Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 89


Flex Empire
Donflex was standing in front of Konami who has been beaten brutally. Konami looked bruised, yet was strong headed about teaming up and working with Donflex.

“Common you, look at the way they got you abandoned” Donflex said looking at Konami “Do you ever think they will come back for you. Team up with me and you’ll even enjoy more benefit than they are giving you”

“Fvck off” he said to Donflex and received a hard blow to the face.

Donflex came out looking frustrated and tired. The made men and captain spoonz were just busy looking at him.

“So? Did he agree” Froshberry.

“No” Donflex said shaking his head.

“I thought as much, wait let me handle him” Froshberry said moving inside.

“What difference will it make? The guy is strong headed” Donflex said smiling.

“Let’s say I am familiar with their ways” Froshberry said and entered inside the room Konami was kept.

10 minutes later.

“Loosen his chains let him go back to his team” Froshberry said smiling as he came out of the room Konami was kept.

“Wait, how did you get him to work with us?” donflex asked.

“Let’s say, the enemy of my enemies is my friend” Froshberry said smiling.

Jummy was crying with Natasha consoling her when Idris phone started ringing. Idris walked to it reluctantly and picked it since it was a number he didn’t save.

“Hello” Idris said with a sad tone.

“Idris!!” Konami called out from the other side.

“Oh my God Konami” Idris shouted happily. “Konami how did you….”

“They thought I was dead, so they left me in that same spot that you abandoned me” Konami said from the other side.

“I didn’t abandon you bro. Believe me I did my best but…”

“Don’t worry” Konami said “just come get it. Just you and your brother please.”

“Me and my brother?” Idris asked surprised.

“Yes, leave the girls out of this” Konami said and ended the call.

“What did he say” Jummy and Natasha both asked.

“They didn’t capture him and he wants me and Farouk to come get him” Idris said.

“Why the both of you, common Natasha get dressed let’s go” Jummy said as Natasha hurriedly left into her room.

“Are you coming with us?” Idris asked Farouk.

“It’s not wise for the whole agents to leave the base but Konami did save you, maybe we should just do it for him, even though it’s once.” Farouk shrugged. Soon, they were all ready to go.

“Akuku aren’t you coming with us?”

“Ku…ku…ku” Akuku said moving down to a chair where he sat down.

“He thinks it’s a trap” Idris said and they all laughed. “Animals will always be animals”.

“I know you don’t like Konami” Natasha said softly, “but always remember he is a good friend”

Akuku shook his head indicating no and the whole shadow agents laughed at him as they ran to Konami’s rescue.

Natasha, Farouk, Jummy, and Idris arrived at the spot they left Konami earlier. They were surprise to see him still there, though he had bruises all over his face.

“Konami” Jummy shouted as she ran towards him and hugged him.

“Why, I said only the two of you should come here” Konami said less concerned about the care Jummy was showing towards him.

“Common bro, you know girls. We tried to stop them but it..” Idris hadn’t finish speaking when the made men and captain spoonz jumped up from a corner and fired lot of tranquilizers pins at him, jummy, Natasha and Farouk.

“D–n, this wasn’t part of the deal” Konami shouted.

“Yea but holla, we have got all of them now” Froshberry said smiling.

“But we agreed on only Farouk and Idris. Natasha and Jummy…” Konami hadn’t finish when they shot him the pin at his chest. He looked at his chest and looked up.

“Why you!!” He said wanting to attack Froshberry but fell down unconscious.

“Now we have got them all. I can now finally take my revenge on Farouk. Ha ha ha” Froshberry laughed evily.

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Natasha, Jummy, Farouk, Idris and Konami were all tied up. Before them was the bomb. They were tied to a pole each facing the bomb.

“I wasn’t wrong when I told my guys you will be back for revenge. It seems you’re to stubborn Natasha and guess what, well the stubborn fly will follow the corpse to the grave.” Donflex said and laughed wickedly. Just then, Don Bashkir came out.

“Well since we’re are good and kind men, we have decided to give you guys the opportunity to witness the detonation of the bomb” Don Bashkir said.

“Konami, I will kill you if I get out of this alive, you this two timing b—–d” Natasha shouted as tears came down her eyes. Jummy couldn’t believe all that was happening, she thought it was a dream and was strongly believing it to be a dream. Idris looked at his brother.

“We will scale through” he said to his younger brother Farouk.

“Yeah we will, it seems Akuku was right all through” Farouk said with a smile.

“I hurt his feelings, Akuku my best and closest pal” Idris said shaking his head with his eyes close. They were in a large airport, in the middle actually with the bomb that was ready to be detonated.

“I thought you had really change” Jummy said to Konami. Konami had tears coming down his eyes. He hated himself for what he have become and promise to fix everything.

“Ha ha ha” Donflex and Don Bashkir laughed at the drama displayed by the shadows.

“Don’t do it, you can destroy the whole earth” Natasha shouted.

“I have modernized the bomb, don’t worry, the Americans will suffer” Donflex said.

“Please don’t, you don’t even have the crystal. It is dangerous” Natasha said.

“Shut up, get the bomb ready” Froshberry started working on the command of his Boss.

Akuku looked up. The Shadow agents were in the middle. The Dons, Made men and Froshberry were concentrating on the bomb they wanted to detonate. Only Captain spoonz kept an eye on the shadows, if only he could distract captain spoonz who was also with the keys.

“What’s making that noise?” Captain spoonz asked moving to the direction of the noise. As soon as he got there, he looked around and found nothing. He heard the noise again and moved further into the warehouse. As soon as he entered inside, Akuku released a rope and a heavy metallic box fell down on his head.

He ran towards Captain spoonz who was on the floor and searched him till he got the keys, closing the door silently, he started sneaking towards his Master and agents.

“Akuku, you are such a good boy” Idris quietly praised him as Akuku released him and moved to where Natasha was also chained to the pole.

“But are you sure it will work without the crystal?” Donflex asked loudly. He was so carried away with Froshberry and his laptop and wasn’t even looking back. Don Bashkir and the made men also were looking intently at what Froshberry was doing.

The Shadow agents were set free except Konami who wasn’t set free by Akuku. Idris breathed down and silently moved to Akuku as he collected the keys and to everyone’s surprise, let go of Konami.

“We aren’t through with this” Idris said to Konami and they started sneaking towards Donflex and Don Bashkir.

“Wooow” Donflex said clapping and turning around “you guys are really good”

“I thought…I thought” Don Bashkir stammered. Everyone was looking surprise except Froshberry.

“I knew this will happen” Froshberry said smiling.

“So what do you guys think you are?” Donflex asked and snapped his fingers. His soldiers started trooping out from every corner of the airport. They came in tens, hundreds and thousands with sophisticated weapons. Soon, fighter jets and heavy tanks started coming in from all corner.

“Allow me to introduce you to FLEX ARMY” Donflex said laughing evily. “The five of you are surrounded, what are you gonna do?”

Idris and his men looked around, they could only pray for a miracle.

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