Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 81


Konami was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak. He knew he was busted and there’s only one person to blame, Farouk. He looked at Jay X and Jay X was trying to communicate to him with his eyes, begging Konami not to spill the beans.

“Sir, I got the perfume and the powdery substance from Jay x” Konami said, if he is going down, then he is going down with someone.

“Jay x come over here” Captain Val said. Robidon was glad he didn’t collect the substances from Jay X on that faithful day. By now he will have himself to blame.

“Where did you get this stuffs from?” Captain val asked.

“From the laboratory assignment you gave to me sir”

“I see. I sent you on a mission to destroy the laboratory and you hid some of their products for personal use?” Captain Val asked but Jay X couldn’t reply.

“Now go and bring the remaining ones in your room” captain Val said and he ran away.

“Idris you can go back to your seat, but if you are ever involved in a fight again inside the Base, you’ll have yourself to blame.”

“Thank you Sir” Idris said and returned to his seat.

“We quickly did an X ray test and found particles of this substance” captain Val said raising up the perfume “in the blood stream of Natasha and Jummy. You used it on them didn’t you?”

Konami only nodded as Jay X brought the other substances before Captain Val.

“As for you Jay X, for being in possession of illegal substances and disobeying my orders, you’ll be locked up in the Shadows prison for a month, after which you’re suspended for seven months. Take him away.”

Jack and Et quickly took him away as Jay X tried to plead with the captain but it was of no use.

“As for you Konami, a senior agents that should correct the younger ones, you misbehaved big time. You used an illegal substance on two of our agents and assaulted a younger agent right here under my nose. I will consider DISMISSING you the best punishment.”

Konami quickly fell on his knees as he pleaded with the Captain. He didn’t want to be dismissed from the agency, he had nowhere to go.

“Sir” Natasha said standing up “you should reconsider your punishment sir. It wasn’t his fault. He was just trying to get loved though he had to do some illegal act along side.”

“So what are you saying, I forgive him?”

“Yea sir” Natasha spoke out “I have forgiven him sir.

“Me too” Jummy said standing up.

“And me” Farouk said standing up.

“Including me” Idris held up his hand.

“Consider this your lucky day” Captain Val spoke out “But you are hereby stripped off your position. You’re no longer a super agent. You’ll have to work hard to earn it. Farouk, Jummy and Natasha come forward”

They all came forward before captain val.

“Natasha, you showed love by forgiving him, Farouk you showed courage standing up against him, jummy you were a good friend all through.”

“From now on” Captain Val added “they have been promoted to super agents”

The whole agents were happy clapping for them.

“This is their new super agents uniform.” Captain Val handed the newly made Super agents uniform to Farouk, Jummy, Natasha and Idris.

“From now on we won’t be using the old one” Captain Val said, stood up and waved at them before leaving.

Konami looked at the new super agents uniform, it was made up of leather, greatly designed and was golden in colour. He left the hall in shame.

“I promise they’ll all pay” He said to himself.


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