Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 66


Konami helplessly watched Nelly and Idris walked away. He was very determined to have Nelly to himself. She was very pretty, with a big a$$ and magnificent b00bs.
“You like her don’t you?” Jack asked coming closer to Konami.
“Yeah, I really do” Konami replied him.
“Then why don’t you get her all to yourself. Common guy, be a gentleman” Jack said walking away.
“Yeah, he is right” Konami said to himself as he stood up and dashed out of the base.
Idris showed Nelly all the sections, rooms and all part of the Shadow base. He got into his room, really tired and happy he was free from the trouble some girl. He removed his clothes, claded in only his short as he walked close to his cupboard.
“Wow, you look really sexy you know” a voice spoke out. Idris quickly turned around and behold, it was Nelly.
“What are you doing here?” Idris barked at her.
“Is that why you’re shouting?”
“Please Nelly leave. I don’t want to create any havoc”
“And who is creating the havoc? I just came to thank you that’s all” Nelly said biting her lips seductively and walking closer to Idris.
“No, no, no” Idris said to himself closing his eyes tightly. He wasn’t strong again like five minutes ago. He needs to stop her before she does something crazy.
“Tell me, when last did you touch a woman?” Nelly, who has now removed her shirt and her big, bulging b00bs were claded in a lacy bra asked. She shake her big b00bs vigorously as she had removed the short skirt she wore revealing a g-string pant, same colour with her bra.
“No, please leave I beg of you” Idris asked as his back was now on the wall. A tent had formed in his short.
“Oh stop this your naive attitude” Nelly said irritated “allow me to thank you for saving me in…in a special way”

Nelly moved close to Idris and gave him a deep kiss. Idris didn’t respond to her kisses though his body has been filled with lust. Nelly stop kissing him as she bent her head a little and took his n!pple in her mouth. She s—-d on it pretty hard.
“Ouchh” Idris moaned quietly.
“Stop deceiving yourself and be a man” Nelly said.
Idris waited for a while, he pushed her on the bed as he knelt before her and removed her pant.
Nelly giggled as Idris was giving her a superb BJ. He kept on eating her neatly trimmed p—y.
“Oh, yeah oh ouch, right there.. Right theree please” she moaned earnestly. Idris took in her cl!t, bit and s—-d it as a massive wave of 0rgasim rock Nelly.
“You’re too…too..good” Nelly moaned lazily, she was weak and tired.
Idris removed his engorged beast from his shorts and Nelly was shocked, she starred at him with mouth a gap.
“Don’t hurt me please” Nelly begged and Idris laughed. He positioned his d–k at the entrance of her p—y and pushed in gently.
Idris kept moving in, making her p—y wall to expand widely as he buried his Beast into her tight p—y.
“Oh my gawwdd, you’re tooo bigggg” Nelly moaned as a light 0rgasim took her.

Idris brought out his Beast and buried it deep inside her p—y again. By now, Nelly’s moan had turned into screams as Idris fvcked the living day light out of her.

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Konami returned to the Shadow base with lots of flowers in his hands. He was sure Nelly is going to like it.
“I pray she like it” Konami said taking fast steps when he started hearing noises that sounds like moans.
“Ouchh, yeahhh fvck me harddeeerr.. Yeahhh”
“Isn’t that?” Konami said and stopped as he walked closer to Idris’s room.


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