Presidential Villa Episode 10

Kemi jumped down from the cushion as she heard footsteps coming towards the sitting room. “Sorry for keeping you waiting,” the general stood with a cup of wine in his hand, he studied her carefully as she trembled gently in front of him. “Are you alright?”
“Of course. Never been better.” Kemi smiled anxiously and quickly collected the drink from his hand. He also noticed she was sweating. He then looked down and saw she had removed her heels. “Fine wine.” She rose the glass to him, and sighed deeply and moved her eyes to the tv. She hadn’t even placed the chip anywhere yet and the tension that was charging in the room was unbearable.


“I have to go in.” Jack said.

“No Jack, your order is to get her into the house safely and not get detected.” Mr Adewale said to the mic.
“What if she is in trouble sir?”
“We would know already, just give her time. Let’s see if she’ll pull through.”
“With all due respect Mr President, waiting is not my thing sir.” Jack said.

“I know Jack, waiting is always the hardest part. But easy does it, they say.” Mr Adewale replied and glanced at Sola.
Jack finally repaired the iPad and he could see what was happening inside the mansion. “Oh God!” He exclaimed.

“What is it? What happened?” Solar asked.

“Can you see anything?” Jack asked.

“No, we’re still blind here.” The computer operator answered and Jack sighed.

“What’re you seeing Jack?” Mr Adewale asked and he said nothing. “Well, what’s she doing now?” He asked.

“Oh nothing sir, everything is going according to plan.” Jack said as he continued watching them having sex. “This is going to take longer than I thought.” He said to himself.


Kemi rushed out of the house and almost startled Jack as she banged on the window to open the door for her. “Drive!” She said as she entered with rush.

“What about the chip?”

“I put it inside one of his suits, now just drive. Get me out of here!” She said.

“Yes ma’am.” He ignited the car and drove outside the mansion with speed.

On their way, Kemi looked to the window and back at Jack as he couldn’t stop looking at her even though he was driving. “What is it?” She asked.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she said and her eyes glanced at the iPad, she could see general Tukur’s residence and his bedroom too. “How__”

“Your secret’s safe with me.” He assured her and she sighed, putting her head gently on the windshield again.


They got back to the Villa an hour later, it was very late by then. The president and his vice cheered on the success. But the look on her face was on jack’s face too. Disappointment, that she did what she did for the country, so they could bring the enemies to their knees. But no one would understand that. Including her husband.


Jake had finished taking his bath the next morning when he heard a knock on his door. “Mum! Come in.” He said. She hadn’t been to his room ever since he turned twenty, some years back. He wondered what brought her now.

“So, I hear you and Taye are sleeping together.” Her voice shattered the quiet morning.

“Bisi, that stupid snitch!” He muttered inside.
“No need trying to know how I knew. I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere.” She tried to take away his suspicion on his sister for being the one who told her.

He leaned on his reading table with a smile on his face. “Really?”
“And why’re you smilling? This isn’t funny___”

“Yes it is, mum.” He interrupted.

“Aren’t you afraid I’m going to tell your father.” She said with wonderment.
“Oh, my father, yes. What do you think he will do about it? I mean, I got the habit from him, didn’t I?” He asked again.
“What’re you talking about bola? Since when did you start being rude to me, or talking about your father in this manner.”
Jake walked to his book shelf and brought out a video cassette and put it on his bed. “There, maybe when you know the truth, you will start treating me differently. You know it’s not everything I do, that is completely my fault.” He said and walked out, leaving her sited on the bed. She looked to the door and saw he was gone, then she slide her hand to the cassette and carried it.
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He bumped into his sister and her husband on his way. They were sitting close together with hands clasping tight. “There you are,” Jake walked up to them.

“Hi Jake, how’s it going?” Mahmoud greeted.
“I know what you did Bisi!” He said.

She put her legs down from the couch and sat well. “What did I do?” She asked.
“I know you told mum that I’m sleeping with Taye. How could you!” He scolded.

“Wait a minute,” Mahmoud took to his feet. “You’re sleeping with my sister?” He asked.
“You should sit back down, this is a family issue.” Jake pointed to the couch.

“My sister is involved, so it is my issue too__”
“I’m so sorry Bola, i said it out of anger. I didn’t mean to tell her.” Bisi said from where she sat and they both looked at her.
“Don’t apologize, it’s good you told the First Lady about it because he deserves to be talked some sense into. Hey listen! Mahmoud snapped his fingers. “Whatever you think you’re doing with my sister has to stop today, I’m warning you. Taye has a brighter future than you could ever imagine, don’t stain it like you stained yours.” Mahmoud warned with candor.

Jake refused to comply with Mahmoud’s terms and it got ugly, very fast. “Can we all calm down, certainly there’s a better way to settle this.” Henrietta walked up to them.
“Would you shut up!”
“Come on Bola, you’re taking this too far!” She rose her voice and Jake slapped her in reflex. She fell to the ground and hit her head on the floor, he didn’t know what came over him. He tried to reach for her and Mahmoud attacked him from behind.

“How dare you!” Mahmoud threw the first punch and Jake returned. Then the fight began in the sitting room.
“Help! Mum! Someone help!” Henrietta shouted.

The fathers were informed about the predicament, they all sat in the sitting room. “Thank you Wasila, you can go.” Henrietta said after she placed a bandage on her upper left eye. Then she glanced at everyone sitting quietly in the room.
“Who want to go first?” The president asked gently. Even though Sola told him Mahmoud had never lost his temper to that extent. He still wanted to hear the real story, what happened from the start.

“I overreacted. I’m sorry.” Jake said.
“You overreacted, you’re sorry,” his father imitated him. “That’s not good enough.”
“What do you want me to say!”
Mr Adewale stood up from his chair. “I want you to explain exactly what happened, and don’t you dare raise your voice at me boy!” His voice sounded like thunder.

“Take it easy dear.” Victoria held his hand.
He nodded his head and sat quietly, and sighed deeply before he said another word. “I am trying to put the country back together. But I can’t do that, because my family is at war with each other. How do you want me to stop the crisis happening outside this Villa if you’re busying fighting and punching each other like wrestlers.” The president finished.

“I got angry because Bisi__”
“I shouted and insulted him and he has warned me not to ever do that again.” Henrietta interrupted.
“Was that why he slapped you? Just like that?” Victoria asked.
“Yes mum. And I think I deserved it,” she said and everyone looked at her. “I’ve learnt not to disrespect my elders, no matter what. And Mahmoud was only trying to protect me, and that was why he punched Bola in the face.” She said quietly.

Mr Adewale glanced at his wife and cleared his throat. “Well, I don’t want to ever hear anything like this ever happen again. Is that clear.” He warned.
“Yes Mr President, I promise it won’t happen again,” Mahmoud added. “I’m sorry I punched you Jake.” He apologized.
“You punched me four times!” Jake said.
“Oh stop complaining, it’s not like he removed one of your eyes. You only have a broken nose, so you’ll live.” Bisi scoffed and he smiled.

To be continued