®She’s not properly dressed, no scarf, instead of you to preach to her, you are shouting “WOW!!! you look sexy…. Brother u are part of the problem. #Repent
®A preacher said “if you know what I know, you’ll laugh less and cry more. Does that ring a bell in our head? do we have to see b4 we believe? 
® I want to have money, I want to marry a beautiful wife, I want marry a handsome guy, I want to buy a nice car, I want to build a big house, is that all we think about? We will all die & leave all these. Vanity. 
® You think regret is when u did not marry the man u wanted, or did not study d course u liked? NO! Regret is you reaching the grave without enough good deeds. Vanity #Repent
®Rich, poor, pretty, ugly, slim, fat, literate, illiterate, white, black, pastor, player, King, slave, NDC, NPP, DEATH does not care who u are, when its time, you are going” #Repent
® Someone is dead & you are alive, someone is sick & u are healthy, someone is lost & you are guided, why then are u sad coz someone is rich & you are poor? why are you ungrateful? Thank God. 
®Oh boy! Oh baby!! see Benz, Chai see house, damn! see that babe” Bros the world is just a play & illusion, its beauty doesn’t last, don’t be carried away, seek. Seek first HIS Kingdom. #Repent
®Wisdom, people will be naked, but the fear of judgement will not allow u look, have that fear now and stop asking, uploading or downloading nude pictures. #Repent
Jesus is not coming now, I go Repent before then. Abi??? Bro/Sis,  if you die tonight your judgement has started. #Repent!
®She wasn’t your wife, you had sex with her, she became pregnant, you made her abort. Illegal relationship + murder #Repent
®Body no be firewood ” Seriously? Is that why you commit Sin? You no know say na de same body dem go carry do firewood 4 hell? Don’t allow yours to be among. #Repent.
®Anyone who is not your husband and wanna have sex with you walai! he’s ur enemy, his love is fake, no true love will want u 2 go 2 hell and miss Heaven #Repent
®You never shed tears even once while reciting scriptures but Films dey make u cry, Hmmm check yourself. #Repent
®Eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, concealer, blusher, powder, if u like do plastic surgery, if your heart is bad, you’re dead ugly. #Repent
®If u’r not ready u can postpone your wedding date, graduation date, election date, but u can never postpone your death date, always be ready. #Repent
®If you don’t respect your parents, your life go bend, and you might end up in hell. #Repent!
®I have a meeting! I have meeting!! Is that why u rush your prayers. Noooo! Dont disrespect God. Dont take Him for granted too.
Thanks for your attention