Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 87


Port Harcourt.
Akuku was restless. He was busy disturbing Idris and Farouk in their room. His animal instinct was telling him that something wasn’t right. Especially the way he saw Konami smiling when told to prepare the food they’ll all eat.

“Stop that” Idris shouted at Akuku angrily. “I don’t want to hear any of that nonsense again. Konami is a nice guy”

“Common Akuku” Farouk chipped in “Konami won’t be please at all if he heard you saying all this nasty things against him”

“Ku…ku…ku…” Akuku shouted jumping up and down.

“That is enough, I won’t take anymore nonsense from you. Get out” Idris shouted pointing towards the door. Akuku had no choice than to obey. He walked out of the room with shoulders down till he got to the kitchen were Konami was cooking.

Konami was dressed up in a full chef attire as he was preparing fried rice and chicken to go with it. He had finished preparing the food and dished them into five plates. He looked left and right, Akuku quickly hid himself behind a table.

“Let me see how the brothers will survive this” Konami said and brought out a whitish powdery substance which he sprayed on two plates.

“Kurrgg” Akuku roared in anger as he watched Konami carry the plates to the dining table. He looked around and saw a rope, he cracked his fingers moving towards the rope.

“Food is ready!!” Konami shouted as Natasha and the rest came down. Farouk and Idris’s room was opposite Natasha and Jummy’s room. The girls were the first to come down and sat at the dining table.

“Hmm, what a pleasant aroma” Natasha said smiling.

“Konami the great cook” Jummy said clapping for him.

“Where’s Farouk and Idris?” Konami asked looking at the direction of their room.

“They will be here soon” Natasha said uncovering her plate and started eating. Jummy and Konami did same waiting for the brothers to arrive.

Akuku snuck behind them and tied the end of the rope to a pillar. He walked to the other side of the room holding the other end as he perfectly hid himself. Idris and Farouk came down in a hurry as they were rushing towards the dining table. When they got close, Akuku pulled the rope and Idris and Farouk walked blindly into it. Soon they were tumbling and rolling towards the dining table as they knocked down the table. Jummy, Natasha and Konami all held their plates up with their hands.

“Oops, sorry” Farouk and Idris groaned with rice from their plates allover their bodies. Jummy and Natasha couldn’t hold it and started laughing. Konami wore a strong look on his face.

“I should get you another plate of food” Konami said dropping his own plate.

“Don’t worry Konami, I got this” Natasha said and stood up as she walked towards the kitchen to get them another plates of food.

“How can you guys be so careless?” Konami asked.

“Sorry about that bro. We tripped on something and fell down” Idris said looking at the direction they came from but saw nothing. Akuku had removed the ropes.

“I thought they was something there?” Farouk said pointing towards the place they stepped on the rope.

“Me too” Idris said thinking.

“Well it appears there is nothing over there. Where is Akuku?” Konami asked suddenly.

“Ku….ku…” Akuku made noises from behind with a banana in his hand. He had just outsmarted Konami.

“Here is another plate of rice” Natasha said giving them a plate each.
“This time don’t knock it over”

“Thanks sweetie” Idris said and collected the plate from Natasha. Farouk also collected the second plate as they started eating while Natasha quickly cleaned the mess they have done before joining them.

“Woow, this food taste nice” Idris said eating happily, expecting a reply from Konami but got none.

“Erm, I said this meal taste nice?” He repeated again but Konami was not with them, he was lost in his own thought.

“Konami!!!” Farouk called out.

“Yes yes yes” Konami jerked.

“What are you thinking?” Natasha asked.

“Nothing” Konami said.

“I said your food taste nice” Idris said smiling.

“Thank you” Konami said forcing a smile.

“Akuku won’t you eat” Jummy asked.

“Ku…kukuku” Akuku said raising his banana as he walked away. The whole agents who understood what he said started laughing except for Natasha.

“Akuku said nothing taste better than bananas” Idris explained and Natasha joined in the laughter.

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Professor Johnbull was sitting down with his made men, they were all discussing on the next plan to take when Froshberry quickly walked up to them.

“Prof” he said exchanging handshake with professor johnbull. He took a seat beside them and sat down quickly.

“Prof, I think I have more information about this Shadows” Froshberry said.

“Wow, what do you have?” Lex asked.

“I think they have been hacking into your mainstream to get vital information. And I also think Natasha is back for revenge” The name Natasha got everyone silent.

“Natasha, is she back?” Lex said raising an eyebrow. Over the years, he had gotten very closer to Lisa and their relationship was heading somewhere.

“Hey Lex, she is still an enemy remember?” Lisa chipped in.

“And the blood of Alex is flowing in their hands.” Raphael said.

“So what do you think we should do?” Professor Johnbull asked smiling. “I know you must have come up with something”

“Yes, we are going to set up a trap that will make us capture them and destroy them once and for all” Froshberry said angrily.

“Then be quick with it, I can’t wait to have my revenge” Raphael said folding his fist.

Konami was restless as he was busy pacing up and down in his room. The brothers were always lucky and seems to be a step ahead of him always.

“D–n, what happened. How could they have fallen down?” He asked no one in particular. Well they might have escaped the first but won’t surely escape this one.

“Konami!!!!” Idris shouted from the sitting room, “get down here instantly”

“On my way” he shouted moving towards the door. “What does he even think he is? Boss?” He murmured to himself.

He got to the sitting room and saw everyone smiling. They were looking as if they just won a lottery.

“Why the smile?” He asked no one in particular.

“I just found out what made Alex weak. The upgrades that were given to the made men were too much, each of them now have cancer in their blood, which has eaten deep into their system” Farouk said.

“Wow” Konami replied. “That explain why Alex slowed down and was acting strange the other day”

“What are those things on the table” Jummy said pointing at some bullet like structure that lay on the table.

“Each of this bullet you see contain 60ml of gamma gases. The same one they used in upgrading the made men, I believe if this bullets get into their bloodstream, it will quickly activate their cancer cells which will make them temporary weak” Farouk said.

“Wow wow wow, you are a genius bro” Idris said and they all shouted praises at him.

“Wait a minute” Farouk said punching on his keyboard “I am picking up signals. It seems the Made men have found another crystal which can be used”

“Where” Idris asked.

“I can’t seem to get the location but they are still sending more data to their system”

“Good, we have absolutely no time to waste. Everyone go and get prepared, we stop the Made men this time around” Idris shouted.

“Wait, the gamma bullets I made are just six in numbers. And I think they are sending the three made men”

“how do you know they are sending the three made men?” Natasha asked Farouk.

“Do you really expect them to still send two after what we did to Alex? This time around I know they will be prepared” Farouk said still typing.

“So are we” Idris said “we are also prepared”

“Yes, we are trained to be prepared at all point” Konami added.

“Look at the way it’s going to be. Since they are sending three made men, the six bullets will be enough to get them stunned temporary. We just have to use two for each” Idris explained.

“Don’t forget we haven’t tested them yet” Farouk chipped in.

“Well we are about to do so” Natasha said from behind.

“Natasha you take two, Jummy you take two, Konami you also take two. We got this guys, we are gonna win this no matter the circumstances involved”

“Yes, we will win!!” They all shouted.

“Good, go get dressed” Idris said to everyone.


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