RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 161


Unedited episode


In the FOX interrogation room, Evelyn is sitting on one side while one of the just arrested culprits was on the other side. A junior agent was standing outside, watching through the transparent glass wall and listening to them.

“You should make things easier for both of us, Kane,” Evelyn continued. “I’ll give you a chance to call your lawyer if that would make you speak.”

She took out her phone from her pocket and placed it on the table. She then unlocked it and turned it towards him.

“Who do you want to call, or how do we reach your lawyer?” She asked as he looked uninterested.

He let out a sigh and closed his eyes briefly as he rested his back. His eyes opened and he stared silently at the Agent for a while. He then placed his cuffed hands on the table like he wanted to pick the phone but pushed it gently back to her instead.

“I don’t need a lawyer,” he said in a tired tone. “Just take me to court and sentence me already.”

“We can get a lawyer for you if you want, Kane,” Evelyn offered.

“Even with a damn lawyer, there’s nothing anyone can do to get me out of here. You guys have the proofs against me, I’ve got no argument. I’m certainly going to jail for a long time even if I get the best lawyer.”

“But that’s not what I want for you, Kane,” Evelyn said in a calm voice and leaned forward, looking straight into his eyes. “I’ve spoken with a lot of guys we caught working for the Wolves and I understand perfectly how most of you were pulled into it against your wish. You have a family to take care of and being behind bars is something I don’t want for you.”

He sighed and shook his head like he didn’t believe anything the Agent was saying.

“I know it might not be possible to escape jail totally but I can help you reduce your term if you cooperate with us,” Evelyn continued. “If you remained silent, you’ll spend nothing less than thirty-five years in jail, by the time you’re out, your kids will no longer recognize you and your wife would have moved on. You’ll be wasting thirty-five long years here, Kane.”

Evelyn paused and rested her back for a moment, waiting for her words to sink into him. After more than thirty seconds, she leaned forward again.

“I can help you reduce your term to ten years if you cooperate with us,” she continued. “It could even go down to five years if we get enough useful information to fight the Wolves from you.”

She paused again to see the expression on his face and could tell that she was breaking him already. “Tell us all you know, Kane. And I will help you reduce your term.”

He sniffed in and also leaned forward again.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know anything,” he replied.

“You were the head of the department, Kane. The products were packaged under your supervision and you even tried to stop our officers from checking the bags. It means you knew what was in it.”

“That’s all I know,” Kane continued. “I was contacted to help them transport the devices and I got paid for it. I was supposed to get a balance if the FOX didn’t nab us.”

“Who contacted you to help transport the explosives?”

Kane raised his brows. “You have him already, Daysman.”

“For how long have you known Daysman and how long have you been planning this with him?”

“I’ve known him for years but we never had any connection until recently, he discussed it with me and offered a huge sum of money.”

“And was that the only thing that brought you in?”

Kane closed his eyes and turned his face down for a moment.

“Did he threaten you with anything?” Evelyn asked again.

He looked up quickly and squinted at her face.

“You have to tell me the whole truth if you want me to help you,” she said to him.

“Yes,” he replied. “I don’t know how but he got to find out I stole some money from the company. So, he threatened to release the proofs if I didn’t help him. We agreed to do it only once,” he explained.

“When exactly did he start discussing the deal with you?”

“A month ago.”

“Where did you meet to have the discussion?”

“We discussed mainly on phone,” Evelyn replied. “He didn’t come to the office, not for once until they brought in the items some days ago to couple them.”

Evelyn stared at him silently for a while. “Tell me, what else do I need to know?”

“That’s all, trust me except you want to know how much I stole from the company?” He sounded convincing.

“No,” she shook her head. “That’s not necessary for now,” she replied and took in a breath. She picked her phone from the table and rose to her feet. “You’ll get a lawyer by tomorrow and I would also speak with you tomorrow. Take care.”

One of the prisons staffs stepped in from the exit door to take the prison out while Evelyn proceeded through the other way.

The junior agent moved close to her as she stepped out through the door.

“We have to confirm all he has said,” she said to the agent. “I need to get all his call records for the past two months, his bank transactions, and every other information you can get.”

“Alright ma,” the agent replied and they both walked away to their respective offices.


