Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 82


The Shadow base was quiet, all agents have gone out except for Natasha and Idris who stood some meters apart looking at each other without saying any word. They came closer still staring at each other without saying a word.

“I am sorry” Idris whispered slowly but Natasha placed a finger on his lips and smiled at him.

“No, I am sorry for being fooled. I am sorry for insulting you and bringing back the Nelly stuff”

“Ha ha ha” Idris laughed “why are we even apologizing to each other?”

“when we are not dating, officially” Natasha said smiling. Idris got down on one kneel and held her two hands.

“Erm” he cleared his throat “I really don’t know how to do this but erm, Natasha will you be girlfriend, officially?”

“That wasn’t so romantic” Natasha said raising him up “But I will say yes”

“Wow, I promise never to disappoint you” Idris said smiling happily as he hugged Natasha.

“Hug? You have got a lot to learn” Natasha said as she drew back and gave him a hot kiss.

“eew!!!” Farouk said as he bumped into them “Go and get a room would you?” He said as he hurried off.

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The door to Idris’s room got opened as Natasha and Idris were kissing themselves with passion as they managed to find themselves in his room.

“One minute” Idris said as he hurried to the door and bolted it.

“Common baby, I can’t have enough of your lips” Natasha who was sitting on the bed said. Idris dived at her and resumed kissing her.

He traced his hands around her b00bs and gave it a gentle squeeze. Natasha jerked and continued kissing him.

“First time?”

“Yes” Natasha replied.

“Wow, you, you’re a virgin” Idris asked surprised.

“Yes” Natasha said feeling shy.

“Don’t feel shy.” Idris said and continued kissing her. Natasha traced her hand along his trousers but he gently removed her hand.

They were both kissing each other when Idris noticed she was trying to get rid of her clothes.

“What are you doing?!” Idris asked.

“Duh! What does it look like, I thought the kissing will at some stage lead to s-x?”

“But you’re a Virgin” Idris said “and I will not take your virginity till our honeymoon”

Tears came down from Natasha’s eyes. She now believed Idris had a genuine love for her unlike Konami who was lusting after her.

“Thank you, I love you” she said as they started another round of kiss.

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Konami sat down in his room full of regret and hatred. He hated Idris, Natasha and Farouk. He hated captain Val and even Jummy.

All his years of working in the agency was terminated, he was now an ordinary agent not a super one. Same rank with Robidon, Jack, Jay and the rest. No more respect or regard for him again.

“No!!!!” He shouted angrily. He stood up, lifted a table and threw it across the room. He thought of a way to have a revenge and an idea formed in his mind.

“Yes” he shouted happily “I know what I will do. THEY MUST PAY”


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