Ogechi And I Episode 33


I had never been in that position before. A position where all hell broke loose and I couldn’t seem to device a means of escape. She saw me. She couldn’t believe it was me. I stood still like a stature with a blank mind, while she was still trying to come to terms with the fact that it was really me she was seeing in her apartment. We stood silently in utter amazement on seeing each other for nearly 60 seconds before she finally broke the silence.
I didn’t respond. I didn’t move. I didn’t shake. I just kept looking at her like a lunatic. I wasn’t supposed to respond that way in that situation, but I guess the feeling of guilt had consumed me so much that I couldn’t help but act like a culprit. If Ogechi didn’t know me, I bet she would have called in the cops the moment she saw my face. Or maybe she could have called the cops if I still maintained that weird display of mine. But she called on me again;
“Ogechi” I replied.
Hearing my voice, she opened wide her mouth and covered it with her both palms, her eyes wide open in further amazement. She was confused. She didn’t know whether to ask how I got there or what I was doing there, or why I was snooping around and all that. She may even have thought it was my spirit she saw and not me. I made some steps towards her and she motioned me with her hand to stop right there. My problem from that moment was not Ogechi anymore. After all, she had seen me already. My greatest and only problem was Cynthia. I feared Ogechi was going to create a scene that would draw the attention of others to us, so I was very careful in dealing with her to avoid that.
“Ogechi it’s me.”
“You? How..how…how?”……
“I can explain please. I have a lot to tell you”
“Explain? I found you snooping around like a bugler. Do I take it that it was me you were looking for so you can explain? Who the hell are you? Are you sure you are the Jesusboy I know? I better call in the cops before I get hurt by whoever you are”
Immediately I interrupted her and said; “I’m the one the cops are looking for?”
Ogechi didn’t understand that too. “The cops are looking for you?” she asked.
“Yes” I replied. I’m the guy who came in earlier and demanded to talk to you in private.”
“Wait a minute,” Ogechi said, motioning me with her hand to keep standing still. Oh my goodness! It was you?”
“Yes it was.”
“Why did you disguise yourself?”
“It’s a long story. Right now we need to make sure the cops don’t know about this. This should remain between you and me. None else should know about this”
“Why are you so frightened? Have you done something wrong? I do not really understand all these. What are you doing in Oklahoma? In my house?! Please start explaining before I lose my mind”
I had hoped that our reunion was going to be initiated with a romantic hug and a long passionate kiss, but the reverse was the case. She didn’t get too close to me because she was still afraid, though she managed to keep her calm. It’s a good thing she didn’t scream from the start. 
Now she wanted to know what exactly was going on, and I started talking. I explained everything to her, starting from my arrival at Cynthia’s house till that very hour. Then she understood all I went through because of her. She didn’t need to tell me anything anymore, for I had already heard all she had to say about her life during her little story session in the VIP. We both knew all there was to know about each other again and it was clear that true love still burned in our hearts for each other. 
After I got her to understand the circumstances that surrounded my presence in her house, she gave up every fear and embraced me dearly. It was so warm that it felt like she just unleashed the warm she had been saving up all those years just to give to me the moment we saw each other again. And indeed, she kissed me passionately like I expected on a day we met again.
Tears started raining down our eyes as we held tightly to each other. We didn’t want to let go of each other again. We then sat down and began tingling our ears with romantic words for about ten minutes, after which she took a firm look at me and said; “I missed you,” to which I replied “I missed you too.” Ogechi held me by the hand and lead me from the VIP section to her room. We entered and she shut the door. You know that feeling when you find your long lost love and want to show him or her how much you missed them?” Well, that feeling registered its presence in that room and we welcomed it dearly. Hugs graduated to kisses, kisses graduated to cuddles, and the heat intensified. We lost stamina and fell right on the bed that was there to catch us lest we fall. We lay sideways on the bed facing each other and continued with the activities that pushed us down. Our heart beat increased, and we could hear the sound of breath loudly. Our clothes developed sudden hatred for each other and couldn’t stand each other’s touch anymore. We had to separate them to avoid a fight, as that was the last thing we wanted at such a time. 
So I initiated the process by quickly unzipping her dress from behind without a warning. I was so fast that she got tickled by the speed at which I drew the zip from her collarbone level to her waist level. It happened in less than half a second. She shifted closer to me in effort to prevent the zip from cutting her skin in the process, and then she gave me the “bad girl” smile, which I reciprocated with the “bad boy” look.