Evelyn had almost forgotten about the note she found on her table earlier until she got back to her office. There was another note waiting for her. She picked it up to read even without sitting first.

You changed your mind and turned back. I could have as well changed my mind about meeting you and walked to the Chairman to show him my proof but I need us to work on something together. I’ll give you another opportunity to meet at the same place tomorrow. If you don’t show up, I’ll walk straight to the Chairman.

Evelyn heaved a sigh on reading the note. It was certain the person was watching her closely to have known she was coming to the restaurant before changing her mind. It was also possible that they were more than one threatening her, it could be the two forensics agents she had seen that night. Maybe they finally recognized her.

She was still deep in thoughts when someone cleared his throat behind her. She turned back to see Steve standing right behind.

“Is that something I can see too?” He asked casually, referring to the note in her hand.

“No, “ Evelyn replied sharply and smiled. She folded the note and kept it in her pocket. “It’s just a drug recommended by a doctor.”

“What’s wrong with you, Evelyn?” Steve seemed worried.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” she said and turned to the other side of the table to sit.

“You don’t look so,” Steve sat on the visitor’s seat and faced her. “You can tell me if anything is wrong, I can help you request leave.”

“No, I don’t need a leave right now. We have so much at hand,” Evelyn replied.

“But, you can only work if you’re well.”

“Thanks for your concern, Agent Steve,” Evelyn smiled. “But I think I’m sure I’ll be fine after taking the recommended drugs.”

Steve sighed and gave up trying to convince her. “Well, if you say so.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“So, how was the interrogation?”

“I don’t know if I got him yet,” Evelyn answered. “He said he was contacted only recently by Daysman and it was supposed to be a one-off deal. If that is true, it would mean we can’t get anything from him.”

“That’s a lie,” Steve retorted. “That bleeping guy pointed a gun at me.”

“I know, he said Daysman gave him that recently.”

Steve let out a wry smile.  “I trust you will get the truth out of him right?”

“Yeah,” Evelyn answered. “I’m digging up details on him already and I’m sure we would find more incriminating details.”

Steve nodded his head in agreement.

“So, how did it go with Daysman?”

“The bleeping Nigga ain’t saying anything.”

“But he’s got his lawyer there already.”

“Yes, and that lawyer seems to make it more difficult.”

“We don’t expect him to break easily. With time, he would.”

“Certainly,” Steve nodded in agreement.

There was a moment of silence before Steve spoke again.

“If you’re feeling unwell or there’s anything else you need to tell someone, I’m always here for you.”

“Thanks,” Evelyn smiled. Her phone vibrated on the table at the same time.

He nodded with a smile and got up to his feet. “I’ll see you later,” he said before walking away.

She smiled at him and watched him go before picking her phone to check the message. It was from an unknown number.

It’s Henry. Can I call you now?

She clicked on the box immediately and began to type a reply.

I need to step out of here, I’ll call you in five minutes

She got up immediately after sending the text and headed for the restroom.


“Hello, what the heck happened? I tried to reach that other line a few hours ago,” she said into the phone immediately Henry answered.

“I’m on transit but I may also need to change this number soon. Is there anything I have to know?” Henry answered her.

“Yes, there is. Are you on your way to Bethanna?” She asked.

“Maybe,” Henry replied. “I may come into Bethanna soon but I need to settle something first. I don’t know how long it will take me.”

“Okay, I got a note from an anonymous person today.”

“What note?”

“Someone claims they know I was the one who wiped off the prints from the items. I was asked to meet up at a location for a deal.”

“When are you to meet up?”

“About an hour ago.”

“Did you go?”

“I wanted to but I changed my mind.”

“Don’t go, no one could have recognized you.”

“How sure are you? So, why was the note on my table?”

“It was from the Wolves, they’ve been able to identify you as one of those I could reach. That makes you a target for them. They’re trying to trap you.”

“So, what should I do? I got a second note few minutes ago. It’s obvious someone is watching me. They knew I was on my way there.”

“Yeah, that confirms that it’s a trap. You mustn’t go.”

“What do I do? What if they truly have proof to show to the Chairman?”

There was silence for a few seconds.

“Can you duplicate those letters?”

“Duplicate them?” She sounded confused.

