RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 164



 July 27

07:45 AM

FOX Office, EPA Hill,

Bexford, Bethanna

Evelyn arrived at the office as early, as usual, that morning and proceeded to her office. She spotted Agent Steve immediately she stepped into the large office to sign in for the day.

Steve had just finished his thumbprint and turned back to see Evelyn in the queue too.

“Hi, Evelyn,” he greeted with a smile.

“Good morning Agent Steve,” she smiled back.

“You’re looking beautiful this morning,” he complimented cheerfully.

“Thank you,” she replied, flashing her teeth broadly.

“Go ahead, I’ll wait here for you,” he stepped back to wait for her. There was only one officer in front of her in the queue.

Evelyn was done in two minutes and she joined Steve as they both walked together to their office.

“I tried to meet you at the mall yesterday but I got there to meet a robbery,” Steve said as they walked on.

“A robbery?” Evelyn stared at his face, looking surprised.

“Yeah, I met the police there. There were some bodies there too,” Steve said.

“That was when you called me right?”

“Yeah, I just got there when I called you.”

“I left already, I couldn’t find some of the items I wanted there.”

“I see,” Steve nodded.

“So, you didn’t notice anything before you left there?”

“Anything like what?”

“Like suspicious movements or silent robbery going on.”

“No, I didn’t. I went straight to the section where I wanted to purchase the item and left when I didn’t see it.”

“I was scared when I got there, I thought you were also being robbed.”

Evelyn chuckled and stared at his face as they both took the last turn which led to their office. “But you know I can always take care of myself.”

Steve chuckled also. “So, where did you go after that?”

“I had to go shop elsewhere,” Evelyn stopped briefly and turned to stare at him. He also stopped working. “Why are you asking so many questions? You already asked me these yesterday.”

“Oh! I’m sorry if it bothers you,” Steve shone his eyes and gasped. “Just being concerned for a colleague.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize. It’s fine, ” Evelyn shrugged. “And it’s good you’re looking out for me.”

She continued walking and Steve followed behind.

“So, is there a birthday party for the kid sister today?”

“Party?” She scoffed. “I’m not aware my Mom is throwing any party for her.”

“Oh! I thought you went shopping for groceries for the celebration.”

“Yeah, just a small celebration. A kind of family get together,” Evelyn replied.

“At your home, right?”


“Alright,” Steve stopped as he got to the entrance of his office. Evelyn also stopped for a moment and glanced at him. She was about proceeding when he spoke up again. “Please, send my greetings to her. I have a birthday gift I’ll like to send to her.”

She raised her brows. “Oh! That’s so kind of you.”

Steve smiled. “I’ll get it across to you before the day ends,” he said as he put in his access card to unlock the door.

“Thanks,” Evelyn voiced softly.

Steve nodded with a smile before walking into his office. Evelyn took some more steps before she got to the entrance of her office. One of her two officemates was already in.


Steve dropped his gadgets on the table and released a deep breath as he settled in his chair.  He thought about the conversation he had with Evelyn as they walked to their offices together. It was obvious she was hiding something with her responses.

He knew she did not visit another mall after leaving the first one. He also remembered how he had followed Maria’s instruction and traced Evelyn and the other car home. After he got to the house, he waited outside the gate for a few minutes.

At a point, he had almost thought Evelyn and her family were in danger and he considered calling the office for men to join him. But he remembered that Evelyn had the FOX danger alarm chip with her and could have alerted the office herself if she was really in danger.

He waited for almost thirty minutes before he stepped out of the car to enter the compound. On entering he saw the two vehicles parked in. That confirmed that Maria had given him the right direction. He then proceeded towards Evelyn’s apartment and noticed that everywhere was totally silent, a signal that no one was home. He got to the door and used the doorbell.

There was no response to the doorbell after ten minutes. He then began to knock, thinking the doorbell was bad. However, he finally realized that inside of the apartment looked darker than it should be if someone was really inside. Then he remembered that a bus had driven out of the compound about ten minutes after he arrived on the street. He realized that they must have all left with the bus.

