Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 8


“You won’t let what happen?” Her uncle asked from behind. It was too late as he had seen her with the laptop and other stuff.
“Uncle, Donflex the cruel president is planning an attack on the minister of aviation affairs”
“What!!!” Her uncle screamed in terror as he quickly collected the laptop from her to see things for himself.
“You are right, but Natasha, where did you get these information from”
“From….from… The…in.. Internet” Natasha stammered. She didn’t want to tell her uncle about her hacking skills but then, she wasn’t good at lying too.
“Common Natasha, I am not a kid anymore. Why don’t you tell me the truth.”
“Alright uncle, there’s this…this secret blog where information gets out to the public before the media will get the news” she managed to come out with a good lie.
“Hmm, but then, why haven’t I heard of this blog before?”
“Common uncle, you hardly listen to latest news and moreover, this blog I am talking about is definitely a secret. The owner of the blog is a hacker so you see, only few people know of this blog.”
“Alright, I just pity the poor old man” her uncle said shaking his head in genuine pity.
“Uncle is that all? Is that all you will say?”
“What else do you want me to say Natasha?”
“So you will just fold your hands and watch this faithful old man get killed?”
“What do you want me to do? Dress up in Batman’s suit or look for a spider to bite me so that on the day I can fly and play the heroic part?”
“Uncle, this is not a joking matter!!” Natasha said, in an aggressive tone.
“Good, now you get my point. This is not a joking matter so I want you to stop joking with it. Leave politics for the politicians. Donflex is a devil. If only you know, but you were too young then”
“If only I know what?”
“Never mind but let me tell you this, If Donflex gets to find out about you, he won’t hesitate to kill you. So you better stay and heed to my advise. I have lost a brother, and his wife who is my inlaw, I am not ready to lose you too”
“No but, I have the final say in this. Case closed” her uncle said and stormed out of the room.
“No, no, no!!!!” Natasha shouted. She won’t leave Donflex to kill an innocent soul. She might have been young when her parents were killed and couldn’t do anything to save them but now everything have change. She’s now grown and sworn to protect people, especially from the cruel hands of Donflex. It will take the passing away of the earth for her to stop and watch the man get killed.
“There must be someone who can help. There must be. Should I send all data to the police? No” she shouted “the police will do nothing. What about the army, no. They are all allies with Donflex”
She kept on talking to herself. All she need is someone who fight, someone highly trained and professional to match the MADE MEN.
“The SHADOWS” she said to herself and smiled. She could remember how they fought the made men, five to two and the two shadow agents still protected her. Though they couldn’t protect her family because they were outnumbered.
“But will they answer me?” She thought, she hadn’t been in contact with them for seven years now. She don’t know if they are alive or dead but she just prayed they listen to her call for help.
She had gotten their distress number from her uncle when she sneaked and took his phone. She tried to reach them with her laptop but couldn’t, their servers and everything related to them were highly protected and encrypted with state of the art softwares.
Hacking was a waste of time, all she need to do is to drop a message via the distress number. She exhaled as she clicked on the send button.
“please, agent Idris, agent Konami, Shadows, I need you. Please don’t just sit down and let this innocent man get killed. Please. Remember you promised to always be there for me. I need you now” she exhaled as she clicked the send button again.
Natasha counted the days. It had been up to three days since she sent the first message and got no reply. The message she just sent now was the thirty-fifth one. She had lost all hopes, to her the shadows were dead.
Just then her uncle came in with a serious look on his face.
“Natasha, you have been indoors ever since you came here. Why don’t you go out and take a break. You’re not a yahoo girl, always with a laptop. You should be mingling with girls your age and most importantly, I think you should get a job, settle down and have a boyfriend”
Natasha exhaled “uncle, there is time for everything. Time to work and time to rest, time to live and die, this is time to work uncle”
“But you are not working, you are busy pressing your laptop day in and day out”
“That is work uncle. Or is it because it ain’t bringing fort income?”
“Not all business bring income uncle. Some are for the good of this country and I think mine is categorized as that”
“Wait, I hope you are not meddling with Donflex’s plan against the minister of aviation affairs Mr Charles Thomas.”
“No, you said I shouldn’t meddle with their plan so I am backing off”
“Very good” her uncle said and collected her laptop.
“What are you doing?”
“Giving you a break. Take this money, go out and do shopping. Buy anything you like and make some friends before coming back”
“But uncle……”
“No but. Go out, shop and make some friends”
Natasha knew it will be fruitless to argue with her uncle. She simply collected the money from him, dressed up and went out. Maybe her uncle is right, she need a break.
Natasha looked across the street. A street that had once been a busy street, now isolated and deserted. The few people that walked around were all looking hungry and tattered.
Natasha saw a woman who was busy crying, she quickly approached her.
“What’s the problem ma’am?” She asked the crying woman.
“My daughter is dying in the hospital. The doctor said we should bring fifty thousand naira for operation, so far I have only ten thousand naira”
Fortunately for the woman, Natasha was holding the sum of fifty-five thousand naira which her uncle gave her for shopping.
“Take this ma’am. It’s fifty five thousand naira”
“Jesus Christ. Fifty five thousand naira for me” the woman shouted in a surprised manner.
“Hurry, go and pay for her hospital bills”
“Thank you ma. May God bless, and bless and you”
“It’s alright” Natasha giggled.
“No, may God bless and bless and bless and bless you. You shall not lack, your enemies shall die, you will live to conquer. Good news for you, you’re a conquerer”
“Thank you ma. Amen. I should be going now, have a wonderful day”
Natasha said and left the place, she was now getting tired of the blessings and awkward stares she’s getting from passers by.
She took a lonely path to her house. The road was narrow and quite.
“Help me, help meee” a voice shrieked.
Natasha became scared but she quickly composed herself. She looks around and took a big wood.
On approaching the crime scene, she saw three huge guys trying to rape a young girl of about her age. She ran towards them,used her big stick and stroke the guy across the head.
Blood oozed from his head and he screamed, the girl stood up and ran away. Natasha wanted to run but one of the thugs held her and threw her to the ground.
“You saved her, now who will save you” the mean looking thug said.
The other one on the ground stood up and gave Natasha a hot slap across her face. The three of them wanted to rape her, to death as a punishment.
“Let her go” a voice spoke from behind. The guys saw the huge looking figure and ran away.
“You!!!!!” Natasha couldn’t believe who she was seeing. “It can’t be”