meeting with the suspects on different occasions,” Evelyn said. “We also got his call records for the past six months. You called him every time there was a transfer into his account. And every single time you called him, his device was used a few minutes after to purchase bitcoins with the money.”

The lawyer pulled out the evidence in the envelope which consisted of some documents and a couple of pictures. Daysman also leaned closer to take a look.

“Holy shi*t!” the lawyer cursed and stared at Daysman’s face. It was evident he was disappointed. “Why the hell don’t I know about this?”

Daysman was quiet. He heaved a sigh and then rested his back again. The confident look on his face had disappeared and he looked quite confused.

“You thought you would be able to cover the tracks if you paid some of the deals in cryptocurrency. That made us unable to trace how the money was eventually spent but you were so busy in making the money untraceable that you forgot we can trace you physically,” Steve joined in.

“He bleeping doesn’t know what the monies were used for,” Daysman leaned forward again and spoke with a troubled voice.

“You mean a man who is twenty-eight years old wouldn’t know the reasons he has been converting millions of Bethannian Dollars into bitcoins?” Evelyn asked. “I’m sure you would never be able to prove that in court.”

Daysman heaved a deep sigh and rested his back again. He looked at the lawyer who was also staring at him. He needed the lawyer to tell him the best decision to take at that time but he was sure he would not get any answer from the man. The lawyer was displeased that Daysman had hidden a lot of secrets from him.

“I think it’s game over, Mr. Daysman,” Evelyn stated. “Would you help us find the Strategist or we get an arrest warrant for your son?”

Daysman was silent for a while but then leaned forward slowly. “Maybe bringing him into jail will keep him alive. I’d be risking the lives of my family if the Red Wolves prove that I gave you any information,” he said in a low troubled voice.

“We can offer protection to your family and we assure you that nothing’s going to happen to them as long as you give us the right information,” Steve replied.

The man rested his back and stared blankly at the table, taking time to consider his decision again.

“We’re giving your client the best deal he can get,” Steve turned to the lawyer. “He gets his family secure, his jail term is shortened for co-operation, and we eliminate the Red Wolves completely.”

The lawyer didn’t reply in words but only turned and gazed at Daysman.  Daysman also stared at him. He shrugged and made a nod, signaling that he agreed with the Agents.

Daysman let out another breath and leaned forward. “I’ll take the deal but we need to make it official…”

Daysman was still talking when Steve brought out a document and placed it on the table. “Here, you can go through the deal right here and sign.”

The lawyer chuckled as he went through the document. He wasn’t really surprised that the Agents were already confident that his client was going to take the deal. He was just still not pleased that Daysman hid a lot of information from him.

“It looks like a good one,” the lawyer remarked after reading to the end. He looked up to ask for a pen but Steve was already extending one to him. The deal was signed and the interrogation continued.

“There are two leaders in charge of the Red Wolves but the hidden sponsors are unknown to me,” Daysman began. “The main leader’s name is Elvis Kahn and the second one who brings the strategies is called Hutton.”

“Hutton, what?” Evelyn cut in.

“I only know his first name,” Daysman replied.

“What else do you know about them?”

“It’s a rule not to probe into the personal lives of ourselves, so I don’t know anything else about them. But I can give you their addresses of all our meeting points and their houses I know of.”

“Please do,” Steve said and nodded at Evelyn who was writing on a jotter.

20 minutes

Today was a success,” Steve remarked as they both walked out of the interrogation room.

“A huge one, sir,” Evelyn also replied smiling.

“We have to go straight into the case investigation room and call the other members of the team,” Steve continued. “We have seven addresses, how do you suggest we take all seven?”

“There are ten members of the team,” Evelyn answered. “We appoint seven heads and let them recruit five from the junior agents who can go with them to different locations.”

“I would have wanted the both of us to visit each location in person,” Steve suggested.

“That would be impossible, except we’re planning to drag this investigation,” Evelyn replied.

They had just turned into another hallway when an officer came towards them. She was the Chairman’s secretary.

“Good day, Agent Evelyn,” the female Agent stopped in front of them. “The Chairman has requested that you come with me to his office right away.”

“Oh! Okay,” Evelyn said and turned to Agent Steve. “Excuse me, please. I’ll return as soon as possible.”