Maria helped him in tracing the bus again but it led him to an indoor public garage. The bus was parked there but there were no signs of anybody. Maria could no longer help him trace them as more than ten vehicles had driven out minutes after the bus drove into the garage. It was then clear to Steve that Evelyn and whoever the other four people were had envisaged that they could be traced and had taken steps to ensure the trace wasn’t successful.

Now that Evelyn had lied to him about her whereabouts, he was totally suspicious of her. He also remembered how he had seen her going into the restroom and out. Maybe she was going to do something other than ease herself, he thought. He also remembered the text message from the unknown number all the ladies had received. Maybe Evelyn was the Agent working with the Wolves.


Two hours after getting to the office, Evelyn walked into Agent’s Steve office with a case file in her hands. She opened it and placed it gently in front of him.

“We have some things to make Daysman speak,” she said and folded her arms.

“What’s this?” Steve asked, already looking into the file.

“Mr. Daysman made some suspicious money transfers using his wife’s and first son’s account,” Evelyn explained.

Steve studied for a while and then raised his face. “This looks interesting.”

“Yeah, it is,” She commented.

“Please sit,” he gestured towards the seat with his hand and rested his back in his swivel.

As she sat, he noticed she had packed her hair differently that morning. It made her look a bit strange but still beautiful.

“So, how do you think we can question him differently with this?”

“That guy loves his family,” Evelyn began. “If we bring his family in, he’ll do everything to save them.”

“So, you’re suggesting we implicate his family, threaten to arrest them so he can get to talk.”

“Yes, we already have enough details to seek their arrest already. He transferred money using their accounts. This means they were either accomplice or they are fully into terrorism with him. The same money transferred through their accounts was used for paying packages used in transferring the explosives.”

Steve nodded gently in agreement with her. He leaned towards the table slowly and placed his arms on it. “So, we tell him we’re arresting his wife and his first son. And that we’re also seizing all the assets connected to them, except he gives us something reasonable.”

“Exactly,” Evelyn smiled.

30 minutes after

“You can tell us what you know about the strategist and where to find him, then we will forget all that has to do with your wife and your first son. But if you keep protecting the strategist, we bring your wife and son in, arraign them with you. I’m certain none of them will get a sentence less than thirty years,” Evelyn explained to Daysman on the interrogation table.

She was sitting with Steve on one side while Daysman and his lawyer were on the other side.

Daysman looked so confused and afraid. His lawyer was also looking confused as he studied the copy of the document they had given to him.

“Please, can I have a moment alone with my client?” The lawyer requested.

“Sure,” Steve nodded. “We will be waiting to hear from you,” he added and then leaned forward slightly. “But I assure you, this is the best deal you can get here,” he said softly before getting up.

The lawyer waited until Steve and Evelyn were out before he turned to his client.

“What the f*** did you think you were doing running fund through their accounts?” He slammed at Daysman.

Daysman took in a deep breath and covered his face with his palm.

“They have been able to link the payments to the crimes and this further complicates our case,” the lawyer continued. “Except you don’t give a heck about what happens to your wife and son.”

“What the bleep are you talking about?” Daysman turned to the lawyer in a rage. “Of course, I don’t want them to come close to this place.”

“Then, this looks like the best deal we’re going to get,” the lawyer said. “If you give them something that can help them find the strategist, they will keep your family out of jail and it will also make the case easier for us.”

Daysman heaved a deep sigh.

“I can’t take the deal,” Daysman finally said after thinking for some seconds.

“Then, there’ll be nothing I can do to help you get a short term in jail,” the lawyer said.

“But it will keep my family totally out of this, right?”

“Not totally out of this, they would probably still be brought in for questioning. If you want to keep them from jail, you’ll have to confess that you transferred the funds through their accounts without them knowing what the funds were meant for.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened,” Daysman affirmed. “I only transferred the money through the accounts; I never told them what I needed it for.”

