Presidential Villa Episode 14

Kemi’s eyes followed Victoria from side to side as she kept touching and admiring some of her jewels. “But to be honest with you, I never tried that again.” Victoria said, sniffing a perfume she took from the table.
“Okay, so what do I do. Because seriously I’m feeling haunted.”
“Haunted how?” Victoria glanced back. “If it’s about what you did, then don’t. I mean, you did it for the country right. And most of all, you did it to put a very bad man in a place that he belongs. So literally, it isn’t your fault, none of it would have happened if wale and your husband hadn’t given me stone ears.”
“So, I shouldn’t tell him what happened?” Kemi asked.
“Yes,” Victoria walked to her. “Because nothing happened, Jack is going to keep his mouth shut, you are too,” she sniffed the liquid green perfume in her hand. “I’m taking this home with me.”


Mahmoud had arrived at the villa to take his wife home that evening. The house was empty, it echoed back as he called her name. Sitting on a chair, he heard footsteps, he looked up and saw his wife and Wasila descending down together. “Whoa!” He laughed briefly. “Where are you taking all of this?” He glanced at the clothes, story books, towels, and even toys that Wasila was holding.

“I’m taking them home with me.” She shrugged.

He laughed again. “But you don’t need all this.” He said.
“I know I don’t, but she does.” She replied with a soft tap on her flat tummy.

“Right,” he cocked his head and added. “But these are your stuff and they’re a little old for this generation, don’t you think. We can buy new ones.”

“Yes, and add them to this one.” She had a smiled

“Alright, if you insist.” He never won an argument over her.


Peter was used as bait for the people that would come and pick him up that morning. He stood by the road and just as expected, a black Mercedes pulled over close to him and he entered.
“Stay as far away as possible, I hope Peter knows what he’s supposed to do.” Mr Adewale said from the backseat.

“He does sir,” Jack replied looking at the side mirror. “I kind of threatened him.” He added and they laughed.

Just as they were busy talking, the car came to a halt in a corner, it was a quiet place. “Okay, that’s it! I’ve had it with this dude, he’s playing us.” One said angrily as he went out of the car.

“You should stay in the car sir,” Jack glanced back with a cock of his AK47.
“Like that’s going to happen.” He said and went out. And they walked slowly to the place and squatted next to a dumpster. Jack walked up to the one in the lookout and knocked him out, the next one was pointing a gun at Peter and Jack loved as Peter shivered. Just then he held the man’s arm and gave him a blow to the face and he lied down flat.

“You should see how scared you looked, you can get yourself into trouble but won’t be able to save yourself. I hope you didn’t pee in your body.” Jack mocked him as he picked the two men’s guns. “It’s clear.” He said and the president came out from hiding.
“Are you okay Peter, I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to mislead them.”

“I’m fine sir.” Peter wiped the hot sweat on his forehead with a glance at Jack who had smiles all over.
They finished there and went back to the villa to strategize their next plan, they also took the men along with them. One was tied up and the other was made to call his boss. Miraculously, they found out he was related to Gen Tukur himself. It made things much easier for them. It was finally time to capture General Tukur.

The plan was for the man to call his uncle and tell him to meet him somewhere off the grid because he was being followed. “How about that boy” Gen Tukur asked.
“He’s taken cared of, there’s nothing to worry about.” He answered.

“Good. Alright, I’ll meet you tomorrow morning. Just stay out of sight of the police.” Gen Tukur ended the call after, he couldn’t wait for the next day.

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The general went to meet him at the place he was told to. Not knowing it was surrounded by the police and soldiers. “I came alone because I didn’t want to raise any suspicion.” He said approaching his nephew and hugged him.
“That’s good. So, why did you suggest I meet you here?”
“I want you to stop all the evil plans you have against the president and this nation.” Those words weren’t exactly what Tukur was expecting.
“Excuse me!” They definitely hit him by surprise. “What’re you talking about?”

“I’m saying, if you stop all these, then the authority doesn’t need to arrest you.”
“No! How dare you say this to me. After everything I did for you. I’ll not stop until I see Adewale dead and this country crawling on its knees.” He said.

“You really won’t stop, will you?”

“That’ll be over my dead body or when I’m behind bars.” He said.

“Okay. I tried my best to convince you to see the bright side but the hate you have for your own country has consumed you whole.”
“And where are you going?” He asked as the man passed him.

“He’s standing by the side to enjoy the view of you getting arrested.” The President interrupted, coming behind a pillar with Jack.
“What is this!” Tukur turned to his nephew.

“I’m sorry, I have no choice. But this is the end.” His nephew replied.
“I’ll kill you!” Tukur shouted and shot him. Jack pushed the president back and the gun fight began.

The uniform men standing outside the uncompleted building rushed in when they heard multiple gunshots. They went in with full force and neutralized the situation but Tukur had disappeared.
“Where’s he?” The president asked.

“He must have escaped through the back.”
“Well find him!” He yelled at the officers and they scattered around the building in search of the General but he was far gone. “How’s he?” Mr Adewale looked down to jack.

“No pulse sir, he’s dead.” Jack confirmed as he touched Tukur’s nephew’s neck.
“Goddamn it!” The president said in a rare moment of candor.

General Tukur had escaped from their grasp and is nowhere to be found. The president kept it within a small circle because he knew the nation would be in panic if they were to be told someone so dangerous was in the wind. Mr Adewale hated himself for letting Tukur slip out of his hands like that, he knew he had only one shot and he had taken it. Now it’s Tukur’s turn and he knows he will strike back. Hard.
“How can you let such a thing happen? I thought you said you had everything under control.”

“I did.” Mr Adewale answered quietly.
“Then how come he escaped? They were police men all over the place, how did he manage to escape?” Victoria asked.

“Listen that shouldn’t be our worry right now, what we should be thinking of is how to find him.”
“I am worried. In fact, I’m very worried because it’s only God that knows what he’s going to do next_”

“Just calm down Bimpe.”
“How can I calm down when I don’t even know where my son is and it’s the middle of the night. How am I sure he’s safe?”
“Call him Bimpe. And besides, he’s an adult and he can take care of himself.”
“I can’t even believe you’re saying that to me.”

Mr Adewale stood up gently from the couch and headed inside, he was tired of her talks. He just wanted to focus on what to do next. Yes, he was also scared, but he didn’t have the leverage to show that to anyone. Especially not his wife who is already on panic mode.

To be continued