Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 63


“Don’t be stupid Natasha” Konami shouted, “drive this truck or else we are all dead”

Natasha gave him a cold stare, before she could speak a word. A loud thud this was heard on top of the truck.

“Common Natasha” Idris groaned “drive the truck”

Natasha stepped on the accelerator with renew vigor as the truck moved with great speed, breaking the gates and moving straight to the forest.

“I think now will be the best time for a grand exit” Konami said bringing out an iPod. He swiped the screen and clicked on a red button.


The enemy’s base was caught up in a wild flame. The military trucks that were about to go after them was also caught up in a wild flame too.

“That’s wicked” Jummy said with smile. She and Idris had sneaked into the truck from Konami’s window.

“This mission was an easy one and a big success. What about Don John?” Natasha asked.

“He is dead and we just found something interesting” Idris replied her.

“What is that, that is very interesting” Konami asked.

“wait let’s get to base first.” Jummy said. “There’s much to be discussed there”.

Natasha drove the truck back to their camp. They came down and moved to the back of the truck. Idris opened the truck and they all gasped.

“Holy s–t” Jummy said as about five hundred pairs of eyes were staring at them nervously.

“I can’t believe that some people could be as wicked as these. Just take a look at this poor children” Konami said with pity.

“Don’t be scared little ones” Idris addressed the children “we are your friends and we will ensure you get home to your families.

The whole children began to cry as Idris finished giving his speech. Idris and the rest team got into the truck as they removed the chains from the hands and necks of the children.

When they were through, they closed the truck and removed their tents. They packed everything into the truck as they drove to where they kept their jet.

Idris and Konami came down and carried their stuff to the jet. Idris quickly put a call through to the base.

“Hello” Captain Val’s voice was heard.

“Good day captain. The children had been saved and the enemy’s base destroyed.”

“Good work agent. Now get those kids to Queensland”

“Yes sir” Idris said and dropped the receiver that was attached to the jet. “Common Konami, let’s proceed to the last stage of the mission”

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Special police force-Alpha

Constable Stephen was seatted behind his desk trying to get through some paper work. He was really late and some of the officers have left the station.

Just then, the lights began to shake. It didn’t take long for the lights to go off. Then an arrow flew in from the window and got stuck in one of his cabinet. The lights got on instantly.

Constable Stephen who was surprised walked close to the arrow. It was a black arrow with a letter attached to it. Constable Stephen carried the letter and began to read.

Idris, Konami, Natasha and Jummy were all watching at the constable from a high building meters away from the Constable’s window. The truck with the children had been parked in front of the station.

“Common guys, our work is done” Idris said as he hung his bow and started running on the roof of the building. The rest followed him. As soon as they got to the edge of the building, they brought out their grabbing hook and shot at another building distance away from them. Idris used his grabbing arrow instead.

The four of them jumped and swung from the building they were straight in the air till they got to the roof of the other building meters away from them. They kept on running and swinging from one roof top to another.