Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 8

Slowly , I began to pressurize Jeff to get me a new phone and on my twenty first birthday, he got me the latest version on the market.He told me not to always get intimidated quickly by what people did ;people like Inna and Cheryl.
” Its not about the type of phone you use Oleey, its not about that. Don’t shift your mind off the reason why you are here; which is to study dear “,I remember clearly Jeff’s words that day when he gave me that new phone.
I gave my old phone to Grace although mum was against it. But I talked mum out of it, I convinced her Grace wasn’t a little girl anymore.And with much persuasion, mum gave in.
I had the latest phone.I began to boast about it in class. I made Inna and Cheryl regret all they did to me.It was after Nicole confronted me about my behaviour that I disclosed what Inna and Cheryl had been doing to me.She got upset too like any good friend would do but told me that these girls behaviour shouldn’t have given me a reason to get a new phone.She got very disappointed I had to make Jeff get me a new phone but I wasn’t bothered since I felt I had achieved my aim and regardless of what Nicole said,I didn’t consider that.
My life on campus had began to change.I spent long hours with my phone rather than studies. I downloaded the latest app and I began to enjoy the use of almost all the social networks.
Nicole got worried and as usual promted me about it one day while we were alone in our hostel.
I was with my phone whilst Nicole sat next to the study table.
Nic: ” Rachel, frankly I really don’t like the way you are approaching this social media issue.It’s like it’s taking the better part of you.See Rachel, you missed Mr Ferguson’s class and no one misses that lectures class. Nic what’s come over you.
Rachel: Nicole, please, nothing has come over me.Is it that you just can’t stand seeing me use this phone or some thing. And who told you I don’t go for lectures. I really do so please don’t sit there blaming me for something you aren’t so sure of.
Nicole: Alright Rachel,if you say so but please be careful Rachel, please.
Rachel : I am Nic,so don’t worry .
Those were Nicole’s final words to me that day.
The truth,I was really enjoying campus life. I began to miss lectures and didn’t even have time to study.Nicole barely saw me in the hostel and I had barely enough time for serious studies.Nic and I didn’t do anything together any longer.
Mum and dad would call me and ask if we were okay and i would reply in the affirmative.

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Tried as Nicole did,she couldn’t get my mind changed ,she had complained to Jeff and as usual, he advised me which fell on deaf ears.
I soon had a BIS subscription ,at that moment i felt my life was complete. I no more visited the cyber cafés to check my emails, face book or twitter, I had it all at my finger tips, life indeed was complete, or so I thought. Anyway, I became addicted to my blackberry and also my social media applications,and since I had constant access, I gained enough followers in no time. Especially guys,mostly because I had lot of erotic pictures on my timeline.I was popular,finally I felt I was the main girl,everyone wanted to follow me,I didn’t care if it was virtual.It felt good, checking out my profile and having over eight thousand followers ,more than half which were guys.
But one particular guy caught my attention, ti this day,I don’t know what made him stand out,but we got chatty, he sent me direct messages and I replied, he was quiet a gentleman. I can’t remember him ever asking for a nude picture unlike the rest if them,so this made me comfortable with him.His name was Ariel, he said he was a doctor.
I didn’t have any cause to doubt him,he had extensive knowledge and even gave me some medical advice from time to time.We eventually moved from twitter to blackberry chats,we chatted all the time,I got so comfortable with him,I gave him my number, and that would come to the biggest mistake I ever made.
My mind began to drift always from Jeff.Ariel called me almost everyday not taking into consideration the fact that I was a student. Lectures had become history to me and I couldn’t recollect the last time I sat for a test.
Thoughts of Ariel got more into my head each passing day and he would call me and we would talk about all sorts of things.He had gained so much access into my head, I realised later I had done some very sick and twisted things just to please him.
I would take nude pictures of myself, I would send him nude videos of me , and all these while we had not met, not face to face. He made me do things I never thought possible.
Eventually,I played into his hands, I began pestering to meet him in person, at this point,I had lost my mind…..

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