Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 61


Idris and Jummy couldn’t be spotted by anyone due to their amazing shadows costume that made them to easily blend with the darkness inside the base.

Idris had his bow and arrows in place, Jummy was behind him with her shotgun. The elevator stopped in the middle floor and they quickly rolled out of the elevator as it got opened instantly. The guards around were too much for Idris and Jummy to handle.

Idris could see fear in the face of the lady that he met earlier, she brought out a torch and pointed it at the direction of Idris but Idris and Jummy ducked on the floor.

“The problem is from the control room” The lady said to a huge man that was walking towards her.

“So when will they have it fixed?” The man asked her.

The lady quickly typed and send to the control room, Farouk who had intercepted their network received her message and typed back a reply to her.

“In thirty minutes time” the young lady replied and the man walked away.

Idris and Jummy crawled to the staircase before they stood up and began to climb it quickly to the upper floor. They hadn’t gone far when two guards with torches that were coming down the staircase suddenly bumped on them.

Idris dived in mid air and gave one a spear attack, jummy jumped above him and gave the other one a kick to the head. The two guards were unconscious.

“Common let’s go” Idris said and they hurried off.

Konami had a hard time keeping up with Natasha. She was moving too fast.

“Hi Natasha” Konami whispered from behind “why are you to fast?”

“Because we got some children to save with limited time” she replied increasing her pace. They stealthily walked passed all the guards unnoticed till they saw the big truck.

“Tell me, this truck was here the whole time and we…” Konami hadn’t finish when Natasha drew him to the floor, a powerful beam from a big torch on the base moved above him.

“Little talking, more observing” Natasha whispered to him as they crawl towards the truck. They listened carefully and could hear the voices of little children.

“It seems there are two guards. I will take the driver down and you will take the other guard” Natasha said and they split up.

Natasha got close to the driver side of the truck, she opened it and drew the driver down. Konami also did same and removed the other guard. All it took was just a blow and the two guards passed out.

They carried their bodies to a desolated place and dropped it there.

“Get to the truck but don’t drive it yet, wait for the signal” Konami whispered.

“Hey, where are you going to?” Natasha asked.

“A man gonna to do what a man gat to do” Konami said and blended into the darkness.

Natasha stealthily walked to the truck and opened the driver’s side, she climbed in and sat down.

“Now all I have to do is wait” she said and breathed down.

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Idris tried opening the special lodge occupied by Don John but couldn’t. The ID card was rejected by the door.

“Move back a bit” Idris said and Jummy stepped back. He removed an arrow, aimed at the device and let go of the arrow.

The arrow flew with speed and struck the device damaging it. Idris then ran with speed and gave the door a super kick, the door instantly flew open and he and Jummy rolled in.

“I know you guys will come here. That’s what little agents like you do. Come into an agency and try to become a hero” A voice said in the darkness.

“Don John” Idris said, he looked at Don John and instantly knew that Don John was a trained agent, maybe a super one.

“He looks strong” Jummy whispered to Idris.

“Let’s put him to the test” Idris said and shot three arrows.


Don John dodged the first and caught the remaining two.

“You little agents shouldn’t have come here. This mission is gonna be your last one” Don John said and laugh wickedly.