“Sure, please,” Steve said and stopped as he watched her go. He heaved a sigh when she was out of sight. He was sure that she was called for the murders that took place at her home the previous day. However, he still wondered how she had been so calm like nothing happened. It was impossible for the police not to have called her after discovering the bodies that night.

He thought again about the possibility of the murders been traced to him but he recalled that he had taken the necessary steps to ensure he wasn’t traced.


“Good morning, sir. You called for me,” Evelyn said as she stood on the other side of the Chairman’s table.

Paul Edwards was looking at something on his laptop before but raised his face when she greeted.

“Sit down, Agent Evelyn,” he said in a calm tone.

“Thank you, sir,” she said as she took her seat. She was already sure about the reason he called for her but wasn’t certain how he was going to handle it. Nevertheless, she knew he had no choice but to cover up for her.

Paul continued with his laptop for almost a minute before he looked up again. He stared at her silently for a second.

“What were you thinking when you chose to go against the FOX to help Carl Winston?” he asked in a very calm voice.

Evelyn was silent as she couldn’t think of any answer to give him.

“Do you know you could get into a deep mess for what you did?” Paul asked.

Evelyn was again silent.

“Come on, talk to me, Evelyn,” Paul raised his voice slightly.

“My tracks were well covered, sir. There’s no way anyone can trace that to me,” Evelyn replied.

“Damn Evelyn! I’m not talking about covering your tracks,” Paul raised his voice again. “You should have bleeping not gone against the FOX to help your friend. I know Carl must have manipulated you to think you owe him some help and you thought you would be nice to help him clear his mess…”

“I wasn’t manipulated, sir. It was a well-thought decision to do it,” Evelyn interrupted.

“Shut the hell up! You bleeping didn’t think about it well enough,” Paul said with a frowned face. “Do you know you could get a minimum of five years imprisonment for helping a terrorist group?”

“Carl’s group is not a terrorist group!” Evelyn replied in a bold tone.

“Oh! Tell me, on what terms are you going to be prosecuted for if you’re caught?”

Evelyn remained silent.

“Those items were the evidence that could have given us a breakthrough in the case,” Paul said.

“They were not going to give us a breakthrough, they were going to lead us to the wrong enemy. Carl Winston is not the enemy,” Evelyn argued.

“Carl Winston is an enemy of the FOX at the moment,” Paul retorted. “He’s running illegal operations that are supposed to be carried out by the authorities.”

“And that’s because the authorities failed already,” Evelyn replied.

“We’re bleeping close to getting these terrorists, we haven’t failed.”

“We couldn’t have been this close if Carl never gave me tips,” Evelyn replied. “I followed the tips he gave and we caught Daysman right in his own game.”

“What the f***!” Paul widened his eyes at her in shock. “You’ve been taking instructions from Carl.”

“No, never!” Evelyn answered. “He only gave me a tip on how to go about the investigation and it led us to nab Daysman.”

“You better stop listening to Carl, else you’ll be arrested for giving criminals the FOX’s secrets.”

“Carl is not a criminal,” Evelyn retorted.

“Anyone on a mission like Carl’s is a criminal!”

Evelyn was quiet.

“Carl is operating outside of the law and he’s going to be punished when he’s caught,” Paul continued. “I’m sure you don’t want to go down with him.”

“He’s not going down, sir.”

Paul stared at her face silently for a while. “I would advise you again to avoid meeting Carl Winston. He is currently an enemy of the law and he’s a dangerous man to be with. You should stick to your investigations with the FOX, the FOX never fails,” Paul said and turned to his laptop. He was about to change the topic when Evelyn spoke again.

“The FOX fails.”

Paul squinted at her. “What did you just say?”

“The FOX fails,” she repeated. “It did not only fail in protecting its top Agents but also failed in getting justice for them.”

Paul took his hands off the laptop and stared at her. “I know you’re talking about the FOX not being able to punish the Carl and Rex’s supposed killers. But you should understand that those cases were complicated. We could not do so much about them.”

“How many cases have been complicated over the years, sir?” Evelyn asked.

Paul stared without understanding what she was driving at.

“What if I die today while at this job, will my killers be brought to justice, or will it be complicated?”  Evelyn asked.