“If you’re certain about it, then you’ll have to say it the exact way to the agents and in court.”

“I’m certain about it,” Daysman nodded. “I can say it anywhere and at any time.”

“But I have to tell you that confessing it would most likely add more years to your jail term or even get you the death penalty.”

Daysman turned to look at his lawyer for a while. “As long as it would keep my family out of jail, it’s okay.”

The lawyer paused for a while and stared at Daysman’s face silently. “Could there be anything you’re still not letting me know?” He asked in a suspecting tone.

“What do you mean?” Daysman questioned.

“I mean I don’t understand why you are protecting the strategist so much, why not give the agents the information they require. It would make it easier for both of us,” the lawyer explained.

“Don’t you get it, man, I can’t tell the Agents anything.”

“Why? Because you’re loyal and you don’t want to snitch?”

“No, because my family will be in danger if I do.”

“Nothing will happen to your family if we offer the FOX a deal,” the lawyer said. “They offer your family police protection and also reduce the jail term. If you give enough valid information that will help them stop the Wolves, you could get as little as three years.”

Daysman was silent for a moment as he seemed to be considering the lawyer’s advice. After a minute, he sighed and adjusted himself on the seat. “I can’t take the offer.”

“Oh!” the lawyer stared at him with disappointment written all over his face. “So, you really want to go to jail for long?”

“Stop asking me stupid questions, I can’t tell them anything about the strategist because I know nothing,” Daysman flared up. “You should be making things easy here, not complicating the problem.”

The lawyer stared at him for some seconds and then shook his head. “The Agents will be trying to find proofs to ensure your wife or son can be nailed with you,” he said as he began to pack his things. “I really do hope there are no proofs they can find.”

Daysman stared at him silently.

“I’ll see you later today, Daysman,” he said and proceeded towards the door.

Daysman took in another breath as he watched the lawyer step out. He doubted if the FOX could really find something to bring his wife and son in. That would be a situation he would not love and if it were to come to that, he would rather give them the information needed.


“You think we can really break him with this?” Steve asked as he returned with Evelyn to the office.

“We could but I’ll have to get more proofs to nail Daysman junior,” Evelyn answered.

“How soon is that going to take you?”

“I’ll start immediately and let you know whenever I find something.”

“Trust you,” Steve said before another officer stopped him on the way. “I’ll see you later, Evelyn,” he said and stopped to discuss with the officer.

The new officer left after a minute of discussing with Steve. For a while, Steve stayed on the spot and looked in the direction of this office. Then, he turned and proceeded elsewhere.

7 minutes later

Forensics Department,

The FOX Corporation

“Agent Phil, can I talk to you for a moment?” Steve said immediately he got to the man’s table.

The Agent looked up and frowned at Steve. “What do you want?”

Steve unbuttoned his suit jacket and took his seat without being asked to. The man stopped what he was doing on his laptop and faced Steve.

“I’m Agent Steve working with the Anti-terrorism department.”

“I f****** know that, man. Go straight to the point. As you can see, I was busy when you got there.”

“I need to ask you a few questions concerning those items which the fingerprints were wiped from…”

“We can’t be talking about that,” Phil interrupted. “I thought the case was closed already.”

“Won’t you like to catch the woman anymore?”

“I can’t even remember her face anymore. I’m not concerned about it,” Phil replied. “And if you don’t mind, please leave now if you don’t have any other thing to discuss.”

Steve was silent for a moment but he wasn’t going to get up just like that.

Phil continued with his work, totally ignoring Steve’s presence. But Steve was resilient and he needed the Agent’s help to prove that the intruder was Evelyn.

“You were suspended for two weeks, and you’ll only get a quarter of your pay as punishment for the rest of the year. But if you find this woman, all your benefits would be restored to you and your name will be cleared.”

Steve seemed to have gotten Phil’s attention as Phil looked up at the moment. He took his fingers off the laptop and stared at Steve’s face.

“So, do you have any information that can help me find her, or you’re just here to talk?”

