Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 2


Alex became woozy when he heard Kate saying that the ringing bell tried to tell him about the dead body he found in the heart of the forest. So he walked towards the television set and drank more of the alcoholic drink. He suddenly turned to Kate again and said,

“What concerns me with a dead body who i don’t even know?”

“I don’t know, Alex but…” Kate moved closer to him. “I think we should forget about this. It means nothing” she added hoping it sounds convincing because she didn’t want him to get worried over it. That wasn’t what she expected for a happy morning, so she walked into the kitchen again and came out with cooked noodles.

“Breakfast is ready” she announced. :

Alex was just a junior staff in Remedy Bank Of Africa (RBA). It had not been long he was employed so he tried his best to be punctual, effective and productive. He loves his job and was willing to do anything to keep it because he suffered and struggled not only to get it but also to get to the level he is.

He was ready to do away with anything that would make him descend from that position instead of ascending to another one regardless who or what the thing is.

He walked into the bank wearing a black plain trouser and longsleeve shirt which he tucked in. After the shirt was a black suit with his ID card dangling by the side.

He reached the door of his office and tried to open it but it stocked. He shook it with force yet the door refused to open. When he finally pushed it opened, he observed something: it seemed to him as if he had done something like that before in the past, so he stopped and looked around the office. Nevertheless, he walked straight to his chair, booted the computer before him on the table and tried to open-up a file but several papers fell down from it. There was also a half-drank bottle of water on the table which he left the previous day.

As he bent to pick up the papers, his cell phone fell down too and broke open.

“My God, what is all this!?” he shrieked and ignored everything touching his beards silently. He couldn’t figure out what was happening. Just then, a fellow female worker, Glory, entered with a big file in her hand. After glancing at the nasty floor, she saw Alex lost in thought. She was totally fair in complexion with a transparent pair of eyeglasses on her face having a Brazilian hair. She also wore a black trouser and suit.

“Alex?” Glory called enthusiastically then Alex came back to his senses.

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“Hi, good morning” he greeted and began to park the papers and his broken phone immediately.

“Are you okay?” Glory stepped forward and sat on a chair opposite him.


“I don’t think so. What happened?” she pleasingly queried. Alex exhaled heavily after picking the papers and said,

“I struggled to open the door, papers fell on the floor, when i tried to pick them, my cell phone fell down too and got broken then i went deep in thought. That’s what happened” he explained without a single smile.

“What were you thinking?” Glory queried again.

“It doesn’t matter”

“Oh.. I see. Sorry for that anyways”

“Thanks. What can i do you for?”

“Just sign this document for me”


Glory walked to Alex, stood beside him and placed the file that contained the document on the table before him. After he signed it, dropped the pen and tried to hand over the file to her, he mistakingly fell the bottle-water whose water soaked the document very well.

“Christ!” Glory flung the document up immediately while Alex took up the bottle-water instantly.

“I’m sorry” he apologized.

“You are sorry?”

“Yes, I’m..”

“Alex, you are not yourself!” Glory interrupted angrily. “Do you know the consequences of what you’ve just done? The manager needs this document now and believe you me, he won’t take it likely to see it damaged like this!” Just after she lamented, Alex began to hear the sound of the bell again. So he stood up swiftly staring at Glory.

“Can you hear that?”


“The bell”

“What bell?”

“Glory, listen carefully its ringing!”

Alex held her two shoulders and shook it vigorously but Glory stared at him as if he had gone bonkers.

“I’m not insane” he added.

“The first time i checked, you weren’t but you are proving to be now. Let’s see how the manager will react to this scene you’ve just created” Glory walked out. Yet the bell never stopped ringing..


Kate had left to her mother’s and joined her in the kitchen. Mrs Nancy Ethen, the mother, was in her early fifties. She had a husband, Ethen Williams, who had gone for a business trip.

“You never told me you’ll be sleeping over at Alex’s” Mrs Nancy told her daughter.

“I’m sorry, mum” Kate apologized.

“Remember he’s not your husband yet, you are just his fiancee”

“I know mum”

“How’s he doing?”

“Fine but..” Kate paused and looked at her mother. “Mum, something happened to him this morning” she said while the mother looked at her too.. :

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