Paul sat up and continued to stare at her without saying anything.

“I thought the FOX was supposed to punish anyone that hurts its agents but the best two Agents were murdered and the killers are still alive.”

“Those two agents did not die!”

“We’re the only ones that know that here,” Evelyn replied. “The FOX left the case inconclusive.”

“You should know that was out of our control,” Paul replied. “We had instructions from above to stop pursuing the case to redeem the FOX’s image in the public.”

Evelyn shook her head and was about to speak when Paul raised his hand to stop her.

“We should stop talking about this now and talk about the two dead bodies found in your apartment.”

Evelyn rested back and let out a breath. “I don’t know how they got there.”

Paul shook his head. “You should know that saying that is not enough proof of your innocence.”

“Yeah, I know. But I’ve got proof that I wasn’t home last night with my family. I was at my boyfriend’s.”

“So, you left home to go to stay with your boyfriend for no reason? And then the next day, gunshots were heard in the apartment and three bodies were found?”

Evelyn sighed.

“An attempt was made on my life the day before, I had to leave home with my family.”

“What the bleep! An attempt was made on your life and you haven’t reported it to the FOX?”

“I couldn’t report it because I would be asked questions I can’t give answers to.”

“Who came after you?” Paul asked.

“The Wolves, they’re trying to get back at me for helping Carl eliminate the evidence against him.”

Paul sighed heavily and shook his head. “Can’t you see the big mess you’ve gotten yourself into by helping Carl?”

“Yes, I may have gotten into a deep mess but I don’t regret helping him.”

“Carl thinks the Wolves killed the men and left them there to have the police look into you,” Paul stated.

“Yes,” Evelyn agreed.

“I’ve gotten the case transferred from the police here already and I would close it immediately but there are some questions I need some answers to.”


“How do you think the Wolves knew you got the items cleaned?”

“It’s easy,” she shrugged. “They tried to frame Carl and knew that he must have sent someone to clean his mess. They only had to find out those on the case whom Carl could get to. I probably was the closest to Carl they could find.”

“And how were they able to know you?” Paul asked.

Evelyn stared at him in surprise. “Aren’t you aware there is a mole in the office?”

“I know and I’ve been trying to know who it is but I haven’t found out yet.”

“But I know who it is already,” Evelyn stated.

“Who?” Paul squinted at her.

“Agent Michael.”

“Michael? What the bleep! Are you sure of what you’re talking about?”

“Yeah, I’m a hundred percent sure.”

“When did you find out?”

“Two days ago, when I was called into the board room.”

“Is Carl aware?”

“Yes, he is.”

“You’ve got to be careful, you’re playing a dangerous game. I advise again that you stop communicating with Carl.”

“Thank you, I will consider that, sir.”

“I also advise that you wait for a while and then move out of that apartment.”

“I will do that,” Evelyn replied.

Paul nodded and rested his back. “You may leave now.”

He watched as she got up and salute him and kept his eyes on her until she walked out of his office.

“Damn it! Michael!” He cursed under his breath.


“The seven of you will be leading the teams, I and Agent Daniel will monitor closely,” Steve said to the team of eight men standing in front of him.

“What about Agent Evelyn? Is she still with us?” Lydia asked. “She’s not in this meeting.”

“Yeah, nice observation. She won’t be coming for this meeting,” Steve remarked. “Agent Evelyn will not be with us on the case for now,” he answered, so sure in his mind that she would be busy with the police case. “She has some other things to attend to and she could join back later but she wouldn’t be with us on this task.”

He had just finished talking when the door opened and Evelyn walked into the room. They all looked towards her as she approached them. She stood beside the last man on the line facing Steve.

“Agent Evelyn, what’s happening?” Lydia asked. “Agent Steve just said you weren’t on the team for now.”

“What?” Evelyn turned to Steve and stared at him in shock.

Steve was short of words to say. He had not expected Evelyn to return so soon. But they were now all staring at him for an explanation and he needed to say something.

“Ermm… I told them you probably won’t be with us here, I thought you were going to take some time with the Chairman.”

“Why would you think I won’t return soon?” Evelyn stared at him suspiciously.

