Ogechi And I Episode 41


​“Hi Jesusboy” Ogechi greeted.
“Hello. How are you doing?”
“I’m fine thank you. Where have you been all these while? I had expected to get a call from you. But when it took a while without getting one, I concluded we might never get to talk again for a very long while. Nevertheless, something really important has come up, and we need to talk”
“Alright. Go ahead. I have all the time in the world.”
“Not on the phone. We need to see and talk. That means you’ve got to come down to Oklahoma. I would have come over to Regina if you were still there. I’ve been communicating with Cynthia lately, and she told me you left after an argument you had with her, and she doesn’t happen to know where in the world you are. I could still come over if you tell me where you are.”
“Don’t worry Oge, I’ll just come over to Oklahoma. It’s not quite luxurious here, and I wouldn’t want to try fixing a square peck in a round hole.”
“Don’t be silly Jesusboy. We’ve come a long way. I would find my way through a rat hole to see you. But since you’ve chosen to come instead, we have to fix a date.”
“I was actually going to travel to Nigeria in four days’ time.”
“What? Please Jesusboy, we have to see before you travel. Were you planning on coming back to United States afterwards?”
“Not exactly.”
“Thank God I caught you before then. In that case, we have to make it as soon as possible. Tomorrow, to be precise.”
“Tomorrow? I’m not even prepared for a trip”
“If you can’t make it here tomorrow, then you have no choice but to tell me your location so that we can come over”
“We? You and who?”
“I, I meant to say I.”
“Ogechi, what’s up? Is there a problem?”
“No problems Jesusboy. So are you giving me your location or what?”
“Don’t worry; I’ll be in Oklahoma tomorrow”
“Promise?” she asked
“Promise” I replied.
I wondered what she wanted to tell me in such a hurry that couldn’t be spilled out on the phone. I got prepared for the trip and left for Oklahoma the next day. That was my second time of being in Oklahoma, and it was for the same purpose; to see Ogechi. On my last visit to her I had to disguise myself and hide among people, but this time around nothing like that was going to happen. I just wished there hadn’t been anything like the “renouncing” of our relationship; I would go there with a great joy. But no need to dwell on such thoughts since I couldn’t become a reality under any circumstances imaginable.
Ogechi gave me a big hug when I arrived at her house. We were careful not to involve our emotions in whatever we did in order not to arouse feelings that might mar us irredeemably. The radiance of her light skin did not go unnoticed though, but I just had to hold back my complements before one thing led to another. One thing never really led to another between us, but the fear of danger made me overly cautious of even the least of the things that could spell doom. 
We simply exchanged courtesy and humor as we made for the VIP, which was where she normally received top shots. I guess I was a top shot to her, even without attaining any enviable height in life per say. She offered me all she had to offer me, as we sat in that VIP discussing random topics for nearly an hour and half without getting any closer to what would seem like the reason for her inviting me over.
Then Ogechi inserted a CD into the home theater there and one of those jazz songs we used to listen to back in Enugu on rainy and cold nights started playing. That brought back the very memories that were supposed to remain indefinitely suspended, and triggered abominable desires. Was she trying to bring back the good old days? I asked myself. That would be a very dangerous thing to do and she knows it, so why would she even think of such?
 The light she saw in her dream may not have mentioned what would happen if we decided to get back together after Cynthia awoke from coma, but I’m pretty sure something would happen; something really bad. And I wasn’t going to risk finding out what would happen. So I braced myself and sat back, waiting for her next line of action.
“Do you remember this song?” She asked.
“Yeah, I do. Why are you playing it? You know you aren’t supposed to do anything that would endanger us don’t you?”
“C’mon Jesusboy, I’m not endangering anyone here. No matter what has happened, we still deserve to be happy don’t we?”
“We sure do, but not a kind of happiness that won’t last for long.”
“Don’t worry my dear. I know better than jeopardize our lives. I just want you to take your mind back to the days we wish never ceased. Jesusboy, you know that I love you and will love you till the day of my death. It is true we can’t be romantically involved anymore, but that doesn’t stop us from being romantically involved with another partner who’s ready to show us the love we deserve. My mind will never be at rest until I know there’s someone in your life that will take care of you like I would or even do better than I would. For this reason I summoned you here today to persuade you to take another woman for yourself. A woman I know and am sure will take good care of you till the end of your life”
“Ogechi, even my mother wouldn’t dare choose a wife for me. Why are you doing it? Don’t you believe I’m capable of finding myself a woman? I might be broken at the moment because I’ve lost you forever, but trust me; I’ll get over it soon and move on. Don’t worry about me falling into the hands of the wrong woman because I won’t. I didn’t the first time, neither will I the last time.”
“As sweet as that may sound, I disagree. I really want to be sure the right woman takes over the egg that didn’t hatch in my care. I will die if I hear that you are troubled or shattered in the future as a result of the woman you ended up with. So I have to secure you a sure future with the only woman I can trust to take care of you. The only woman I know loves you as much as I do.”
