Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 68


Idris held Natasha’s hand, Farouk also held Jummy’s hand as they walked into the restaurant. The people that were seated in the restaurant kept looking at them surprised.

“Welcome to happy crunch” a waiter that was neatly dressed in black and white addressed them. “If you don’t mind, follow me to your already reserved table”.

Natasha and the rest didn’t utter any word as they gently followed the waiter to a table of four. They took their seats, Natasha sitting next to Idris and Jummy sitting next to Farouk.

The waiter brought fort the menu and passed it round. They all selected the intalian food of their choice and handed the menu back to the waiter. The waiter collected the menu taking note of what they have selected, he bow a little before leaving to get the food.

Konami sneaked out of the base, dressed in a complete red costume as he mounted his bike. He brought out a tablet device which he took in Farouk’s computer room. The tablet device was meant to track down any shadow agent no matter their location.

He clicked on a button and four red dots began to blink, without wasting time, he connected the device to the bike’s GPS and drove off at a high speed.

Konami arrived at the Italian restaurant, he drew stares from people that were passing by but they didn’t raise any alarm because it was Valentine’s day and the colours for the day are red and white.

Konami moved to a secluded place were he kept the bike, came down from the bike with his bag that were filled with bombs.

“Time to crash in”

Idris, Natasha, Farouk and Jummy were all having a nice time as they cracked some jokes and told stories about their past adventures.


Came an explosive sound from the background. One part of the restaurant that was caught up in the explosion was destroyed. People began to run helter scatter creating commotion.

“Get down” Idris said as they ducked behind their table for cover.

“Who could be this one that is raining on our parade?” Farouk asked in anger.

“Red ninja?” Natasha said surprised.

“And who is red ninja?” Idris asked and got the answer to his question immediately. Far off was a red ninja causing commotion with bombs he kept throwing at every corner.

“I have to stop him” Idris whispered.

“No, don’t go” Natasha quickly said “remember you don’t have your weapons with you and that guy seems dangerous”

“Natasha is right” Jummy added.

“But you don’t expect me to hide here like a coward doing nothing, the people out there needs me”

“I agree with my brother. He is right, something needs to be done to stop that villain” Farouk said.

“Be careful” Natasha said giving Idris a kiss. Idris smiled, he rolled from the table that they were hiding to another.

Idris stood up and walked out of the restaurant without any fear.

Konami smiled behind the mask, his plan was going on very well. He didn’t have any intention of fighting Idris. All he wanted was just to spoil the date and that must he do.