“I thought the chairman was going to hand over a case to you,” he lied. “Didn’t he?”

Evelyn’s eyebrows gathered together as she stared at him.

Steve felt he needed to do some more explaining as he was already looking like a joke.

“I heard him talking about handing new cases to Agents yesterday and I just assumed you were going to be one of them,” Steve continued. “But now that you’re back here, we should continue with work,” he said to her and faced the others. “I believe we all understood everything I’ve said or does anyone have a question?”

“For those of us that will be going to very far locations, how do we get backups if the need arises?”

“Good question, is there any other question?” Steve asked and turned to see if someone else had something to say. He answered the question when no other person was talking. “I’ve sent a request to the chairman and you will have police officers back you up at the different locations you are sent to. You would be provided with details to reach the police supervisor anywhere you go to.”

He stopped to look at everyone’s face. “I hope you’re clear on that.”

“Yeah, I am,” the agent nodded.

“Good. So, I alongside Agents Dan, Evelyn, and Lydia will be monitoring you. You can call any of our numbers at any time you need help tomorrow. I will give further instructions before we leave the office today.”


02:20 PM

“I’m going for lunch, boss,” Maxwell said to Henry as he got up from his seat.

“Okay, I’ll join you soon,” Henry answered him.

Maxwell walked out, leaving Henry alone in the control room.

Henry also paused what he was doing and was about to hibernate the system when his phone rang.

He reached for it and looked at the screen. His face changed when he saw the caller. It was an unsaved number from the UK. He hoped silently that it was the call he was expecting.

“Hello, friend,” he said into the phone after answering.

“Who is this?” the voice from the other end asked.

Henry let out a sigh of relief; he just got the call he was expecting.

“It’s Carl Winston, your friend.”

“What the f^^^! This has gotta be some sort of joke, right? Rex shows up here this morning, telling me Carl is dead and a mother***** calls me by evening to tell me he is Carl.”

“What? Rex came to you?”

“You need to tell me who the f^^^ you are first.”

“It’s Carl, the same guy who went through Ricardo’s hall to nab him for you,” Henry replied with a piece of information he could use to convince the caller.

There was silence for a while.

“This gotta be some joke,” the caller replied. “That was I and Carl’s secret. So tell me how the f^^^ did you know that?”

“I’m Carl, Jackson. Your friend isn’t dead.”

“So why did Rex say you were dead?”

“I don’t have an idea why he said that,” Henry replied. “We both survived the attempted murder.”

“It nice to hear from you again.”

“Yes, Jackson. I’ve been trying to get across to you for a while and I never expected that you would receive this mail at your address. I must thank you for calling me back.”

“I would do anything for you, Carl.”

“You said Rex got to you this morning?”

“Yeah, he did. He wanted to find Jordan.”

“He asked for Jordan? Did you help him find Jordan?”

“Yeah, I told him where he could find Jordan. Can you tell me what’s going on, please?”

“Well, it’s just a kind of mix up,” Henry replied, trying to avoid answering his question. “Do you think he would have gotten to Jordan already?”

“No, Jordan is not in the UK. It would take Rex three days to get to Jordan’s location by land.”

“Thank you, Jackson. I’ll save your number and call you back soon.”

“No, Carl. You gotta tell me what’s going on. Rex looked unwell when he came here today. I wanted him to wait at my place and get better before leaving for Jordan’s, but he refused.”

“Nothing serious man,” Henry replied. “Rex only came to get some treatment in the UK but he got attacked by our enemies. He hasn’t been able to reach me since then.”

“I see,” Jackson replied. “I guess he needs Jordan’s help to get back there quickly.”

“Yes, that’s it. Is there any way I could reach Jordan?”

“Well, I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him in the last five years but I hear he’s doing well. Mails don’t get to his location, so you can’t reach him as you got to me.”

“Thanks, Jackson. I’ll talk to you later,” Henry said and ended the call.

He took in a deep breath as he dropped the phone on the table.

The reason for Rex’s actions was still unclear to him but he found it difficult to believe that Rex would turn against him. He chose to rather believe that Rex had good reasons that he would find out soon.

But meeting with Jordan in three days means Rex was planning to return soon. In less than seven days, Rex would most likely be back to Bethanna.