Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 70


Konami parked his bike under a busy bridge, happy that his plan was a huge success. He sat down on his bike as he removed the helmet he wore.

“That will surely teach them never to hurt my feeling, I guess I have totally destroy their date.”

He checked his time, it was still too early to go back to the base. Just then, he heard the sound of a military car coming his way, under the bridge.

“Hmm, and what could this be?” Konami asked himself. He knew that cars weren’t supposed to pass under the bridge. For some reason, the law has been obeyed by everyone.

Three more military cars came in from all angles with six power bikes, Konami could sense danger but he couldn’t run, they had him in the middle.

A man who had a pipe in his mouth came down from one of the military cars, he wore a white long coat, white trouser and white Italian shoes to compliment it. Whoever the guy is, Konami sensed he was their leader.

Other big armed men came down from the other cars and bikes, walking closer to Konami. Konami checked his bombs, just few was left but yet, he didn’t panic.

“Hello fighter, I am Don Skech, I watched you fight some group of guys earlier and I must say, i am impressed. Your skills are amazing. I want you, among my group of trained agents”

Konami watched the Don talk, with smoke coming out from his mouth whenever he suck in the pipe.

“Sorry” Konami finally spoke out “Am not interested”

“Name your price” the Don said to Konami. Konami watched him closely and found a tattoo on the side of his neck. The tattoo was familiar, he was sure he had seen it somewhere before.

Aha, he remembered. The tattoo was on Don Pedro and Don John, the two Dons they took out. That means that Don Skech is also under the same BOSS that captain val has been looking for.

“So?” Don Skech said, bringing Konami back to reality.

“Not interested” Konami said, wanting to go close to his bike when three guards quickly stood on his path.

“Well, since you don’t want to do it the easy way, we are gonna do it the easiest way” Don Sketch said snapping his fingers as he walked into the military car he came out from.

The guards rushed at Konami, Konami quickly brought out a smoke bomb from his pocket and threw it to the floor.

The smoke bomb he had with him has finished and the one he threw wasn’t strong enough to cover the whole area.

The three men that were before him couldn’t see him and he took them out with a punch to their face.

More men rushed into the smoke blindly and Konami kept on taking them down, then the smoke started diffusing till the environment was clear again.

About ten men were already on the ground unconscious. Konami wanted to launch another attack when he felt a sharp pain on his head, a man had used a heavy stick on him. He fell down to the ground, unconscious with blood coming out of his head.

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“Very good” Don Skech said with a smile on his face. “Bring him to the base” he ordered as his driver started the car he was in and drove out.

The other men took Konami to one of their cars along side their injured men as they drove out of the bridge to their base.