“Yes, duplicate them and leave copies on the table of every female Agent deeply involved in the case as you?”

“Why? Wouldn’t that be a mess? What if I get caught?”

“Why didn’t you catch the one who dropped the note on your table?” Henry asked.

“I haven’t checked the video feeds yet and I can’t go ask for the footages because it would raise suspicions,” She replied.

“Well, Uhm… I think we should do this another way. Send me the exact words in the note and phone numbers of all the female agents involved closely with you.”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Cause some confusion to disrupt their plans,” Henry answered.


“Trust me, Evelyn. It will go well.”

Evelyn took in a deep breath and remained silent for a while.

“Okay, I’ll send you the numbers but what should I do after that.”

“Wait until tomorrow morning, you’ll know what to do.”

“Are you sure I’ll be able to reach you tomorrow?”

“I would reach you if you can’t get in touch with me.”

There was another moment of silence.

“Do you have a second plan for me? In case I get caught.”

“Yes, I do. I’ll discuss that with you later today.”


“Hey! Where were you?” Steve asked Evelyn. He was just stepping out of her office while she was walking towards the place.

“Erm… I just stepped out not long ago.”

“Yeah, I was with you a couple of minutes ago. Was surprised to return and not find you in.” he stopped and looked at her for a while. “From the restroom again?”

“Why are you back here, Agent Steve?” She asked, clearly dodging his question.

He stared at her silently for a while, looking like he wasn’t ready to change the topic until she answered his question.

“Since you won’t tell me what’s happening with you, you need to come with me right away,” he said and proceeded forward immediately.

“What’s happening?” She followed behind him. Anxiety crept into her mind slowly as she wondered where Steve was taking her to, he sounded serious.

“Simon Perry was found dead in the UK, with a white nurse, and Doctor Alan who used to work with the FOX some years ago.”

“What the heck!”


Benuit, Bethanna

“She didn’t come to meet me,” the voice sounded through Hutton’s phone speaker.

“Keep an eye on her,” Hutton replied. “If she doesn’t take this bait, we have other means to bring her down totally.”

He ended the call after that and walked to the door to see who was there. After confirming through the peephole, he opened it and stepped aside for Kahn to walk in.

“What the hell is happening, Hutton? I’ve been calling you for hours now and your phone is not connecting,” Kahn blasted.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you. I changed my number,” Hutton replied after closing the door.

“You changed your number?” Kahn faced him and narrowed his gaze at his face.

“Yes, you should change yours too,” Hutton replied. “Remember, Daysman is in jail now and anything can happen.”

Kahn sighed. “What’s the news about the bleeping Agent Evelyn?”

“She’s yet to take the bait?”

“F***!” What the heck is going on? We can’t trap a simple young Agent anymore?”

“Relax man, this young simple Agent has worked and is currently working with Carl Winston. He must have taught her a lot.”

“And does that mean we won’t be able to use her in anyway?”

“Look here, Kahn. Whether or not she takes our bait, she’ll die gruesomely to pay for stepping in to destroy our plans. I’ll get our men after her and she can’t escape.”

“And are we not supposed to get to Carl through her?”

Hutton moved closer to him. “You’re talking like you don’t know everything we’ve got in store. You seem to have lost confidence in what we’re doing. Can’t you trust me, Kahn? I’ve got this under control.”

“No, you don’t, Hutton. You just lied that you changed your phone because Daysman got arrested but I know that isn’t why,” he said staring blankly at Hutton in the eyes. Hutton was also staring back at him. “You changed it because you’re afraid the UK Police will link Rex Morris to you if he’s eventually caught.”

“Come on, Kahn,” Hutton shook his head. “Rex Morris doesn’t have a bleeping clue of where I am in Bethanna. He can’t tell the UK police anything about me. Rex would be struggling to get back to Bethanna as soon as he can and when he does, we’ll execute our best plan to ki*ll Carl Winston.”

“You’re sure Rex can ki*ll Carl? Even though he’s still recovering?”

“No, Rex hasn’t recovered yet. He might not be able to face Carl with his strength but remember Carl loves Rex like a brother? It won’t be a battle of the outward strength, it will be a battle of inner strength. And if we can’t ki*ll Carl as his enemies, the one who Carl loves will ki*ll him”