Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 43


Jummy had to wait, she bolted the door and locked from the inside with the key.

“Boss, I think there’s trouble.” The chief guard shouted as he tried to open the door but couldn’t. He pushed the door with all his might but Jummy had it locked inside.

“Go and get us something we will use to break the door” the guard shouted to other guards “I think there’s trouble inside”

Maggie enjoyed what she was doing to Konami. She found out that her great body couldn’t let Konami concentrate anymore.

Konami bounced and she too was bouncing but with her b00bs moving up and down with her. Konami was carried away by her b00bs and before he could say Jack. She had given him a spinning kick and a blow to his d!ck.

Don Pedro made sure that the electric glove was at the highest power. He launched a blow at Idris but Idris stepped on the wall behind him and flipped above Don Pedro.

Before Idris could land safely, Don Pedro gave him a back kick, turned around and delivered a heavy blow across his face. The glove shocked Idris as it made contact with his skin.

Don Pedro used this opportunity, he delivered several blows to Idris who was on the floor. The impact of the blow and the electric shock made Idris to get weaker.

“You can’t defeat me you little Ninja” Don Pedro said moving close to Idris, he got to Idris and raised him up with both hands.

Idris who was raised up used this opportunity to study the electric glove. He found two red and one blue wires in each one. Without wasting time, he brought out a knife from his pocket and cut through the wires.

Don Pedro threw Idris to the other side of the room without knowing what Idris had done. He ran close to Idris and touched him at his skin but Idris didn’t feel any pains. Instead, Idris delivered a punch to his face and he moved backwards. Before he could revive himself, Idris had given him a spear to his midsection.

Jummy looked everywhere for the money but found none. She checked the wardrobe and found a button. As she pressed the button, the wardrobe shifted revealing a safe where the money was kept. She tried opening it but couldn’t, a password was required.

She brought out a black device from her pocket with a wire. She carefully connected the wire to the device and the safe. The device showed a green light and came online.

“Farouk” she said to earpiece “I need you to figure out the code. All data will be send to you”

“Hi hi Jummy. I need seven minutes for everything” Farouk replied.

“I am afraid that the seven minutes is too big, I am off” she said running to the door that was about to be broken by the guards.

Konami stood up, he picked a cloth from the ground, tore it into two and tied one to his eye. He couldn’t see her but could hear her footsteps. Maggie rushed at him but konami ducked and gave her a sweep kick. She fell down and groaned. Then konami had a wise Idea, he moved backwards till his back was against the window.

Maggie saw this and rushed at him with full speed but he listened and heard her. He ducked as she was about to give him a drop kick. She couldn’t control her speed and flew out of the window.

Konami removed his blindfold and looked through the window. He saw Maggie far down dead.

“Common” Jummy said pushing the door “I can’t hold them anymore more”

Konami rushed to the door and supported her.

“You think you can stop us” Don Pedro who lay on the floor covered with his own blood said.

“Us?” Idris asked, “who are you working with?”

“He will find you, he will kill you, he is invisible. Ha ha ha” Don Pedro laughed. Before Idris could do anything, he picked up an arrow from the floor and killed himself before they will squeeze out information from him.

They heard a bing sound. Farouk had opened the safe from their base. Idris rushed to it and removed the money. They smiled, it was a job well done. They ran to the window and dived through it like wild cats.

Don Pedro’s henchmen broke the door and entered inside but found no one in. They checked the windows but found no one too. Their boss was dead.

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City gate hospital
Constable Mike walked inside the hospital not minding the fact that it wasn’t visiting hours. Detective Paul, Kelly, and some of his injured men where being treated there. The dead ones were in the hospital. The doctors had to stop him since it wasn’t visiting hour yet.

“Alright, but when he wakes, give him this newspaper please. The Don is dead and the money recovered.” The constable said proudly as if the police did the job.

The doctor collected the newspaper from him before he turned and walked away with pride.