Passion and Power – Thursday (26-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
David and Regina take Daniela to the rehabilitation home to get treatment and they do well to call Arturo and Nina to come over and Arturo arrives alone but Nina arrives with Eladio and whiles Arturo questions Nina one why she is with Eladio, David questions his dad on why he is with Nina and Nina thinks Arturo can’t question her on what to do with her life and Eladio explains things that he was only called to ask for his help and nothing else.
The doctor arrives to tell them that Daniela is now calm and so they can visit her one after the other and so Arturo goes inside and Daniela looking so down asks him if he is getting her out of the place because she promise not to take in drug again but Arturo thinks that will only help her since her situation looks critical but Daniela still wants to leave the rehab because staying there will only cause her to lose David to Regina but Arturo states that, it will never happen yet Daniela runs to Eladio to ask him to take her out of the Rehab but Eladio pleads with her to stay at the rehab to get cured and David also promises to not leave her ever and Regina goes hurt.
Erick and Regina thinks there is something going on between their mum and Eladio which Erick actually is not in support of it because Eladio is the enemy of their family but Nina tries to explain things to them that there is nothing going on but it’s a business friendship yet the two still disbelieve her.
Julia calls Franco to apologize to him for behaving so rude towards him for blaming him for the cause of a mistake of Eladio and Caridad and now she doesn’t want to hold anymore grudges and they both embrace each other.
Eladio tells his therapist that he now wants to acknowledge Franco now because the only reason for his pulling back on that was Julia and David but now that they have accepted Franco as part of the family, nothing prevents him from doing so.
David also thinks Eladio and Nina has a relationship but he clears things to him that, it is only business friendship and nothing else because he can never love any woman apart from Julia.
Arturo goes to thank Eladio for his support for Daniela. On the other hand, he tells Eladio he can now see he’s accepted defeat on Julia because now she loves him but Eladio says the only man Julia love is him so he shouldn’t deceive himself.
Eladio tells Julia he has accepted to recognize Franco and she thinks it’s a good idea. Julia sees that Eladio has also taken his ring off which she can truly tell now that he has forgotten her totally and Eladio says No and takes the ring out of his pocket to tell her that he still have the hope that one day they will come back together.
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