“I do not have any solid information yet but I strongly believe I know who the Agent was,” Steve replied.

Phil squinted at him. “Who?”

“I can’t tell you yet.”


“Because I need to confirm it first.”

Phil stared at him cynically for a moment. “You’re not sure yet, you can come back to me when you are.”

“Listen, man, you got to trust me. If I’m right, you’re the one who gets to benefit from it.”

“Sorry, I can’t trust you if you’re hiding the name from me,” Phil said to him and adjusted the laptop to continue his work.

Steve let out a deep breath. “I can tell you but you have to keep it to yourself, remember that we could both get into trouble for doing this.”

“Sure, man,” Phil pushed his laptop aside again. “I wouldn’t love to get into additional problems right now.”

Steve looked around suspiciously for a moment as if to check if anyone else was listening to them. “Agent Evelyn,” he finally stated.

“What? Was that not the Agent that led the team that was put up to identify the intruder?”

“Yes, she was,” Steve replied.

“How can she be looking for the intruder with us if she was the one,” Phil tried to dismiss Steve’s suggestion as unreasonable.

“Exactly!” Steve exclaimed excitedly and placed his elbows on the table comfortably. “Being in the team that was set up to find the intruder makes her less suspicious but that could have just been the main reason why you couldn’t find the intruder.”

Phil stared blankly at Steve’s face for a while, then he rested his back to ponder on the situation properly. After a minute, he leaned back forward and shook his head. “I don’t think she was the one.”

“I didn’t think she was the one too until she began to act suspiciously,” Steve replied. “I work closely with her and I’m beginning to notice that she steps out too often anytime we’re about to make a major move.”

Phil sighed and thought about it for a few seconds again. “She’s your colleague, why don’t you trust her?”

“I didn’t just use to trust her, I also l…” He stopped abruptly when he realized he was about to say something he shouldn’t.

“You also do what?” Phil raised his brows.

“Never mind,” he waved off with his hands and cleared his throat. “I used to trust her until recently. She’s become so strange and has been lying so much.”

“Do you have proofs she lied to you or you just don’t believe her?”

“I’ve got proofs,” Steve replied. It took some more seconds for him to continue talking. “She’s been pretending she’s been sick of recent and once lied about going to get some medications in the pharmacy. I confirmed this morning from the footages that day that she never went there.”



“Is that all you’ve got? That sounds like something personal between you two?”

“What do you mean by personal?” Steve raised a brow.

“She hasn’t lied to you about work yet, has she? If she lied to you about cases or culprits, then you have more reason to doubt her.”

Steve felt like talking about the incident at the mall to convince Phil further but he decided to keep it to himself.

“Look, Agent Phil,” he began in a calmer tone. “I must confess that I’m not so certain she’s the one. But there were only three female Agents who knew about the items and she is one of them. She has also been the one acting suspicious of late. You don’t lose anything if you help me in trying to confirm. You will gain so much if I am able to do so.”

“But if you fail and you’re caught in the process, I have so much to lose,” Phil chipped in.

“I also have so much to lose bro,” Steve said. “And for that reason, I won’t mess it up.”

Phil’s eyes lingered on Steve’s face for a while before he leaned forward.

“How do you want me to help you?”

Steve also leaned back and replied in whispers. “I need you to access the case file, get me the facial composite and the full pictorial representation.”

“What if the case has been closed fully?”

“It hasn’t.”

“You checked?”

“Yes, I did. But I can’t gain access to it because I didn’t work on it with you.”

“Okay, I’ll check for it today. You can check back before closing hours.”

“Thank you, Phil,” Steve said and brought out a piece of paper from his pocket. It contained his number. He dropped it in front of Steve and got up from the seat. “You can text me when you want me to come.”

“Okay,” Phil mumbled as he picked up the paper.

Steve buttoned his suit jacket and then leaned forward again to whisper to Phil. “Make sure this remains secret.”

Phil nodded gently.

15 minutes later

Steve was back in his office and already began to work when he paused to check the notifications on his phone. One of the new messages was from Maria.

