Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 3


“What” Helena asked “Who the hell is Dede, Danny? Helena questioned him.
Danny himself couldn’t believe that he had mentioned Dede’s name while having sexual intercourse with his wife. He just complicated issues. Now that he thought his wife was finally coming back to her senses; there he goes mentioning someone’s name. This would give Helena enough reasons to doubt him.
This quickly turned Helena off completely. She then got up and wore her nighty again. Danny felt very guilty for what just happened.
“Danny, will you answer my question? Who is Dede? She asked him again.
“Sorry dear, am really sorry, it shouldn’t have come out like that. Trust me am not cheating on you if that’s what you’re thinking” Danny tried explaining.
To Danny’s surprise, his wife was acting calm with this issue. That was unusual of her. Usually she would have busted out and yelled at him for calling her Dede. She could have even packed her belongings and left but she was totally different on that night.
She appeared more calm and more concern about Danny’s action. Danny felt she was really hurt and apologized for calling her by that.
“Am not accusing you of cheating Danny, I know I have been distant lately and this “Dede” may have been special to you for you to mention her name” Helena said
Her statement soften Danny more than he could imagine. He felt that, he needed to be honest to her considering the way she handled the whole thing.
“Let me be honest with you, Dede is a special person like you rightly said but there is nothing going on with both of us. I met her not long ago and honestly speaking she gave me a listening ear and nothing more. I’m really sorry. I know how this feels, but I’m truly sorry” Danny pleaded.
Helena took Danny by his hand while on bed; she then kissed his hand and looked into Danny’s eyes.
“I understand, it’s entirely my fault. I pushed you away and am really sorry about that too.” said Helena.
“Come on, let’s get over this issue. Come to bed” She continued.
Was it a miracle or what? What is happening? Danny was finding it hard to believe the reality of this. He had no option than to join her in bed like nothing ever happened or before she change her mind
Appiah didn’t go to Dede’s house as it was expected. He wanted to keep his distance after the confrontation he had with Joe earlier that morning. It seemed his job was more important to him than Dede herself. He went straight to his apartment and locked the door behind him.
Appiah was battling it out in his mind whether Ama was going to be discreet about what happened at the hotel after all the money that had been given to her. He knew he needed to do something to keep her mouth shut.
It was getting late; Dede was still awake waiting for Appiah to show up so she can go to sleep. After waiting for too long she picked up the phone and gave him a call.
Dede: “Appiah where are you, it’s getting late?
Appiah: “Sorry I didn’t tell you, but I can’t make it tonight, there is something you need to know. I will tell you in the morning”
Dede: “It’s about Joe right?
A text message from an unknown number came through while he was still on the phone with Dede. He got distracted by the text message that he just hanged up the phone call.
He then opened and read the text message which reads
Upon seeing the message, Appiah got frightened.
Early the next morning, Danny’s house was as peaceful as you can imagine. Helena had gotten Breakfast ready for the family and they all sat together at the dining table to eat their breakfast as a family.
For a moment, everything was beginning to be normal. Danny had smiles on his face throughout that morning until the doorbell rang.
Danny and Helena thought that it was the driver who always come to take Ishmael to school. Danny put Ishmael’s backpack on him, and together with his wife, Helena, walked their son to the gate to meet the driver.
Their expectations was wrong, It wasn’t the driver. Ama was standing at the door with a smiling face as she stood there and starred at Danny, Helena and Ismael.
To Be Continued Tomorrow.