She then responded by ripping off the buttons of my shirt and almost doing same to my singlet if not for its commendable quality which prevented an easy tear. It was becoming more like a wild-wild west. We shared the same naughtiness, and our hearts could no longer contain the desires it had bottled up for the past years.
 We were on the verge of committing the sweetest taboo, and whatever was going to be the aftermath of that act was not put into consideration by either of us. Half way to the blonder, our whole being was overly ready for the merge that would fuel the transfer of all we had to exchange; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I guess we had played “the heroes” long enough and it was time to take a trip down to the valley. (Not Advisable)
A knock on the door was what continued the validity of our salvation, as it definitely would have gone down the drain if Cynthia lacked the courtesy of informing Ogechi before taking her leave. Though we had ignored it initially, Cynthia’s persistence certainly stalled our little foreplay, and we hoped to continue after attending to her.
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“Hold on Cynthia, I’m coming.” Ogechi answered.
“She must not know about us. Say nothing to her” “okay?” “I’ll find a way to take care of things, trust me”
I had told Ogechi about Cynthia after she found me in the VIP section when I narrated the circumstances that surrounded my presence in her house to her. So she also understood the complications of the whole matter, and did just as I told her. I got into the bathroom to hide myself until she was done with Cynthia. She opened the door and Cynthia came in.
“I just want to tell you that I’ll be leaving now. I’m going to the police station to report my man missing.” Cynthia said wearily.
“What? You don’t have to do that. I mean, we don’t even know if he’s missing or not. He could just have lost his cell phone somewhere or got robbed or something. But not missing. He doesn’t appeal to me like someone who can’t take care of himself. He could already be in Regina as we speak.” Ogechi responded.
“You have a point there. But why hasn’t he called yet?” Cynthia asked.
“Have you forgotten that he lost his phone?”
“Yeah, you’re right. In that case I’ll hold on a little. If I don’t see or hear from him in three days, I’m going to the cops.”
“That’s better. I’m sure you’ll see him before then.” Ogechi said positively.
“About the models, there are ready for you anytime you need them.” Cynthia said.
“Alright. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”
“Thank you. I’ll take my leave now.” She made to leave the room and suddenly remembered something. “Our deal still stands. You’ll pay 60% of the original price for the models and do a song with my man when he’s found. I know he’ll surely be found”
“Yeah. Surely! Deal still stands.” Ogechi replied.
They thanked each other and Ogechi escorted her to a cab, which drove her to the airport where she boarded a flight back to Regina. Ogechi came back to the room and I came out of the bathroom. The spirit we were in before Cynthia came was no more. The issue now was Cynthia. Ogechi wasn’t comfortable with her referring to me as her man. At the same time, she felt so bad for Cynthia. It was indubitable that Cynthia had to be out of the picture for our lives to be perfect and complete again, but I owed Cynthia a whole lot and she and Ogechi had become more like sisters on discovering themselves to be indigenes of Eastern Nigeria. There was no way for a happy ending to be without hurt feelings. Ogechi trusted me to come up with means that would save the situation to our favor. 
It was fully morning, and she had to go ahead with her superstar activities. We couldn’t have time to ourselves anymore because her manager was unto her to get ready for a performance somewhere. I got her number from her but didn’t give her mine because I was going to get rid of my phone in order to leave no traces to the whole night’s incident. We kissed again and I made to leave. She offered to drop me off at the hotel I lodged but I objected and she insisted on escorting me to a cab. Some people who saw us walk out of the building had confused looks on their faces, probably wondering who I was that made her give me such attention. We got to the road and I boarded a cab. We bade each other goodbye and off I went.
As the cab was moving on high speed, I winded down the glass and dropped my cell phone outside which got smashed by following vehicles. I stopped on the way to buy a new cell phone and SIM card before proceeding to my hotel room. On reaching my room I called Cynthia but the call didn’t go through.
 I called Ogechi and her manager picked it up. I dropped the call without saying a word. I then fell on the bed and began thinking about all that had happened. It was indeed an adventure. Finally, I reunited with Ogechi. We kissed, hugged, cuddled and nearly bleeped, if not for Cynthia who hindered the process. Talking about Cynthia, what was I going to do with her?
To be continued.