Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 77


Idris was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak. His gaze was moving from Natasha to Konami and back to Natasha.

“What.. What is happening here?” Idris asked but got no reply. Then a smile formed on his lips.

“You don’t even need to answer that, it doesn’t even concern me. I think you guys need some privacy” Idris said and walked out of the room.

“Idris, Idrissss” Natasha shouted after him but it was of no use as Idris have gone far already. Nobody needs to tell Konami what to do.

“S–t” Konami cursed as he stood up and walked out of Natasha’s room, he stopped at the door.

“Am very sorry Nat, it’s all my fault. I will try and settle this I prom…”

“It’s not your fault” Natasha said as she hurriedly dressed up “am the one to blame, I couldn’t control myself”

“I will leave for now” Konami said and closed the door. Then a wide grin formed on his face as he was overjoyed. He started humming his favourite song as he jumped happily to his room.

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“What’s up bro?” Farouk asked as Idris entered the parking lot full of anger. He was hot headed and wanted to leave the base immediately.

“You got any bike, car or even a jet?” Idris asked his brother.

“No, am still servicing our cars, bikes and Jets, remember the upgrades I…”

“Whatever” Idris interrupted “so you mean there’s nothing I can make use of right now?”

“Absolutely nothing”

Idris was about to go out of the parking lot when he bumped into Natasha who was looking sober. He ignored her and was about to walk past her when she held him.

“Why are you holding me? Are you through fvcking Konami?”

A hot slap landed on his face as soon as he was through with his statement, Farouk was shocked, he moved backwards and hid behind a car observing everything that was going on.

“What do you take me for? A cheap prostitute?” Natasha said looking offended.

“Like I care?” Idris replied nonchalantly.

“There’s nothing going on between Konami and I” Natasha said.

“And did I ask?” Idris threw a question back to her.

“And you are here behaving like a saint when I heard you did have a nice time with Nelly, the former president’s daughter”

“what? That happened like five years ago and for the record, I had nothing with her, I will admit we were intimate with each other but I lost my guard for a moment. And don’t you dare look at me like a player, she was my first experience and I somehow regretted it afterwards. So is that the flimsy excuse you can come up with?”

Natasha was quiet. She felt stupid. Idris wasn’t at fault or a bad person. He was a good guy in fact. She felt stupid to use what he had with Nelly against him, it was something that happened five years ago and for Idris to stay five years without having a girlfriend showed he was a responsible guy.

“Idris I am sorry. Please forgive me”

“Look Natasha, we are not dating, we don’t have any relationship with each other so you don’t have to beg for forgiveness before having a nice time with Konami. It’s totally fine by me” Idris said and walked passed her.


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