Restless Prologue


It’s full of crazy action, only read if you are not feebleminded.

Starts on This Monday


Carl is restless. It’s more than twelve months after the death of his wife and child but it remains so fresh in his mind and he is desperate in his hunt for peace.

He ignores Sheila’s love, hoping to get an opportunity to reciprocate it after he finds peace but this makes his eyes closed to who Sheila really is. When is he going to discover Sheila?

He returns to Bexford to find and get back at those who made him a widower, those who destroyed his family and that of his friend Rex, but the situation is more complicated than he thinks. It is going to be the most difficult task in his life, because he would have to fight those who should have helped him to make it easier. Will his well built body and trained fists help him in this war? How would he overcome the other trained experts and the enemies as one man?

Carl is Restless! He’s furious and desperate in his hunt for peace! He goes hard but they also come hard on him. He goes wild but the enemies are wilder than you can imagine. Will this restless man ever find peace? And will victory in the war bring him peace?

Perhaps the peace he’s searching desperately for is right under his nose.

Find out more in RESTLESS – The Hunt For Peace starting on Monday