Red Apple – Season II – Episode Seven (7) – “Mockery Gone Bad”


I had a second visit; I thought It was the Lawyer, Emefa, coming to give me an update. I was escorted out to the visitor’s area only to see Ruth and my daughter waiting for me.


She was the last person I expected to see and I wondered what she was doing there after all she had done. She still had the guts to show up, to mock me I guess. Anger was written all over my face as I set my eyes on her. If not for the authorities I would have grabbed her and strangled her to death and that would have made matters just worse for me.


Then again, I saw my daughter, Emefa. I wanted to hold her but I was ashamed that she was seeing her father in handcuffs. She even feared to come close to me, so I had no option than to watch her from a distance. Here I was, sitting right opposite Ruth and my daughter. She looked at me as I stared angrily in her eyes. I knew she could tell from my looks that I was so angry at her.


She just shook her head and placed on the table a basket containing a bowl of soup with meat in it. What was she trying to do? I asked myself. I then turned around to look at the guard to check if she will stop her and I guess she noticed it. Usually, such things were not allowed at a holding cell, so I wondered why she was treated exceptional.


“Don’t worry, I have the permission, you can eat here while you and I have a conversation” She said.  Eat her food! That would have been the last thing I would have done. It was because of her unfaithfulness that Iwas in there by the way. She was the one who even called the cops in on me and now there she was with a meal. As hungry as I was, I declined and I could tell from her looks that she was upset.


“Hmm, I understand if you refuse my food, but at the end of the day you need to eat something” She said.


“Why should I trust you to eat your food? Give me one good reason” I asked her. Then suddenly she took the spoon and started drinking the soup.


“I’m still your wife, I won’t poison you” She said and placed the spoon down. Trust me, from where I sat, the soup looked very appetizing but my anger wouldn’t let me, I was even beginning to hate Ruth.


“How is she?” I said refereeing to Emefa.


“As you can see, she is well, Selorm, how are you?” She asked me. I was surprised to see her that sober, having asked that, she placed her hand on mine but I quickly took my hand away. I completely ignored her as if she didn’t even exist. I saw that she was getting irritated with my actions then she suddenly busted out. She knew that the only way to get me feeling guilty and sorry for myself was to say things that would make me realise the wrong thing I did.


“Murderer, I can’t believe I had a murderer like you for a husband” She continued. Saying this right in front of my daughter broke my heart. Tears rolled down my cheeks as she continued lambasting me. She then took the ring off and placed it on the table.


“We are done, Selorm, and expect to sign divorce papers at my next visit, and that will be the last time you will set eyes on me and Emefa” She continued. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I just bowed down my head and asked the guard to take me back to the cell but she was far from getting finished.


“Oh, you are not going anywhere Selorm, tell you what, I don’t regret it, I enjoyed doing it. I loved Eugene, He was the one that made me happy not you and you took the love of my life away from me. Trust me, if given the chance, I will do it and do it over again. I hate you” She shouted.


“Ruth, stop this” I said.


“No, one more thing, I want you to feel the pain that you are making me feel now Selorm. I was ready to go to the ends of the world with my Eugene, he was my world and I’m glad he took her out of the way before you could find out, I have already had my revenge Selorm, I killed for him, I poisoned your Emefa. I saw her die and I was happy about it.” She said.


She was talking to my hearing, the guard was far away to even hear what she was saying. But she just spoke too much.


“Good job Ruth, that’s enough evidence for me to press charges against you” Lawyer Emefa said. I didn’t notice when she came in, all I saw was that she was standing right behind Ruth with her briefcase listening to everything she was saying.