Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 86


Alex came closer to them and was about to strike when he felt a great pain surged through him. The cancer in his blood was critical and unknown to him, was weighing him down.

“Common, it’s now or never” Idris said as he quickly stood up, clenched his fists together and gave Alex a heavy blow to the face, delivering his finishing move *ARM SWORD*. Alex moved back a bit as he felt great pain surged through him.

Jummy stood up, ran towards him and gave him a hard kick to the head with her heavy and strong boot. Blood quickly gushed out of Alex’s head. He was about to fall down when she held him and pushed him forward towards Konami.

Konami ran towards Alex, jumped up and delivered a massive blow across his face. It was his best move named *Hammer fist strike*.

“My turn” Natasha said and moved closer to Alex who was dying already. She tried raising him up but couldn’t. She tried again and again but couldn’t, he was too strong. Then she remembered the fateful night when they came and killed her parents.

“Ahhhhhhh” Natasha shouted as she raised him up with all her strength that his legs were not touching the ground again. Idris and the rest were extremely amazed at her new strength and vigour. With all the anger in her, she dropped Alex to the ground with a massive force that made the ground beneath the cave shook, hitting his back first, then his head and the rest of his body. She just delivered her favorite stunt *POWER BOMB*.

“Come here monkey” Raphael said to Akuku who climbed up, very high on the cave.

“You want some bananas?” Raphael was speaking.

“Whoop” an arrow got stuck at his back. To the surprise of the Shadow agents, he didn’t show any sign of pain.

“That guy is a demon” Idris who fired the arrow said.

“No, the whole made men have been turned to demons” Natasha who was by his side said with her golden pistols ready.

“Alex!” Raphael murmured.

“Your friend is dead” Konami said.

“And so are you” Jummy added. Idris shot another arrow but Raphael caught it and broke it into two. Natasha and Jummy opened fire on him but he turned around and took to his heels.

“Don’t let him escape” Idris said as they ran after him but Raphael was more faster. He was running like a cheetah and the numerous bullets and arrows they fired at him couldn’t stop him.

“Wait” Idris called out and the shadow agents stopped at once. “Let him go. We need to go back and protect the crystal” Idris commanded as the Shadow agents retreated.

Farouk was glad to see the agents all returned from the mission alive. He was glad they all made it. He quickly took a first aid box and started treating them.

“They are too strong” Idris groaned with plaster all over. Natasha and Konami were treated. Farouk was attending to Jummy.

“I am glad you guys made it” Farouk said.

“We were almost killed” Jummy added.

“But something isn’t right. He stopped and groaned, it was like he was in pain or something.” Konami said thinking.

“He stopped and groaned?” Farouk asked.

“Yes he did” they all answered.

“Do you people have his blood sample, I will like to run series of test on him” Farouk said.

“Yes, I did take his blood sample. For someone to be that strong, something isn’t right somewhere” Idris said bringing out a little ampoule filled with blood.

“Very good” Farouk said collecting the sample from him. “I will run series of test on him. So two down, three to go”

“Two down?” Natasha asked.

“Yes Alex is dead and also Leo. Leo was killed the night you were rescued by Idris and Konami” Farouk said.

“Oh, I remember” Natasha said.

“We just have three made men and two Dons to handle” Konami said.

“Yeah and we will handle them pretty hard” Idris added.

“So what now?” jummy asked.

“I will sent a text message to the US president. He don’t need to step down and shouldn’t be afraid, the SHADOWS got this. Then secondly, I will get this sample tested” Farouk said.

“Good, who’s gonna fix us dinner” Natasha asked.

“I will” Konami said quickly.

“Good, that’s nice” they all said in unison while they left. Konami smiled. He was glad he had gotten their trust. Now will be a good time to strike. Konami thought with an evil smile.

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“I am afraid we don’t have a chance against Donflex and Don Bashkir working together with the T double 9 nuclear bomb” The president was speaking to his ministers. Just then, his telephone rang and he picked it.

“Urgent? Alright come in but I am giving you just five minutes to relate the urgent message” The US president said to the receiver. He dropped the telephone and his secretary, a young petite blonde came inside his chambers with a smile on her face.

“Sir, a message just came in that you shouldn’t step down or be afraid. They said They are working on stopping Donflex and Don Bashkir”

“Who are these people?” The US president asked with much interest in his voice.

“I believe they call themselves the SHADOWS sir”

“And how can I know if they are capable enough for the task?”

“Because they just defeated the Made men, killed one and are in possession of the crystal. I think they are very good sir” The Secretary said.

“Very good. I think I have got a plan of my own. Send a message to the SHADOWS that we are solidly in support of them. If they are in need of any technological resources, they should just ask and it shall be granted. Moreover, remind them that the fate of this world lies on their shoulders” The US president said.

“Yes sir” the secretary quickly walked away.

Nigeria, Port Harcourt.
Flex Empire.

“Sir we have got a big problem” Professor Johnbull barged into Donflex’s office without knocking on the door. Donflex was having a meeting with Don Bashkir on their next line of action.

“And what is it?” Donflex asked irritated that Professor Johnbull couldn’t knock before entering the door.

“Sir, Alex has just been taken down and the crystal is not in our possession” professor Johnbull said really troubled.

“What!!!!” Donflex and Don Bashkir both shouted.

“How is that possible?” Donflex asked.

“I believe our long forgotten enemies are back. The SHADOWS”

“wait, those guys that killed Leo and took away that girl, what’s her name again?”

“Natasha sir” Professor Johnbull quickly recalled. He had a gift, long lasting memory.

“But are you sure of this?” Donflex asked again.

“Yes sir. Raphael who barely made it alive said he saw them. They were four in numbers with the their costume which the name SHADOWS was written on it” professor Johnbull said.

“I am afraid we have gotten a worthy opponent against us. We need to lure them out to an open trap and destroy them once and for all” Donflex said.

“Don’t worry sir, we are totally working on that” professor Johnbull said left.

“What’s going on?” Don Bashkir asked.

“We have got some pest working against us right now, but fear not, it will be cleaned up” Donflex said.

“Better” Don Bashkir replied him.


Froshberry entered his department with an angry look on his face. His workers who were busy with their keyboard stopped and looked at him.

“Has there been any alarm, or sign that someone was hacking into our database?” He asked no one in particular.

“Yes sir” A young man replied from his cabin.

“And why wasn’t I told about this?” Froshberry asked again.

“Sir, we were working on it and thought we could handle it by ourselves” A young lady replied this time around.

“Nonsense. Fools. Now thanks to you, a made men have been killed and the crystal stolen.” Froshberry said with anger as he made his way to a laptop.

“I really need to change my workers” he said to himself as he was typing quickly on the keyboard. It took him fifteen minutes for him to get the information he was looking for.

“Hmm, it seems Raphael was right all through. The Shadows are here” he said still typing. He observed the way they downloaded the data from their mainstream and was shocked. He knew the two pattern they used. One was used by his enemy Natasha to hack into their sever several years ago and the other, was used by his arch nemesis, Farouk who made him lose his job in the shadow agency.

“Oh my” Froshberry said happily ” Farouk and Natasha here in Nigeria. Then this world is truly a small place” he said and left with a smile on his face. He is gonna kill two birds with one stone.

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