Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 74


Idris, Natasha and Jummy all heard a loud gunshot and were terrified thinking either Konami or Farouk has been hit by a bullet. They looked at themselves hoping that they were wrong.

Just then Konami rolled on the roof and entered the helicopter, he was wounded all over his body but still have an evil smile on his face.

“The Don is dead” Konami said as he answered the questions in their minds.

“Over there” one of the guard shouted pointing towards their helicopter that was few blocks away. The guards started shooting at them while some were trying to get towards them.

Some military cars could be seen below the building they parked the helicopter as troops of guards ran down into the building with heavy guns.

“Trouble everywhere” Natasha said as Idris ignited the engine of the helicopter and the blades began to spin.

“I can’t leave without Farouk” Idris shouted. He couldn’t find his younger brothers and the guards were fast approaching.

“D–n” Jummy shouted “I wonder how many hits this chopper can take. Where the hell is Farouk?”

“Right here” Farouk said as he entered the chopper.

“What took you so long” Idris asked angrily.

“You won’t believe what I saw in the computer room, let’s get to base first. I think the big SECRET is blown open” Farouk said as Idris raised the helicopter from the roof and flew it back to base just in time as the roof got crowded with guards.

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“so I wanted to go to a flower shop to buy flowers for Natasha because the one I got for her was already withered. As you all know, today being Valentine’s day, the shop was crowded as usual. Then the boys attacked the shop. They were Don Skech’s henchmen. I tried to fight them but they overpowered me and captured me” Konami explained to the whole shadow agents including captain val.

“Today ain’t good, can you believe that we were also attacked during our double date?” Natasha said and captain Val felt sorry for them, especially for Konami who have truly suffered.

“You will be treated immediately, after this meeting” captain val said “so Farouk, I heard you have something for us?”

“Yes” Farouk replied looking angry, confused and sad all at once. He had been like that since they came back and the agents were confused too.

“I know who is the leader of the Dons”

“Who?” They all chorused.

“Don Bashkir” Farouk said and everywhere was as silent as a graveyard. They all knew that hideous name except for Natasha.

“Sorry to burst the bubble but who is Don Bashkir?” Natasha asked.

“A well known Drug lord, and the son of Don Kashmir, the guy that murdered our parents” Idris said.

Natasha felt stupid for asking that question. She knew the pain Idris must be passing through right now, luckily he was sitted close to her so she quickly cuddled him.

“How did you know that?” Captain Val asked. He was glad to find out the person he has been searching for, the leader of the Dons.

“From their plans installed in their computer!”

“What plan?” They all asked.

“Don Bashkir somehow was able to make a nuclear bomb, he is planning on attacking America with it, to maybe be their leader or something but I don’t really know”

“So?” They all asked.

“The bomb is filled with pathogens that only he has the cure” Farouk paused.

“It now make sense, so after using the bomb, people will die from the sickness. Then he will bring the vaccine but won’t give the people except he is made the president” Captain Val said.

“Why haven’t they launch the bomb yet?” Natasha asked.

“Because the facility needed to detonate the bomb is in Nigeria and the key is with…with…. DONFLEX” Farouk stammered.

“Holy sh!t” Natasha murmured and Idris quickly held her.


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