Natasha Reloaded Episode 71


Base, Shadow.
Idris, Natasha, Jummy and Farouk all sat down in the ICT department looking gloomy.

“Men, today didn’t go as planned” Farouk spoke out first.

“Yea, the guy in red totally spoil everything for us” Jummy replied.

“I wonder how he was able to escape from us, if someone with such skills is loose in the city, the citizens here are in great danger” Idris spoke out.

“The guy, his fighting moves were superb but somehow familiar” Natasha said.

“And yet again I tell you, we haven’t come across that guy before. Well, I have a feeling we will be meeting him really really soon” Idris said.

Don Skech hide out.

Konami was tied up to a pole, his two hands were tied above his head and his leg were also chained together and tied up.

“So?” Don skech said walking into the dark room.

“He has refused to join us sir” a big guy with an iron rod in his hand replied him.

“What of the other guys we captured?” Don skech asked.

“All of them have all agreed to join us, breaking them wasn’t that hard”

“I think this guy is just proving stubborn, torture him more, he will finally break down” Don skech said walking away.

“Yes Sir” the big guy replied with an evil smirk. He moved closer to Konami who looked bruised and tattered with blood coming out from his mouth.

He gave a heavy blow to the stomach region, Konami groaned as more blows were launched at him. His tormentor stopped for a bit and when he thought it was over, his tormentor took the iron rod with him and delivered a blow right across his head.

Base, Shadow.
Time check 8:09 pm

Another meeting was held, all the Shadow agents were present as captain val walked in, always the last. He looked at a seat, empty.

“Hey, who sits there?” He asked not smiling.

“Erm, Konami sir” Jay X replied.

“And where the hell is he?”

“Not here sir” Robidon replied.

“Alright” captain val said as the meeting commences. He appreciated everyone for being hardworking and was glad that the crime rate in Australia had drastically reduced. He urged on everyone to continue the good work so that one day, they will finally apprehend the ultimate villain who is in charge of all the Dons in Australia.

“And lastly, someone should get Konami and bring him to my office ASAP. You’re all dismissed” he said ending the meeting as he walked to his office.

The shadow agents were leaving the meeting hall in group of twos and threes till Farouk and Idris where left.

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“I will put a call across to Konami” Farouk said.

“Me too, should in case you come up with anything new, don’t forget to update me” Idris said and walked away.

Idris tried calling Konami’s line but it wasn’t going through, jummy and Natasha came inside his room with their phones in their hands.

“Any luck?” Idris asked.

“No luck at all, you?’” They both asked.

“No” Idris replied and Farouk came inside with the same expression on his face.

“What happened to konami, did he just disappear?” Farouk asked as everybody was quiet.

“Wait a minute” Natasha said looking at her watch “we could possible track him down”

“How?” Jummy asked.

“The shadow watch, Natasha you’re a genius” Farouk said.

“Yes, all our wristwatches have trackers installed in it, in case of times like this” Idris said.

“Common, let’s go” Farouk said rushing to his office, jummy, Natasha and Idris ran behind him.