“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 6


” Yes, my lady. He is and is with a son now ” Appiah said.
“I see” Dede said.
Somehow, she looked disappointed. She decided not to even call him back again.
Appiah noticed the look on Dede’s face and began taking advantage of it. She knew Dede so well and knew her soft spots. He knew how to even manipulate her and persuade her. He was just ready to use her weakness against her.
He came closer to her and said “Dede, I have been waiting for this time to tell you how sorry i am pertaining to what happened. I’m a changed man and i ask that you forgive me and take me back into your arms like we used to be.”
“Appiah, for how long will you keep doing this? You completely ignored me and now you expect me to believe you? What about Ama. I know you and how you easily move from one lady to the other. What about her? I know you going out with her. ” Said Dede
” Dede, i may be guilty for such things but I’m not going out with Ama. I know what you have done for me. Let me make amends. Let’s work things out and get married ” Appiah said this.
Marriage? Can he be serious? Never in the entire life span of their relationship has he ever spoken of marriage to Dede. Was he being real this time around? This gave Dede a different impression. She was somehow falling for this vague words from Appiah.
Meanwhile, Danny in his terrible state has gotten home. He met his wife and kid at the living room. Before he could even settle down, his wife began shouting at him.
“Where are you coming from at this time of the day? I called your office and was told you were not there,Dan? Where have you been? Danny’s wife, Mrs Helena Edusei shouted right in the presence of the child.
Danny didn’t answer her as he was heading straight into his room, however, his wife stood before the bed room entrance preventing Danny from entering.
“Tell me where you have been before i allow you to enter into this room” She yielded at him.
” Look woman, don’t forget that this is my house” Danny said
“It can belong to your dead father for all i care! You useless impossible man! If you think you gonna cheat on me and walk away freely, then you must be joking ” She said
She was completely over reacting. No one knows why she made such claims but from the look of things you could tell that Danny indeed was not a happy man. He was really going through hell in this marriage. The root for this whole quarrel here and there was not visible as at this moment.
For Helena to call his husband useless and accuse him of cheating, then there is more to be told.
Out of frustration, Danny went out of the house again as if that will make Helena stop, she kept on yelling at him.
” Walk away as you always do. You coward. You always afraid to face your problems. Walk away. I will be here waiting for you” she said and went back into the house as Danny drove away.
Back at the hospital, while Appiah and Dede were still waiting to see Rapha, Appiah was all of a sudden was trying to win back Dede’s heart.
It looked as if he had planned everything, as he took a ring out of his pocket and took Dede by hand.
Seems Appiah meant business this time.
“I have been waiting for this moment for days now and this ring has been on me where ever i go. Dede will you marry me? Appiah said.
They were interrupted by the return of the doctor from Rapha’s ward. He brought a shocking and unexpected news.
Rapha didn’t make it.
To be continued on 1st February 2016.


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