“What exactly are you driving at, Ogechi? You already have a woman prepared for me? Oh my gosh! Do I look that vulnerable to you? Of course you know I won’t subscribe to that idea. I wonder why you brought it up in the first place, Like you’ve forgotten it’s the same old me.”
“You’re right there. I knew you won’t consent easily, that’s why I made it a do or die affair. I never knew I loved you this much. Now I know, and I’m very much unwilling to let you fall into the hands of a woman I’m not sure will love you like I would. If you choose not to go along with this proposal of mine, then today might me our last on this planet.”
“Ogechi, what has come over you? Do you intend to kill me and kill yourself if I don’t?”
“Exactly, but in the sweetest way ever.”
“Has there ever been a sweet way to die?” I asked.
“I can’t say for sure. If there hasn’t, this will be the first. And if there has, this will be the best. But if you go with my proposal, we won’t have to go through this”
“You mean you’re really going to kill me? I asked surprised. “I don’t see any weapon that will aid that. Or do you have a short gun hidden somewhere?”
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“Weapons and guns wouldn’t make it sweet would they? Now listen my dear, we aren’t supposed to do anything born of true affection after I renounced my love for you because of Cynthia. If we ever happen to do anything that shouldn’t be done between people who aren’t lovers, we will die the death Cynthia would have died if I had not denounced our love. But believe me Jesusboy, if you refuse what I ask of you today, I will make sure we make sweet love for the first time and die afterwards. I’d rather call down death upon me than let you settle for some strange woman who might not truly cherish the beauty of your soul.”
“Ogechi, I would never believe your mind would conceive such thoughts. You want us to die after making love? And what future would await us after death?”
“I don’t care. If you really care about that, then accept the woman I have chosen for you. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. I chose this woman for you because I know you’ll find the happiness I would have given you. But if you won’t, then I have no other option than to bleep you and die.”
“You sound as though you’re going to rape me. We both know you can’t overpower me, so where is all these confidence coming from?”
“You’re right. I can’t overpower you, neither will I try to. But there is one thing I know you can’t do anymore, and that is resisting me. Do not try to draw strength from past glory, for you only successfully resisted me back then because I never had any intensions of getting laid like I do now if you refuse my offer. I give you to the end of 60 seconds to decide which it’s going to be. Take the girl I have for you, and live happily with her ever after. Or reject her, and we make out passionately before dying.”
It was of a fact that I lacked the strength, or even the will to resist Ogechi if seduced by her. The girl was the kind Kings will give their kingdoms to have. I wondered what came over her that made her resort to such option upon my refusal to go with her idea of choosing me a supposed worthy replacement for her, and the more I pondered on it, the closer it was to 60 seconds. Finally, it was past 60 seconds and I hadn’t said a word, which only meant one thing; that I was ready to board the abomination that would drive me to my grave.
Ogechi stood up from her position opposite me and advanced towards me with the “I’M SORRY” look on her face, and my heart skipped three times in a row. Death was coming, and I could do nothing to avert it. I wished I had time to write about my life before I passed away. At least, it would serve as caution to the wise, and a lesson to the strong. But I never had that opportunity, and there I was, heading to hades in the most unusual way ever, driven down there by my one and only true love.
I had already lost it before Ogechi performed her first three arts of seduction on me, and it was nothing but a go. She came to me on the sofa, and began unbuttoning my shirt. Being fully aware of what the ultimate future held for me, I bent my head and said a prayer in my heart;
Dear Father,
I tried my best to climb up the ladder,
That would have led to where the saints gather,
A place designed only for men that truly matter.
I had made it so far into the skies,
Was supposed to reach the heavens before the set sunrise,
For I was much afraid of how the sun’s heat fries,
But now gravity calls to me, promising safety, but it lies.
Even at the verge of doom, they can still be safety,
Pardon the garment of weakness I’ve put on lately,
Save my soul before it transcends to depths so lengthy,
For Your love is unconditional, and Your grace is always plenty.
Redeemer! Redeemer! The great Lord of the strong,
You are the strength of the weak; You’re merciful all day long,
Look down upon me with mercy, and forgive all my wrong,
Take me to paradise like You did to the thief beside the cross You hung
After making that prayer, I relaxed every bit of me on the sofa with absolute calmness. All of me responded positively to Ogechi’s touch, but all of a sudden, from nowhere I managed to gather the strength to say the words; “I WILL.” Only my mouth spoke the words. No other part of me was in agreement with the idea. As soon as Ogechi heard that, she retreated hurriedly like she never really meant to do it in the first place.
“Thank you so much, Jesusboy. My joy will now be complete” she said extremely glad”
“After I managed to return from the height she had taken me to without crashing, I opened my mouth and asked;
“Now you’ve got what you wanted. I just pray the girl in question is as pretty as you are from inside out. If not, count me out.”
“Of course she is. And you’ll definitely love her” Ogechi said confidently
“If you say so. So who is she? And what’s her name?”
“She’s someone you know quite well. Her name is Cynthia”
To be continued.