Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 73


Konami was weak, very weak but he could hear light footsteps. He looked at the doorsteps and saw three shadows, he gave out an evil smile. The shadows are here already. He looked at the thugs and was disappointed, they weren’t aware that the Shadows was close by.

Konami looked, he observed that the Shadow agents couldn’t come inside, they knew that Konami was with some guards and breaking in could alert the whole guards. Konami instantly got an idea.

“Hey you a$$holes, why don’t you loosen this rope a bit, then we could man up one on one lemme beat the living daylight out of you”

The three thugs got distracted and looked at Konami, their gaze were fixed on Konami as the shadow agents started sneaking inside one by one.

“Let us teach this idiot a lesson he will never forget” one of the thug said as the three all stood up.

“Yeah, I am surprise he could still talk after everything” the other thug replied him.

They were close to Konami when Idris, Natasha and Jummy gave them a kick to the back of their head and they fell down unconscious.

“What took you guys so long?” Konami asked weakly.

“Well, how where they able to capture you?” Natasha asked as Idris was busy trying to loose the ropes.

“This building is full of guards” Jummy said.

“You guys stealth mode was amazing, arghh” Konami groaned as he was loosed free.

“Yeah, and the guys aren’t trained. It wasn’t difficult sneaking pass them, let’s go” Idris said and they all moved, with their Shadow stealth mode . They got to the roof of the building without Farouk with them.

“Our helicopter is few blocks away” Jummy said to Konami.

“Farouk where the hell are you?” Idris said to his earpiece.

“You guys should move on, I will meet you guys in the helicopter” Farouk voice came out through the earpiece.

“Let’s go” Idris said leading the way.

“You guys should go, I will meet you guys in the helicopter” Konami said.

“Not you again” Natasha said.

“Yeah, I got some unfinished business with Don Skech” Konami said as he crawled back into the mansion.

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Don sketch was in his chambers drinking a hot cup of coffee when he heard a thud, he looked behind him and was surprise to see Konami there.

“Hmm, impressive” he said clapping his hand “I know that you’re a super trained agent”

“I hate you, you talk to much” Konami said.

“So why are you here, to agree to my proposal?”

“No, to kill you” Konami said and picked up a knife. He threw the knife at Don Skech but Don Skech quickly rolled on the floor, brought out his silent pistol from his coat and opened fire on Konami.

Konami quickly rolled and hid behind a sofa as wave of bullets kept flying across his head.

“You think it will take just throwing a knife to bring me down?” Don Skech asked as he walked majestically towards Konami still shooting his gun.

Konami kept on counting the bullets and steps Don Skech took as he approached him. Don skech was closed to him and released the trigger on Konami but the gun just clicked as he was out of bullets.

Getting out of the Sofa, Konami gave Don Skech a spear attack as Don Skech flew backwards landing on the table with Konami on his body.

Konami started delivering blows right across his face but Don Skech was powerful enough to lift Konami and throw him to the other side of the room.

He dashed towards Konami with a blow but Konami caught his arm and delivered a kick to his stomach.

Don skech held his stomack and staggered backwards he kept moving backwards till he was close to a cupboard, he quickly brought out another pistol and Konami quickly dived at him. Both men began to drag the gun as a gunshot was heard in the background. A lot of guards were already around trying to break open the door of the chamber.

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