Presidential Villa Episode 4

The next morning, he was in his office when Jack announced to him that the crew were ready. He removed his reading glasses and kept it on his desk. He was correcting one or two grammatical errors from the speech, immediately he stood up with a sigh as he walked pass Jack. Soon they arrived at the room and Jack waited just outside the door as usual, the room was dark and the camera light flashed him from where he sat.
“Ready sir?” The cameraman said, and he nodded. “One, two, three. Go.” the cameraman said and he began.
“Good morning, my fellow Nigerians___”

Mahmoud ran to his parents bedroom and switched on the tv that hung on the vast yellow colored wall with English and Nigerian paintings. Some were on the ground, by the small desk where his father always read his newspapers.

“When will you learn to knock?” Kemi scolded.
“I’m sorry mother, but the President is on, he’s addressing the nation.” Mahmoud announced.

Sola shifted to the brim of the bed with shock. “What? Now? What channel?” He asked bemused.

“All seven of them.” Mahmoud answered and quickly pressed the remote again.

There he was, the President of Nigeria. He looked calm, strong, focused, and also good looking even though he’s clicking 57 next week. “I and my family are safe. Yes, no one knows how the poison got into my drink. But know this, no one will come after the President of the nation and goes scot free, investigations are going on and you will have feedback soon.” He paused and continued. “I’ve seen the videos on the Internet, and the stories written there. It’s all a farce, don’t let the Internet woo you into believing things that aren’t TRUE.”
“But who would want to poison the President.” Mahmoud asked with folded hands, still watching the tv.

“I wonder, it’s very confusing. No one was supposed to disrupt the party.” Sola muttered.
“What do you mean?” Kemi asked from the back and he turned to her with a worried look.

“Nothing, I’m just saying.”

“This thing is still confusing and scary. A man like Mr Adewale is very hard to come by in this political period we are today. Especially as a President. Such kind and caring man.” Mahmoud commended.

“Son, no matter how nice you are, there’s definitely someone out there that you don’t know of, who hates and despises you. You don’t have to be rich or poor, it’s just the way of life.” He sounded serious as they shared an understanding look.

“I can’t wait for my wife to come later today. Or I’ll go and visit the Adewales and offer our own part of the___”
“Wa. out of my room!” Kemi said, urging him out.

“But mother I haven’t finish.” He said.
“You can finish it outside,” she collected the remote from him and threw it on the table. “Next time you should learn how to knock before you barge into someone’s room.” Kemi finished and slammed the door at his face.

Walking to the bathroom by the corner of the room, she saw the same worry on Sola’s face again. He was deep in his thoughts. “Is everything alright?” She asked standing beside the door with a hand placed on the wall. “Sola!”
“Mm,” he jumped in shock as he came out of his thoughts. “Yes. Yes. Everything is fine.” He answered.


The President was sitting at his desk in his office, listening to the news on the tv. “The manager remained sensitive to the plight of the workers__” he muted the sound of the tv when he heard a knock on the door. It was his daughter.

“Morning dad,” she went in with a pretty smile, her face is like a sunbeam. But he knew she wanted something. When last did she visited him in his office? He can’t remember, she has never.

“Good morning my dear, how was your night?” He replied quickly with his hands on some papers spread on top of his desk.

“It was fine. Um, daddy.” She called. Her face squeezed like a toddler who is about to cry.

“Yes my darling,” he answered. “What is troubling you?”

“Mahmoud is coming to visit us today and I’d like to go back home with him.” She requested.

He laughed a bit and leaned closer in his chair. “Of course sweetheart, nobody is holding you here against your will,” he added. “At first, it was for your own safety, but if you want to go back with your husband then, it’s fine. I’ll have some guards escort you back home safely.”
“Yay! Thank you so much daddy. You’re the best.” She jumped to the other side of the desk to hug me.

“ti o gbà mi ọwọn. I’d like to get back to what I was doing, if that is all.” He requested.
“Sure. No problem.” She walked to the other side and went for the door. She busted into her brother on the way.

“Since when do you come to father’s office?” He looked bemused.

“Since now.” She walked away.

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He shook his head and walked into the vast office with red rug carpet. He noticed that the paintings on the wall was changed of recent to a milky color and his father’s photograph hung on the wall, the Vice President, Chief Justice of Nigeria, and other high officials. “I like what they have done with the place.” He commented as he spin his head from side to side.

“I thought milk was unique. And I got tired of seeing the same old color everyday.” Mr Adewale joked and offered his son to sit. “Have a seat.”

Jake did and they both looked serious, the matter which brought him was a serious and secret one. So they lowered their voices as they both leaned to face each other, then they spoke in hushed tones. “We found the disk under her bed.” Jake said.
“And where is it?” Mr Adewale whispered.

“I personally destroyed it. There’s nothing that links you to her anymore.” Jake whispered back.
Mr Adewale sighed strongly and asked if he was sure of what he’s saying and Jake assured him that he had discreetly handled the disk of the tape Gloria had made when he was making love to her. “It’s such a sad thing she died like that.” Mr Adewale sounded guilty for a minute.

“No! It’s best that she’s gone. Now we can focus on the other tasks at hand.” Jake said.

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The Vice President kept pacing back and forth in front of the eight gentlemen and a woman that sat in the long curved table. Some are ministers, senators, and governors. “I ask again. Who tried to disrupt my sons wedding party!”
“We did what you asked,” one said. “You wanted us to help you erase the President from history.”
“Yes. But that was then. Now I have changed my mind.” Sola said.

“I’m sorry but it can’t be undone. Do you even listen to yourself? This was the same man you wanted dead since the day he won the elections. What changed?” A Senator asked.
“That same man has become my in law, my son is married to his daughter for christ sakes.” Sola rose his voice.

“We are sorry, it’s such unfortunate that you let that happen. But wether you like it or not, President Adewale must go,” the man in the middle spoke. “And we will continue this agenda, with or without you.”
“I don’t want the Presidency anymore.” He submitted.

“You don’t. But someone does. And, let me ask you this Mr Vice President. Did you really think we were really going to give you the seat? No! You have proven weak over the past months and that showed us that you can’t keep up with the task any longer.” A woman at the extreme end by the left said.
“At least, reconsider.” He pleaded.

“It’s for the better-ness of the country. But if you’re so keen on sparing your enemy’s life, then you should take it up to General Tukur.” The woman said again.
“What does the General have to do with this?” Sola was confused.

“You think you’re the only one in this? She laughed. “No Sola, there are a lot more people who want the President dead and gone as well.” She said with a serious expression, and he sighed. What had he put himself into? He thought to himself. The matter was now out of his grasp and control, he never knew there were others who wanted the same thing he had wanted. But now that he has changed his mind about the whole coup thingy, will the others? He asked himself. He needs to confront a General he never knew had a hand in this. After pacing back and forth again one last time, he left quickly.

To be continued