Ogechi And I Episode 25


She went ahead to explain that my action that night did not take her by surprise. She had always seen it coming. She only said she prayed it wouldn’t come sooner than later. How I managed to overcome my lust that night remains a mystery to her, she said. She even said she was disappointed when I didn’t pull through that night, even though she gave me a good remark for not pulling through. I didn’t really understand that statement of hers. She also went ahead to tell them all I went through just to win her heart afterwards. Things like me joining the choir after she had stopped visiting me and all that. It was so much fun listening to her talk about me like I wasn’t there. The feeling is d–n good! If you’ve not been in such position before, try to.
“My brother’s presence at my house helped matters a lot, Ogechi continued her story; Prince charming couldn’t visit me like he would have done if my brother wasn’t around. Neither did he ask me out anymore. He was so busy trying to gain a place in my heart without raising any ill suspicions. Little did he know that he owned my heart. Though I was pushing him away, I was afraid he might leave. So I was careful not to suggest to him with my actions that I didn’t want him around anymore. My brother left a while later and we resumed all that was paused.
It wasn’t long before he broke his silence to me at a bar he took me to one of those days. He asked me to be his girl in the most poetic way ever. Like I said, I was already in love with that guy, so when he poured out his heart to me, I couldn’t pretend to be glad about the development, and that made him think I was still contemplating on whether to give him a chance or not. However, I knew that he and I formally dating, things between he and I would escalate to another level where I wouldn’t have to think twice should he demand for a piece of me. Was I ready for that? The answer is no. But who was I to decline when I had fallen head over hills for him. So I consented verbally in due course and we sealed it with our first kiss. It may have been more if the atmosphere was conducive enough but you dare not try that inside Oliva Twist no matter how much more you want.
The Romeo and Juliet started in earnest between us. There was no end to our public hugs and kisses on campus, especially as he had switched to my school and was in the same department with me. That was my idea, and I reaped the reward dearly. Six months passed and he hadn’t demanded for the cookie yet. Apparently, he was afraid I might push him away again if he made such advances towards me. I don’t know if I would have been able to withhold my body from him if he asked for it, but fact remains that my fears didn’t let me do it, as much as I would have loved to. All he needed to do was succumb to the pressure for just once, and it would have been a different ball game.
I’ve heard of some girls who clearly defined the terms their relationship with a guy to be without love making before entering into it, and that was only if the guy agreed to such terms. In my case, there was no such agreement, but that’s exactly what it was until we graduated from school. Never for once was anything done towards that direction and we got so used to being that way to a point where we forgot that we could choose to do it and face the consequences later. I guess none of us was ready for such consequences.
Instead, we started chasing dreams. He motivated and encouraged me a lot. He took me to studios and opened me up to some set of people I was normally afraid of. One of those days we came across a singer called Ck. Some of you here know him. Ck proposed that I work with him as his backup singer. I agreed and that was how I hit the wall of fame and started living my dream. That was also the initial point of my separation from my Prince Charming.
To be frank with you all, I got a little selfish. Never in my life had I been so celebrated. I was treated like I was a diva. The attention was much more than I could handle, the love people showed me was intoxicating, and the preferential treatment I kept getting everywhere I went got into my head that I halted my affair with Prince Charming in order to get enough of the good feeling, but I still loved him. Suddenly, everyone wanted to identify and curry favor with me. I was barely alone so we couldn’t spend time together anymore. I wasn’t afraid of losing him because I had gotten to know over the years that it took more than a nice body and features to get his attention. I also knew that I had eaten too deep into his soul for him to let go of me like that, especially with the fact that we hadn’t known each other beyond the surface yet. I took advantage of all those and left to explore the world I had always dreamed of over the years.
I came to America after graduation to join Ck as his backup singer. Communication between me and Prince Charming was flowing decreasingly. I tried to wrap things up in America and go back to him but was informed by Ck’s manager that I won’t be going back anytime soon because Ck was getting numerous invitations to perform at different locations all over the world, and I would have to go with him to back him up. I couldn’t believe that was happening to me. I had to choose between my dreams and Prince Charming. I called him and told him the situation of things except the part that I wasn’t coming home anytime soon. The last thing Prince Charming would do is to stop me from pursuing my dreams, so I didn’t want to put him in a situation of having to choose whether to pursue my dreams or come back to him. I summoned courage one day and told him I wasn’t coming home soon and that was when things between us went obviously bizarre.
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I got so busy that I couldn’t even take Prince Charming’s calls anymore because I was somewhere performing or rehearsing when he called. I only found out that he called from my manager or his voice messages. I got rich, I got famous, but I got lonely. I wanted to ask him to come over to me here but my manager objected, saying my label won’t condone such and that he was going to draw me backward with his loser’s mentality.
It was clear my manager didn’t want him around and if I got stubborn and went ahead to bring him over, he and my manager would always be involved in a clash. I didn’t want that for anyone, so I just stayed back in America and hoped that fate will keep what is mine for me.
For a long period of time, he and I did not communicate and I couldn’t help but wonder if he had replaced me with someone else already. I had no means of getting such information, so I just believed that he will still end up in my arms no matter where he had strayed to.
After a while of not communicating with him, it seemed like I had gotten used to being without him. And since there were so much to do, it kind of skipped my mind that Prince Charming existed. But I knew in my heart that I was in love, and with no one else but him.
Things gradually unfolded as Ogechi kept pouring her heart out unreservedly. My eyes got wet and tears nearly rolled down my eyes when I braced up myself as a man and gnashed my teeth as I snapped out of that emotional state. So Ogechi didn’t really abandon me after all like I thought. She was just succumbing to pressure she couldn’t stand against. Then I found out all I needed to find out. She had always loved me all those years and was yearning for us to get together again. But why was she telling these people all these things? I asked myself. Why did she go as far as telling them about the romance aspect of it? She even talked about bleeping! Like seriously, that was way out of the box. I started wondering why and couldn’t believe that Ogechi would let strangers in on such details. But it appeared I was greatly mistaken because she did more than talk about her romance with me. She went ahead to tell them a whole lot more about her romance, but this time, not with me.
To be continued.