“I saw you pass by my department, you couldn’t stop to say ‘Hi’.”

Steve sighed on reading it and immediately began to reply.

“I was so busy and in a hurry to get back to my office, I’m sorry.”

He sent the reply and was about to drop the phone when he saw her already typing back.

“A minute wouldn’t have disturbed your work, you know?”

“I’m sorry, Maria. I would check you later,” he typed and sent again. He dropped the phone immediately without the intention to reply to her anymore.

05:10 PM

A knock sounded on Steve’s door and he looked up to see who it was.

“Can I come in?” Evelyn was asking at the door.

“Yes, please,” he replied and paused his work to watch her walk in. She was already with her bag and it was obvious she was closing for the day. “You’re going home so early today.”

“Yeah, I still have to stop by somewhere to get something before going home.”

“Okay…Great,” Steve shrugged. He wasn’t so sure why she was there to tell him she was leaving. “So, you’ve got something to tell me before leaving?”

“No,” Evelyn’s narrowed her gaze at him. “You told me you had a gift for Cynthia, that’s why I’m here.”

“Oh!” Steve widened his eyes. “Pssst! I was actually hoping to get it earlier, I thought I was going to leave the office briefly at noon.”

“So, tomorrow?”

“Ermm… How about I get it today when I leave here and bring it to your house for her?”

Evelyn squinted at him and shook her head gently. “We won’t be at home, I’ll be meeting them at a relative’s place.”

“Oh! Okay, what if you give me an address and the gift is delivered there.”

“I think I’ll just get it from you tomorrow,” Evelyn concluded and adjusted her bag. “I’ve got to go now, take care, sir.”

“Safe, Evelyn,” Steve replied. He watched as she turned back and walked towards the door.

He took in a deep breath and wondered if he was doing the right thing by investigating her. There had never been a reason to doubt her loyalty to the FOX until now. It was unimaginable that an Agent who had put her life on the line so many times would be working with the Wolves. But why else would she lie to him if she didn’t have something to hide? The only way he could confirm was to investigate her like he was doing.

He couldn’t deny that he was developing some feelings for her but he couldn’t allow that stop him from acting the proper way. That would be endangering the lives of many innocent citizens and even Agents of the FOX.

After a while of thinking silently to himself, he reached for his phone to check the notifications. The latest message he received was from an unsaved number. He clicked on it to read.

I got what you need.”

The message was from Phil.

Okay, I’m coming to you in a moment.

Steve replied to the message and shifted his swivel back to get up. Then he scrolled down the chats to read more messages. He clicked on the chat with Maria.

By the way, I discovered that the car you were trailing was for Agent Evelyn. Do you want to tell me what’s up?

“Damn it!” Steve cursed under his breath.

He wanted to investigate Evelyn but he wanted it to be as secretly as possible. Not so much because he was trying to avoid trouble for himself but he was also scared of what could happen to her if she was indeed working for the Wolves.

He picked up the phone and got up to his feet. There was a need for him to get to Maria but at that moment, he had to meet with Phil first.

His first move after getting the composite sketch and the pictorial representation would be to identify everything the intruder had on. He was then going to break into Evelyn’s home that night. Breaking in would be easy for him since Evelyn and her family would not be home.

He was sure the clothes would be hidden somewhere in the house. And if he didn’t find the clothes, he could get something else that would let him know what Evelyn was up to.


Evelyn stepped out of the gate and walked to the roadside to stand like she was waiting for a cab. Not up to a minute after, a vehicle that seemed like a hired private car stopped where she was standing.

She opened the door and got into the backseat.

“Good evening, Agent Evelyn,” Dave said after she got into the car. He had a smile on his face.

“Good evening, Dave,” she replied.

He adjusted the rearview mirror to see her face clearly. She could also see he was staring at her with a smile.

“You look too fresh and beautiful for a security officer who has been working all day,” he remarked.

She chuckled. “Are you gonna drive or keep flattering me?”

“Oh! Sure, Madam.”