Nii Dromo Season 4 Episode 1


I ran to my kiosk and locked myself up and wept bitterly, was that how I wanted to end my life just like that even when caution had been thrown into the air for me? I believe with such death, God would have ordered for a mass beating seminar for me with the angels being my lovely host, I prayed to God for forgiveness and pleaded with him to bring my helper to me soon because the hardship I was facing was too much for me to bear.

Close to my room(kiosk) was a woman who operated a chop bar with the name NYAMEKYE Chop Bar, I went there to buy food one day and realised that the guy who pounds her fufu for her that day didn’t show up, I asked one of the helping hands at the chop bar if I could apply for the job to pound the fufu for them so they pay me at the end of the day, she directed me to her madam and I was asked to start work that very moment, the job wasn’t a child’s play at all and it made me duff out my respect to our northern brothers who did that job in various eateries.

When the day ended the woman paid me 15cedis and added food to it for me, it wasn’t a good pay looking at the size of the pot the cassava I pounded came from but hey this was the only opportunity that had presented itself to me for now, I knew I will get what to eat when I woke up from bed and what I would eat before going to bed and I can also save part of my daily salary so that I can send little money home to support my younger siblings

I rendered my services to Maame Adjoa Nyamekye dutifully that she even increased my salary within some few weeks of been employed that when the person who use to pound the fufu came back he was asked to go home.

One day after I had done my job for the day and was waiting for me to be served with my food before going home Maame Nyamekye summoned me to her presence, she had a very lengthy hearty chat with me and asked of my educational background since she saw how disciplined and cultured that I was, I also didn’t hide anything from her that I told her everything from A-Z about myself, after my narration she sat down for quite a long time before talking again. She told me her husband was a labour officer at the biggest hospital in town and would speak with him if there was vacancy in any department where he could recommend me for employment, joy took possession of my spirit as I thank Maame Nyamekye for her assistance towards my well being, for 3 whole weeks I didn’t hear any news from Maame Nyamekye or her husband that I eventually took the hospital job out of my mind because if I expected much and I was given little by the end of the day the disappointment which could hold me hostage will never be friendly towards me.

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Some days later Maame Nyamekye gave me the number of her husband to call him and have a one on one discussion with him and of which I complied and gave him a call, the discussion we had was very fruitful that he invited me over to his office the following day. I was very early to show up at his work place for him to know that I was very serious and time conscious, he came to meet me at the entrance to his office and after he settled down in his office he invited me in so we could finalise the conversation we had the previous day, he went straight to the point without beating about the bush.

He told me that the only department where there was vacancy for now was the *MORTUARY* and if I was interested in the job I could start work that very moment, for my salary for the first 3months I would be paid 1200cedis and I will get increment if am seen to be performing my duty diligently, I said to myself that what nonsense was this man talking about, a whole graduate with a first class upper degree to reduce myself that low to go and bath dead people?

Something within me told me to walk out of the man’s office and block his line from calling me ever again but also another voice told me to kill the pride in me because fufu sef I had pounded it for the mass not to talk about a job which will fetch me a cool 1200cedis for the start, moreover how many graduates are paid such amount at their work places but hey was I having the liver to toll the path?

A graduate now turned into mortuary man. What future awaits Nii Dromo?
We shall know as time goes on.

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To be continued